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  1. Come on one of you two have to be my Chief of POS, I mean Staff. Pllllleeeessseeee. No one else wants it. Squirrel, see my hands are big. Squirrel, wall shut down Russia. Squirrel, I have a tweet. Squirrel, rock.
  2. WW, I’ll send you a PM asking some travel info timing.
  3. Wow that was decades ago. The best memory I have of it was using a a bamboo rod, some self wind reel and small mouth. Broke the rod, and went to fiberglass. Today it’s a multitude of years later, many rods and reels later.
  4. Moon, but I do believe you won’t qualify. You need to be just like this.
  5. Take a look at the red tide charts too. Right now Sanibel has high concentrations. Once the winds go out of the west, north west all bets are off and the area it affects can grow.
  6. Here’s the FWC site about grouper. You can remove them from The water. Everything needs to be done in a timely manner. It’s not recommended for the larger size but it’s not illegal to do so.
  7. Sanibel and captiva I don’t fish either place. I haven’t been to ding darling in well over a year because of the red tide. Red tide is still an issue from time to time because of wind direction. It’s winter and the water temps have come down its sheepshead and black drum time. I’m fishing Estero bay by kayak. Been staying away for the open part of the bay, winds have been one problem but people I’ve spoken to aren’t seeing the fish around the islands. Mound key has not been producing and normally it’s a good place for snook. The grass south and east of mound used to produce trout but the grass is not doing good. I’m sticking inside the mangrove areas. One week the fish chew the next they don’t much. Our temps haven’t been very steady recently, we get a couple cool days and then right back in the heat. It’s hit and miss. You’ll get mangrove snapper if nothing else. I didn’t get out this weekend or I’d let you know how it’s been. From CC if you want to fish a bridge go to Matlacha and fish the main bridge. You can rent a kayak at Gulf Coast kayak and book a trip there with a guide. It’s not expensive at all.
  8. Maine, i have the 1400 size. I’ve had this for every bit of 7+ years and the exterior is in great shape. The last 4 years it’s been outside, not directly in the weather but none the less the humidity level is such it could be just about in direct rain. The casters, hinges and temp gauge work perfect. The heating element and internal wood storage compartment is also in great shape and no problems. Hint, the smoke box cover and bottom of the smoker line with foil. It just makes it easy to clean a little from big buildup. I don’t clean the rest of the interior at all, that’s all the good stuff of flavor. Also, for fish buy the non-stick mats for fish fillets. The grates are wide and a fish fillet will fall through. I’ll get back to you withthe mats info. I got them from amazon. I found them, search ex-ware smoker mat. They are 10”x13”. They have a fine mess that lets smoke through. very easy to clean, just place in dishwasher.
  9. I like this idea. Never gave it a thought to butterfly a loin. Im also interested in the stuffing, whats it consist of.
  10. East coast tends to attract the east coast northerners. West coast tends to be the midwest folks. This is changing, we see a lot more of NY,NJ,CONN, MASS plates here every year. If you drew a line straight north it will show you the area it attracts.
  11. Like mentioned, no sunscreen needed. Being I fish out of a kayak and in Florida the sun beats the heck out of your skin, plus skin cancer is so prevalent from the exposure. Even in the hot humid summer I wear a face buff. The best ones are the ones with vented mouth opening. You don’t feel your warn breath back at you and it doesn’t affect your sunglasses. Year long i wear long pants, sleeves, hat. As much covering as possible.
  12. I do. I’ve tried both the rifled and sabot models, and neither makes a difference. Yes yes yes, I know no rifled through a rifled barrel. I don’t shoot enough of them to affect anything. When you only need a shot to take one deer there is no multiple shoots used. A box of slugs a whole season. The cheaper the better with this gun. It’s a much older model 1100 that only likes to eject magnums. My dad owned it and he’s been dead now 20+ years and who knows how many years prior to that he bought it. Somewhere along the way I was experimenting with the slugs that are something like $3-4 each, and it shot like they were a squirrel running all over. No grouping involved just scatter. One left, one right, next up or down. This thing likes the standard lead, nothing fancy slug. Years ago I bought a bunch of breniki slugs on sale, rifled and sabot, didn’t care which was which, for $3 a box. They shoot dead on to 100 yards.
  13. I’ll add to what Al stated. Come here to SWFL for the month of Jan to March, you will want to run people off the road. Snowbird season keeps getting worse and longer in time. Traffic is bad, it take you twice at a minimum to get someplace you were at yesterday with the summer heat and no vacationers. What used to be a few months is now 6. We love the area a lot, but can do without the traffic that happens. Never knew why the NJ shore full time homeowners dreaded summer, now we know. Dinner, well there’s something we don’t go out for much during winter season, it can take you 2 hours to get into a place. Housing prices here are through the roof. Get on Zillow and look up Bonita springs, to pick one town of them all. A 1400 sq home can be $300k+, 2000sq is $400k+. Tiny lanei, the size of a hallway. Building style is much different than north. If you are used to divided rooms, not here is all an open floor plan. Your living room, dining and kitchen are all as one big open space. Tiny size plots of land, they are now building zero clearance, means if you reach out your arms between two homes you will touch both of them at once. Little to no storage, you have to remember no basement and no usable attic. So downsize and expect to get rid of more once you’re here. We sold 50% of our stuff and swear we still had 100% too much. Because the price of used homes are so high, people are buying new. Keep your option open, new doesn’t mean more expensive here. There are a lot of homes for sale. Do your do diligence, before you buy talk to the neighbors. Does it flood during a hurricane or heavy rainy season rains. Is the road flooded during storms. Todays development is, the homes are build up and the roads are the lowest part. Because of that the roads flood and take a few days to become passable. If you come into a place and a couple homes are on stilts, it’s a dead giveaway something happens here. HOAs, Florida is full of them, understand the rules before you purchase. Something as simple as garbage cans are governed, time and length of time on the street. As you Move further from the water line obviously the prices do come down, but not much until you get to East Naples and Immokalee. Take your time, there is no rush to get it right.
  14. Thankfully trump is getting rid of all the dumbest. Now he can really govern, nothing to hold him back now.
  15. Why care, he won’t be in office when it all hits the fan. That’s his response to the deficit. “Yeah, but I won’t be here,” the president bluntly said, according to a source who was in the room when Trump made this comment during discussions on the debt But Hillary still isn’t president, so all is good.