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  1. For a group of individuals that over the past few years what we heard is screw the other countries, it’s America first, who cares what happens there Now all of a sudden you care about other countries and what happens. You really have got to stick to one thought process and not confuse yourselves. You change your views as the wind blows.
  2. He does tend to get out front of the story. He could run his first show, today I’m the pin cushion, next week the pin.
  3. looks like a 223 necked down. What’s odd is the double neck of the cartridge.
  4. Ben, you and your whole family take care. Good luck with the move and best of luck to your daughter. The grandkids will help you gets smile on your face during times like this. Hope the fish want to play with them.
  5. I covered the whole nut itself plus a bit of the threads. The thread part of it keeps the nut from spinning loose. Silicone tape once you've installed it can be removed and readjusted if you don’t like the portion covered. It’s easy to add more too, it will stick on what you have already done.
  6. Yes it sticks to itself. The roll has a paper layer between wraps. Cut it to length and wrap. Stretch it a bit as you go.
  7. Look up rescue tape or better yet silicone tape, it’s the same and less expensive. It sticks to itself but not the item its wrapped on. I’ve done this exact thing with loose seats.
  8. Interesting how vocal retrumplicans are about Cheney, yet when one of their own is accused of molesting children they are quiet.
  9. I see ignorance is around today. Some of you will never get get it.
  10. I’m surprised anyone can live or survive on Florida’s unemployment dollars. Florida gives $275 max per week. Think for a minute this is based off a max earned limit and less from there given your income. This too is only good if you can get on their system to start with, the system was designed to make it hard for you to collect. In Florida based on the qualifications needed to keep a job, all you have to do is show up and you’d stay employed. The qualifying employment pool is not deep.
  11. The smuggling of the ballots were being funneled thru the local Panda Express. Just mention the words, I’ll take a special Q with a super sized orange frosty.
  12. They took a gov issue item and replicated it. Like making fake money in respect to, it’s not the original and forged. Personally for yourself or i making a copy of our own is not a crime. It’s in our possession and not for sale. I’ll take my wife’s and I, make copies, laminate those copies. The copies will have, copy of original hand written on it. It will avoid any questions if it looks off from the original look. The originals have stickers of each vaccine and it’s information. A copy will not have that feel of a sticker applied, only flat feelings with no edges.
  13. It’s a gov issue card. Once it has the gov agency label to it, it became a crime to copy.
  14. The laminating process can blackin out the vital information. I’m going to make a copy and laminate it, the original will be put away. Im assuming they were talking about hot laminating not cold. Like mentioned you will need it for future add ins of information.
  15. The stacked retaining wall are very easy to build. Remove all your old and dig a nice level compacted base for the blocks to set on. Some of the blocks might have plastic pins to hold the blocks together. The cap stone most of the time you’d use a construction adhesive to fasten them to the main body of the wall. My wife and I did one years ago. We removed a wood tie style look for the block. As a one person job it will take you longer to remove and level than install the new. For a base you can buy crushed stone. It compacts very good. Figure on burying a course and a half.