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  1. Good day to be a murdered man. Great day. You have to admit it was about time Trump mentioned his name, he has been very silent up to this point. The context is typical Trump, dumb and has zero bearings on the moment.
  2. A percentage of the officers are just proving they can’t assess a incident at that moment to make an educated evaluation of the situation and how to handle it. They are only feeding the perception of what some are seeing the police as. A man with a cane walking away from you at the amazing speed of 3 steps per hour isn’t a threat. You pushing the man, you have become the threat to that man now. A man in a wheel chair isn’t a threat to you unless he runs over your toe and it hurts you. Then you can scream ouch. A woman sitting on the curb isn’t a threat to you unless you want that spot to save your own life.
  3. You are absolutely correct you snowflakes will never get it. I never said I was not happy about it. Twist and turn all you’d like. Show me where it says the word I in my response. It doesn’t but it does in your head because that’s your twisted version of reality. Or should I say alternate facts.
  4. I never said I was unhappy about it. Putting your words into my mouth doesn’t make them mine. Try sticking with your own thoughts, trying to think of mine doesn’t suit you very well and proves the ignorance level exists in you.
  5. You guys are too funny, cheering 13% rate. You are cheering 2.5 million jobs back like they are a surprise they came back. Of course they were to come back, people are hired back once things open up again. Even the blind would have seen that happening, of course the Trump supporter couldn’t see the hand in their face. Which policy of trumps made that happen or was it just the need to employ again when you open. Well Johnny I’ll take number two reason. Only 38 million more to go, now if they come back 100% now you can cheer. Hint, next month it will show more were hired back. Next month after that, more. We might actually see a rate of 8% if that is the real number afterall they are all fake numbers we’ve been told.
  6. Do you want striker or hammer fired? compact or full sized poly or metal, lower and upper. Safety, none, decocker personally I like CZ look at the PO7( this is the model I have) 10 (striker fired) or 9 these are in 9mm 9mm is going to give you a largest range of manufacturers to buy from 380 becomes less. I’ve yet to find a gun in 380 I’m happy with. 45 and 40 and middle of the road in overall range of manufacturers
  7. Tom, some hints from tying for years. Too much material used. Keep the amount of material sparse. You will be quite surprised the amount of material it doesn’t take to make a full looking fly. Too may materials, like mentioned pick a fly and buy for it. Kits include stuff you won’t use. Good pair of scissors, buy a good sharp pair for cutting only the thread and another for the misc other materials. Stuff like hairs, lead or tinsel will dull the blades. If you get frustrated, just walk away for an hour. It’s easy to just become very pissed before you know it. If you can keep a designated area to tie. If you have to always open up and reset up each time it will deter you from wanting to tie. Get a good table lamp, something with an adjustable head to it. You can direct the light as you need to. Have a comfortable chair. Your back will thank you. With a vise keep it simple. Once years have passed then a renzetti vice will be in order. Also like mentioned see if there are clubs or stores giving classes. I’ve taught at them and they included materials for a fee. The tools we’d supply. Weekly classes are the way to go. Patients, lots of it.
  8. Did you see your reflection in the mirror just at that comment.
  9. It’s tough for you to stay on topic, you have this very narrow attention span and short term memory problem. Try to Keep notes and you will remember what has been spoken about.
  10. Clinton went to a church on a regular basis. Trump couldn’t spell church.
  11. You have to love the Trump supporters now talking about the same individuals that defended this country and it’s values as treasonous when Trump couldn’t be bothered to defend this country when he was called upon to do so. No he ran, and he’s the one not treasonous, go figure. Such a strange bunch, what a lot of mental gymnastics must go on in your heads to get to this sense of presumed values you have. A new form of TDS exists, truth does suck.
  12. I was rushed to the bunker by the secret service. would you believe I was inspecting it would you believe I was looking for the whine cellar would you believe I was playing hide and seek. Would you believe tomorrow I will say different we have the Maxwell smart of Presidents
  13. They said this was a bible, but it’s spelling is off. This one says elbib. It is a pretty blue, look it matches my suit. I like blue.
  14. Again which flavor is your favorite, I can’t keep up with your lifestyle flavor of the month. If I was to guess I’d say, Hersey choc with nuts and cream topping.
  15. It’s the truth afterall. That’s right you don’t know the meaning of truth.