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  1. PSUFly, Thank you very much for your comment. would love to buy a Colton Tradewind XS lost my 9wt :(, it did excellent on the dorados, and some bonita at Mazatlan. If he had a trade up program, I would more than happy trade the rods with him and get two tradewinds XS one in 9 & 10wt and a Terrapin 10-12. The problem that I have is that for me to sell my fly rods is that I am in México and to offer them in the classifieds, would require to be able to ship and receive payment, and from México it's too expensive to ship and receive a wire transfer. So I will be sending five rods to a supplier in the US to their trade up program to buy the rods that I need, too bad can't get Colton this way. Cheers Minero
  2. JCH, Thank you for your reply. That is what I have read, that the new Clearwater were even better, and a tad faster on those weights. but as always reviews are biased. I truly trust you guys way more than people that get paid or have some type of deal with the manufacturer. The TFO BVK no longer makes the 10wt. And in the 8 wt skeptical about brakeage. and used rods don't have the cash, will be doing a trade up program. Cheers Minero
  3. Hi, Looking for advice on what rods to go for, I go to Mazatlan about 3 to 4 times a year, and looking to start going to South Padre Island. Thinking of the 8wt & 10wt and not a big budget, I already have a 12wt a Colton Levitan XS. Rods was thinking are the echo boost saltwater, echo Ion XL, Orvis new Clearwater or Douglas LRS. these are in the same price point. And they have great warranty. I have no way of going to a shop, so always buy on line. So this is why I come to you guys if you can help me with some advice on these three rods. I have no problem with medium fast and fast rods. weight is not that too big of a problem but as always less is better, I know can´t ask for a featherweight as I am on that budget and saltwater rod hunting. Hope you guys can help me. any input will be greatly appreciated. And sorry for my spelling as I am from Mexico. Cheers Minero
  4. Would you trade?
  5. Thank you. Great rods.
  6. Would you be intrested in a trade? I have the beulah surf rod in 9/10wt, a redington valen 9wt and a 7wt 9’6” both cork grip. the beulah only used for about 5hrs. Total the 9wt about 10 hrs the 7wt about 8 days total. Cheers
  7. Do you still have the 10wt for sale?
  8. Saulean Received the rod is in great shape new! Thanks Next trío to Mazatlán will test it. Cheers
  9. Hi, would you be intrested in a Redington Cork Vapen 7wt, 9.5' Fished only twice.
  10. All thank you for your opinions. Right now I will see between the Rio Tropical outbound or the Royal Wulff Bermuda Triangle. I know the rod likes them, it's going on the Leviathan XS 12 wt and will be talking with capefish. Saludos
  11. Thanks for the comments, with the guides that I have talked, they don't have really much experience with fly fishing, Will be looking at Sierra Trading P, Thanks Adrian
  12. Capefish, Tried to send you private message, but you still don't have private messages.
  13. Hi,Would like your input, what do you guys use and recomend, floating or intermediate fly line? I will be fishing in Mexico by Mazatlan for Dorado, Bonita and try on some roosters. Thanks Minero
  14. Payment sent
  15. Would you take $150 shipped for the Colton Leviathan XS 12 wt?