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  1. What do out have now to use, use it. I’m not a fan of circle most of the time. There are times that I’ll use them but I’ve never found a problem with gut hooked fish all that often from J hooks. If it is the hook is cut and fish is released. Before someone chimes in J hooks and you can’t this or that, I’m talking inshore non-reef fishing.
  2. This worked out great for me. It’s a very simple install and remove. The line you can stretch small lengths at a time to get rid of coils.
  3. Exposing the belly/muffin top or low cut top is not the same as nudity.
  4. It’s called cerebral 3d chess.
  5. That is saying it mildly. Quite an experience, or should I say eye opener. Something like a train, you should look away but keep looking back going, you have to got be kidding that’s not possible. You have to come to this end of Florida, I’m sure it’s similar in other parts of the coast too, and see the abbreviated bathing suits on some of the woman. One size fits all, in two piece does not mean it should be worn by you. The number of rolls that bakery contains can’t be stomached.
  6. Now I have to have a bit of fun. Big screen tv, they do make exterior ones. Little pricy. You can always add a rollout awning to expand the shade. Some landscape lights. I know a nice pool to go with the outside living concept. We used to own a home, the projects are endless. I didn’t need a honey do list I had my own list generated each year. You also have to take up wine drinking, couple tastings and 10% off case deals. Personally I’d fill it with rum and couple chilled vodka bottles on the just in case a morning Bloody Mary is required, or a Moscow Mule wonders in. Whats really nice is a few years from now and projects later it becomes you and your wifes work of sweat to sit back and say, ok what’s next we got those done. You look at each other and say not this year, I’m done for a while. One of you will say just one more thing. Then you’ll look at them and say, if you want to go ahead I’m sitting this one out.
  7. Not that I’m aware of outside of the floor space it takes. Sounds odd but I mention that because some people don’t like the look of the heater units. You can always paint the heater units if the color isn’t what you care for. You might need to every couple years bleed a bit of air out of the line. Other than that maintenance free.
  8. Very nice, best of luck with it forever. Nice on demand and looks like a new boiler. Hot water baseboard is great heating. With the on demand that boiler doesn’t need to run to keep water hot for the tap. I like that rear covered patio. So much can be done with it later in time, enclosed by screening or hard enclosed/heated seasonal room. Good place for a grill, able to be used during a rain. Add a couple exterior rated ceiling fans with lights.
  9. First place, how many 20 or 30 YOs that you know are comfortable enough with their body to expose the breasts. The comfortability of a woman and their bodies own nudity becomes greater as they age. Have you ever been to keywest fantasy fest, go sometime and you will see the age of a woman that’s fine with nudity in public.
  10. That I don’t know. I didn’t care to bother to even find out. I’m not out the money they are. I wouldnt have the ability to find out who they are. The charges were from well out of state and multiple states away. If they chose to they could research the charges using store video. They knew the locations and time, date stamps of the events.
  11. A fish is allowed to eat it’s own.
  12. A bunch of years ago I was casting jigs at stripers and one cast involved the jig the rod and reel to not be in my hands anymore. The cast happened and I basically threw the rod too. Before all could end I laughed so damn hard. Garbage happens.
  13. Trump looks much different than that picture. You picked the wrong picture of him. Unless that’s him and the bone spur he stepped on shows the “pain” that it is that it changes his look.
  14. Currently the airlines are making do without using this model. They can make do for a lot longer. They like to fly minimal number of planes as it is. Have you ever flown and got stuck for a day there’s a reason, they don’t have an extra plane laying around as it is.