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  1. Yes a release of lien. Any company you do business with can put a lien on you and you’d never know until you go for a loan or sell the home. Good luck getting it cleared up a multitude of years later. You’ll pay for that job twice.
  2. JD, what time to show up. Enjoy. once you’ve cooked it and there are leftovers, you can freeze portions for later use too.
  3. Lay all the bids related to each specific job out in front of you and compare each to the others. Make copies if they are not originally sent by email. Highlight each step, what’s included with each. What’s not included. Check reviews and ask for references, yes you’ll only get the best ones of course, but you can check up. Call them and ask too what’s not included and what is. Once you’ve made your mind up which to use, get certificate of ins from them and call the ins company to verify its active. The contractor can not just hand you a copy it has to come from the ins themselves. If it expires prior to work completion date you have to get a new updated version. Once work is complete and at the each phase of payment time, do not give them payment until you have them sign a release of Lien. This goes for their supplier too, they can come after you for materials not paid for. Suppliers all the time ask for job names on their end for record. Your name and address will be on those material sheets. A personal attorney if you have one can get you those papers. There is nothing that says you can’t get additional bid or two to see the narrow range start to show up of pricing. Once you've signed that contract don’t go back and ask for cheaper from them. You will get screwed by doing so. All the price negotiated is done prior to signing.
  4. It triggered the insecure one. So that’s a good outcome if nothing else. Seems trump has BDS.
  5. Quite the opposite. I don’t sleep well unless my wife is next to me. She’ll get up in the middle of the night and go to couch being she’s not able to sleep and I know she’s not there next to me and I can’t sleep then.
  6. You open two accounts and each gives you 2.5 times the two accounts is now 5. LOL
  7. Patch, you’re trying to give truth to a group that are waiting to see a straw hat or white cloth on a persons head to give them comfort in i told you so. Surprised they don’t want to see the contacts of that fireman so they can claim he knows someone that looks like they have brown skin. Morons, we are surrounded by morons.
  8. JJ, I like a baked ham. Not smoked or cured.
  9. Go to a good butcher and order a fresh ham. Don’t go and buy the honey baked ham stuff. The taste difference is very noticeable. The fresh ham you’d want to eat for the next group of days. Figure 1/4 lb per person of ham with all the other food you’d have available too.
  10. When we bought our home we started with a 20yr. One year later we refi to a 15, 4 years taken off of payments and interest instantly. Sold our home 13 years later, moved and walked away with money from the sale. We didn’t have to wait the 15 yrs of a 30 term to see the principal to be the big amount removed each payment. We put 20% down, and demanded no escrow. We were more than able to pay our taxes and ins on our own. There was no way I was giving a bank one years worth of money to hold on to, interest free. We did a readjustment of our percentage a couple times and each time to a lower rate and the term stayed the same as it was at that time. These cost us nothing at the time to do. People make the mistake of refi and taking money out while increasing their term to a larger length of time. Then they buy a boat, rv or some other big toy. Now they have put the home on the line for their toys.
  11. You’re just hoping with some others it was reported brown skinned people bad.
  12. All the time. My wife also has a knife on your kayak. There is many a a day that goes by that I don’t get a newish lure out of it. My wife cuts the line out of the mangroves. Even the launch areas we clean up. I have found a few rods and reels too. You get out early morning and they are laying there fromthe night prior. Pliers seem to be the big item left behind.
  13. Wow, i don’t know. Maybe the fire was started and reported while people were working on it at the time. The same person/crew that started it reported it. Sorry all of your conspiracy nonsense is just that. Hoping to blame someone in your twisted mind to draw a conclusion of what, a person of a certain race or color did it. Its a fire started while being worked on. anyone else get that felling that Complete idiots roam here.
  14. I’d speculate it was stated by a roofer. A propane torch and heating of membrane which got to hot and started the structure under the membrane to ignite.
  15. Take a look at 20 and even 15 yr rates. Yes it will cost more per month payment, it will also lower the overall rate and interest saved in the long run is a big factor. The cost difference per month may not be that much over the 30 year one. You can accomplish some similar results with the 30 year by making an extra added payment towards principal each month. Just be sure to note, extra money is be used towards principal only. now also remember the banks like the escrow idea and it’s tough to break away from that with them. This will also increase your payment value per month. Take that into account when budgeting.