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  1. I have actually answered the question when I stated we can’t control what government does, just not a simple yes or no many would only understand. So yes it does affect inflation by printing.
  2. A CC company does not shut you off, they charge you an additional fee for over the limit. “Any approved transactions above your credit limit are subject to over-the-limit (or over-limit) fees. This credit card fee is typically up to $35, but it can't be greater than the amount you spend over your limit. So if you spend $20 over your limit, the fee can't exceed $20.”
  3. If you guys look and you haven’t, you’d see your question has been answered. We can not control what a gov does, but we can control what we do help get rid of some inflation. Gov printing is no different than you and I using credit to purchase. We are using money we don’t have today, hoping we can tomorrow. We live high as heck today but it costs you more tomorrow when those bills come due and you’ve realized or maybe you haven’t the cost of the product is greater than the original.
  4. We can tell them NO, but have they ever listened?. That’s a a deaf ear the NO falls on.
  5. I mentioned what the consumer can control in way of their ability to help rein in the inflation. There are those items we don’t control because they are beyond our reach. We can’t control what a company charges for goods, we can’t control what gov decides to do.
  6. Some items we can control, others we can not. Look at the third sentence. Inflation is a measure of the rate of rising prices of goods and services in an economy. Inflation can occur when prices rise due to increases in production costs, such as raw materials and wages. A surge in demand for products and services can cause inflation as consumers are willing to pay more for the product. Some companies reap the rewards of inflation if they can charge more for their products as a result of the high demand for their goods.
  7. I use a simple poly white table like you’d see someone use for a party table set up. Nothing fancy. To increase their height add pvc pipe as added length to the four legs. I believe it’s 1 1/4 pvc that fit over the foot of the leg, might be 1 inch.
  8. What needs to happen is, individuals need to slow and or stop spending money. That’s been the problem with inflation, the dollars spent haven’t slowed. As long as the person continues with the CC use its money used on time. Look at what is going on with gold bar purchase from a Costco store. You can buy a bar using a CC, that’s a card at 25-30% interest on a 10% return that last year was. Spending money is not done intelligently. Let’s not forget the 3% added to use the card, you are in the hole before you’ve left the store. You’ve just spent an extra $100 between the fee charged by Costco as the seller and the CC added fee of 3%. Buying of a vehicle, huge payments to do what, get to the store or work. Groceries on a CC, that doz eggs is not $2-4 anymore, it can easily be $10 by the time you’ve paid it down. Gas is not $4 a gal, it’s again $10 on borrowed money. Granted, yes gas and insurance costs are contributing to the dollars spent by the consumer but so are the non- essentials. so much of where we are today is the consumer. We came out a time of little to no spending from Covid. No travel, no one doing vacations be it from limited use of locations. Then, it opens. Now the consumer went nuts spending money like no tomorrow exists. They spent the money they didn’t yesterday. It’s definitely a bit of a rant, but the point is the consumer needs to slow the spending and get their own home in order before we will see the interest rates decrease.
  9. Regardless of what policy is or isn’t, if you take out a line of credit against your home to buy a toy, you are not a very smart person. You’ve now used your home to fund an item, congratulations if you’re not able to make those loans at least when you foreclose you still have your jet ski to live on. It’s like taking out a personal loan to pay off CC debt but still using the cards to purchase more. Individuals can be dumb as stumps.
  10. About two weeks ago I’m out in the garage and hear a heck of a lot of racket. I walk along the side and the AC compressor of the neighbors is making a lot of noise so I go over to take a look. Something is on top of the fan and with the fan running is getting bounced around. The fan stops and there drops a young cottonmouth to the base of the inside of the unit, it’s dead. The closest body of water is across the street but would have never figured they stray that far from water.
  11. Found a better picture of her. That does her justice.
  12. Anything that is that high of maintenance would be a lay back do nothing , tell when it’s over type. Peach, I think I’ll paint the ceiling peach. I wouldn’t give her your time of day.
  13. Your gift for words is amazing. You should really consider doing something more in line with editorial writing. Those one line hard hitting responses are number one. Also, your ability to use a Dr Seuss comic response that includes some cartoon picture truly shows your grasp of the childish abilities that abound. You’ve really missed your calling.
  14. Let’s keep moving those goals as to why you shouldn’t vote or should vote in person. Maybe next you can add pregnancy and heart attack to the list. I know how about appendicitis too. Again it all gets back to time necessary to apply for a mail in or absentee, which is much prior than the day before or of. There is a cut off date to request, of course you should be aware for that afterall, correct. Let’s face it you don’t like the mail in vote, yet it works fine to get the persons vote counted. Every vote counts unless you deem them some boogie man. This one will blow your mind up. Florida mail in vote sign up is nothing more than a call to the election office of your county. No in person ID request needed. The first time I walked into the office and said I need to be added to the mail in, do you need to see ID, that was a positive NO. Just my name and address. Stew over that one for a bit while that irks you.
  15. Yet I work outside my voting location, so that 1/2 isn’t feasible at all. as far as the exception list, when does that stop morphing. Either is all or nothing to you before this post. So you need to have registered for a mail in well prior to the Election Day. So the in an emergency line is BS and you can vote absentee.
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