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    From Seattle WA and Las Vegas and Greenwood IN . I enjoy all forms of fishing .
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    Greenwood Indiana
  1. I'll take the 5wt streamer line if still available .
  2. Someone buy these before I have to !
  3. I have a Sage Xi2 890-4 and would like to trade for a 7wt of some sort . What do you have ? I have four 8wt rods and one seven looking to even things out a bit.
  4. 908-5 RPLXi custum Aderson built 5 piece rod in ********.com classified $150 shipped.
  5. There is a 9/10 on flea bay .
  6. Found one . Please delete
  7. Looking for a 6600 cl rocket in very good or better shape that has been stored with the drag backed all the way off . Thanks
  8. Yay now I will have 6-9 Xi3 rods . Thank you sir .
  9. How would you rate this rod from 1-10 ten being like new ?
  10. I respectfully offer $300 . Walt
  11. I need a spool .
  12. I do allot of hybrid as well as regular striper fishing and small/large mouth fishing here . I would like to get in line . Nice work . Thanks Walt
  13. Nice stick . I love mine . Some one buy this .
  14. golfman44 on ********.com has one listed for $500 in the classified section .
  15. Hey there . Brand spanking new Lamson Lightspeed 4's for sale at Sierra Trading Post for $249 . Cant beat that . I would go there instead of getting someone else's throw away . I got a 1.5 for my 4wt and love it .