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  1. My kind, more like the job you accepted perform correctly. It’s not my kind it’s all of our lives at stake by a couple of do nothings. My kind, give me a break. Stop with the my kind BS, it’s an easy excuse to push for failure of those that can’t perform their jobs. Seems like you use this excuse to forgive the failure of their actions and you’re okay with that failure. This could easily have been any ones child from this forum, who do you blame next. The partisan BS of my kind, so lame. cops as killers, yes they should have rushed in and killed the individual not sit on their hands and do squat. Instead kids died from inactions of these same police. Fire every last one of them. Even when fed officers showed they said wait to them. Bunch do nothing garbage. They should just quit and hide their heads forever. What’s next the fireman that doesn’t want to get hot from a fire. How about the first aid individual that doesn’t want to perform CPR because their back hurts. You agreed to that job description the moment you accepted the position, do it or get fired. MY KIND, just shut up with the excuses.
  2. Seems like, Texas is grooming wimps as a police force.
  3. Yet your job indicates you are responsible to protect others, what other description is necessary to know your duties. If you don’t like being a possible target, or willing to jump in when others are not trained to, then work at a Walmart and do something you’d be more fitted for. You know standing and waiting on others to arrive. You don’t have to be under command to know what is necessary of you. Each job has a requirement and these are what you follow to be part of that job position.
  4. Each one of them should be fired. They allowed the gun man unobstructed access to those kids. Those cops should be mall rental only. Let them ride around in Segway and carry a walkie-talkie. they were to worried for themselves and forgot the oath they took to serve and protect.
  5. I’ve done the same, pointed them to the same store entrance they are in front of. The best is they are dressed nice enough, have a pack of cigs, Starbucks coffee saying they are homeless.
  6. What we ran into was a scam going around at the time. We knew of it and played along. A person will ask for $5 for gas while you were filling up, they just ran out and need to get home. Long story short, you have to call them on it.
  7. So you’ve been harboring an illegalish, kind of illegal not really illegal, all these years. so did you get to keep her around or are you moving?
  8. On a similar note. A bunch of years ago a guy asks me for money for gas. I’m okay, just pull your vehicle to the pump and I’ll put a couple dollars in. Needless to say he walked away.
  9. 59 and my enjoying everyday of life.
  10. You don’t need anything fancy. I use a butter knife and plumbers torch. Heat the knife and use it from there. take your time and do a little at a time. I’ll use a dermel with sanding drum wheel to even out the finish product.
  11. Remember when, you didn’t have to pay for air at a station.
  12. They hate to be fried. Taste good too.
  13. That explains the crappy tasting ones. Here I thought only Arabic individuals did that. Learn something useless from someone useless each day. Thanks for the heads up. How do you explain the Cotton candy flavored grapes. Let me guess a circus clown picked them after putting makeup on.
  14. Nope, they are too small. but I will try one before I purchase. If they don’t have a taste I won’t purchase them.
  15. That looks amazing. Looks like enough for one person, lol. any chance you’d be willing to post the recipe. I’d love to give it a try.