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  1. Wow Scott, you and I have identical situations. I’m 56 and my dad passed at 57 about two weeks after my birthday. This year I’ve been saying too is a milestone for me. I’m planning on having a drink to honor him on my birthday. Time flies quick as heck.
  2. Remember these words in the future. School shooting with multiple dead. Now that will be considered a real national emergency. Not some talking point. Not one inch becomes not one round. People are without any health ins. Number of uninsured exceeds those caravan numbers. Trump and his minions just gave the liberals something to stride for. Hand clap to you all. Congratulations you narrow minded individuals. The hand can’t be seen in front of your face.
  3. Gil, the biggest problem I see unless your just out to cruise is the forward support. Using a rod and you need to change sides with it, you’ll be pulling the rod back and under the front support. The line is still outside that but your rod is not. The one cheech shows that has a single leg and triangle style shape is out of your way. Id consider using an umbrella for shade. Or, just a hat and coverup clothes.
  4. That won’t happen, trump would be top of that list. He can’t have that, it would show he’s not serious in the first place to do anything about illegals to stop their hire from day one. His concern over illegals is nothing but a campaign promise, with no teeth. Do as I say not as I do.
  5. It will be held up in court forever, and that’s if he even does it. Nothing will come of it and he will walk away saying I tried. He cant negotiate himself out of the corner he put himself in. You always take the first offer. He had big dollars at first, then 1.6B now it’s less than that plus he gave away more not in the the original. What a ballless piss poor negotiator.
  6. Nevermind is a great bar in Cape Coral with the best burgers around.
  7. This is one of those black votes trump has been gaining with.
  8. This is Jamaican meat-piegate. It’s the new PETA animal sextrade beat down the door I want my pie and eat it too. Its all part of the deep state. Tread lightly, they are watching you.
  9. When I did fish for fluke I did use pro cure. I’d soak squid. Chartreuse was always the most bitten color. Just watch it stains.
  10. Look up keel weights. They use an egg sinker of varied weight to get you to a depth you want to reach. Now the keel weight is one option, other is just using 3-swivel like you’d use for fluke and use it for the same style, trolling. Add a sinker to the snap and it’s easy to change weights. These both options resemble a down rigger weight style of trolling. The swivel and snap option let you tap bottom and keep the lure a foot or two above the bottom. The sinker tapping bottom from time to time, creates a dust cloud and can attract the attention of a fish.
  11. The tax cut changed the withholding values. Less was taken out for this same dollar as compared to the year prior. You'll have to change your W4 to make a change yourself for this new year. Decrease your number value to increase what is withheld from your checks. Forget the guidelines they have laid out as a calculated number, just write down zero or one.
  12. Yup, pizza roll. You can tell they are close the wheels are turning and you can hear the squeaking of the little mice. Look at that there’s smoke visible too.
  13. It’s nice to share the good, when so much has been not great news.
  14. Shag, now I wish I had taken pictures to show you of some done over. We were at a street location art show in Cape Coral a few weeks ago and there was this couple from CA that redid boards. Not to be used but as wall art. They’d cut out pieces to make a dolphin fill the internal area of a board. In short the outside of the board was left intact. The internal was cut to form the shape of a dolphin, or group of turtles too was another. Some had the center cut to show a scape of palm trees with sun and sand. Others were cut out centers to the shape of guitars. They were painted with automotive paints to last long. You could have hung them outside.
  15. The SOTU is only going to be a group of hat/shirt/bumper sticker phrases.