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  1. We went to a hurricane preparedness meeting a few months ago. I could count the number of people that showed up and not need a calculator. Very few, which really surprised us. Of their talk which includes the normal, have water and the biggest is a plan. How the heck are you going to get out if you needed to. The biggest interesting item which surprised us was evacuation. When you are told to evacuate you are not told to get onthe roads to do so. They want you to evacuate 10s of miles not hundreds. Basically get out to the evacuation area tothe next safe area. They don’t want you on the roads, they are more dangerous. You can get caught stuck by running out of fuel or an accident. They want the roads open for emergency use. We asked why roads were not all directed single direction, all south bound now north. They didn’t want to block any travel of the roads again if emergency vehicles are needed to pass through. Plus it wasn’t a couple days that gas stations were open again. We had fuel trucks sitting in lots wanting to be unloaded. The response that Florida has for recovery is amazing to see. Generators and water were available in a couple days. You could buy a generator everyday for weeks, the local Ace hardware had a doz for sale a day plus gas cans too. Things turned around so fast.
  2. We are always surprised at the lack of planning given to the possibility of another hurricane in an area you live in. We live in SWFL and after last years Irma , we have food, water, batteries, gas cans all set aside. We are so much better prepared than we were last year. We were prepared last year to some extent, but so much better off now. We’ve only been down here now about 2.5 years. Leading into hurricane season, The first of sept I filled up five 5 gallon safety cans of gas. The first of nov I’ll dump that into my vehicle and refill for another 1+ month. We bought dehydrated food, can goods, cots. I also bought the little suitcase zippered pockets that you’d separate different clothes in to organize. Each one has specific style of items to it. We have a list of what to grab as we go out the door if we had to evacuate.
  3. So many rods have their sweat spot. You can take 3 identical rods and line them with a little different line, switching the lines between each rod. You’ll find one rod loves a specific line style. I have sage RPL+ rods, 3 of them in 10 weight. One of them likes the 450gr line better the other two. The others are fine with lighter gr lines. There is just enough difference between them. Once you’ve found that line to rod matchup keep it there.
  4. EF Hutton. When he spoke people listened.
  5. Billy, that they did. The town I used to live in in NJ the neighbors across the street houses were sears. Bought straight out of the catalog.
  6. Fly, nice fish. I’m looking forward to getting out this next weekend myself. Looking forward to posting the fishing report and not a red tide report.
  7. The FG knot is great. I used to use the swivel and tie the lines to it. You’d get snagged and loose the swivel too. Now with the FG knot I break off at the knot by the hook. I don’t loose long pieces of line or hardware. No need to be concerned that the tiny swivel runs up the tip guide. It takes a little time to tie, but it does get quicker over time. I use it all the time now.
  8. Everyone gets a bunk. They are comfortable as it gets for foam mattress and smaller in size. I only sleep while they are moving and you stay up during all fishing time. It’s air conditioned. No grill area, coffee pot for single Kcups, microwave. Sailing time now theres the kick inthe pants. It does 9kts, not exactly fast by any means. I also figure onthe 6-8 hr + time frame for travel. You leave dock at 10am fri, so I’ll stay up for couple hours and hit the bunk. Sleep a good 5-6 hrs. I’ll catch a cat nap from time to time during a trip to another place. The naps are sitting up and head resting against whatever. You get back in Sunday at early hours, like 5am. A trip I did last jan, mid month, we got back late Saturday. When AJs are in, people like to keep their two. They fill space quick, too quick. We filled every cooler storage the boat had. You don’t bring your own cooler for fish. They mark the fish or you do something like few of us are doing, using different cooler zip ties. Now the one pain is they cant cut fish until we are back at dock. So I’ll just take my fish home to do my own. Pack them on ice, go home sleep and fillet later in the day. I let the people that have a distance to travel have their fish done. No reason for me to take up their time when they can get in the road. Im sure this is quite long in the words but more info is always better.
  9. FG knot and Cinch knot
  10. As of today there is no red tide in SWFL. Let’s hope it stays that way. The tide is of some concentration still north of SWFL.
  11. Beaches have reopened.
  12. Found a great pizza, cheese steak, calzone place. Name is Joey Ds, their located in Naples on corner of immokalee and airport pulling rd. They have a location in another state, NJ, Seaside. Best darn pizza around. Thin crust, has great taste.
  13. A number of beaches from barefoot to Marco island are closed due to high bacteria levels. There is NO swimming to happen at them. This isn’t the red tide, this is different.
  14. MW, that’s good to hear. I heard today the hurricane was 2mph shy of a cat 5. Wow. After seeing the pictures of mexico beach and people have nothing left. Not one stick of lumber left. I couldn’t imagine literally starting from scratch.
  15. When more corn goes to fuel, less goes to feed. The feed cost will increase as will everything that feeds off it. More corn grown will mean less hay or other grains grown. The domino effect will be quite big.