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  1. Stuu, great fish.
  2. Here’s todays news report.
  3. So a news report was just done and the marine scientists are doing research of the red tide and offshore locations. They were from 20-30 miles off shore and testing. They found in the water column of 60’ depth overall of water. The first 20’ has good O2 levels, the next 20’ is red tide level, the lower 20’ is dead. Zero life, complete dead zones. They also stated that they were going to dive but just 5’ down the visibility was down to less then your arms length. All this is only a wind shift away from coming ashore. I wish i had good news to write and hopefully some day I do. Right now I just have to keep up and relay what we are hearing. Everyday we just shake our head in disbelief of what this has become here.
  4. Bill, it appears that the air testing is getting started. Hearing the news and what some drs are saying about this microstatin stuff is scary as heck. There is mention of liver failure to different cancers. Most of this won’t be known until the person is afflicted by one of these and the connections are then made. Drs today also stated that you should be staying 1 mile from the water. Personally I believe they are very afraid that any negative will hurt the tourism not to mention the economy in general here. As long as no info is released it must be ok I guess by their reasoning. This would be devastating to the area.
  5. Reel, we are getting close to that idea of a move. We already have said not this coming March but the following year in March. We just did a move this year(march) and I can’t face another one just yet. All this is assuming nothing of greatness comes of this and tomorrow it’s a new day so to speak. None of this is good in any way or shape. Somewhere along the way someone is going to die from this and then the stuff will hit the fan.
  6. Here’s wiki on microsystin.
  7. Looks like it is actually coming. Finally. Months later but it’s here. Testing for algae and red tide toxins coming to SWFL Researchers with the FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute will be gathering samples from Southwest Florida residents to test for toxins from algal blooms and red tide. FAU has been conducting testing on the east coast of Florida in Stuart to evaluate the levels of toxins present in human bodies. They are now fundraising to bring testing to Southwest Florida. The studies in Stuart showed that 100 percent of those tested had microsystin toxins present from cyanobacteria in their nasal cavities. They are waiting for results from blood tests. “This is serious stuff and it’s affecting us,” said Karl Deigert who is organizing the program. The proposed project is a collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. Researchers are seeking to fill a gap in data regarding exposure to algal blooms to determine public health risks. The team is looking for volunteer nurses to help with testing. Those interested in volunteering can email Karl Deigert at for more information. Testing will be free and if you’d like to read more about the project or donate, you can visit their website.
  8. Kroc, this is the best I can find. It’s from FWC site.
  9. If you do a quick search and look up Ft Myers beach song writers fest 2018. The event runs fri late day, Saturday all day and Sunday. Great event, free, and in different venues. You can purchase food or drink from the different locations. This is their own writings and they play it for you. It’s very small gatherings at most places, being during that same time frame other singers are performing in other locations. You do get the opportunity to ask questions and you can sit very close to them. There is one group that is quite good, Trailer Choir. These two guys can entertain and will be at Nervous Nellies fri eve and on Sunday at Diamond Head. The song writers do a good sized tour and perform in different cities. Attached is a link to the performers and locations.
  10. We haven’t stepped on the beach for two months. Used to love to have dinner on the beach. Pack a cooler, chairs and small table, couple cocktails later and it made a great way to end a day after work. Very relaxing. Last time if fished the bay was in july. It does give me all the wonderful time i need to go through my tackle and do a good organization. Rather have it in disarray but it is was it is today. Next weekend is the song writers festival in Ft Myers beach fri eve, sat and Sunday. This we will go to and we already have intentions of bringing some masks with us if need be. The music is outside, not on the actual beach itself. Fun event in different venues, it should bring some needed dollars to the area too. Sanibel has the event this weekend and they got rid of the toll for two hours on sat and Sunday.
  11. More dead fish today on barefoot and Bonita beach. Add to that crabs plus another turtle. The news report spoke of visitors saying, that it was really hot so they just stepped around the crabs. So they went inthe water. All I can think of are you frinkin nuts. The water they just came from is full of bacteria. That should go over good on your orifices. What’s a little bacteria when it’s hot out. This garbage isn’t going anywhere.
  12. Jig heads, with some style of rubber tails or it can be used for live shrimp or shrimp tails too. small/med sized swimming plug, like a yozuri. Metal lure, cast a long distance Able to speed retrieve and has flash.
  13. When I’ve had someone ask if I’m catching, I’d respond yes. And, leave it at that. What will come next depends onthe age of the person. If it happens to be someone of young in age I’ll offer them more info and invite them to fish the same area. I’ll make room for them. I’d offer to give them shrimp if they don’t have some. It’s nice to see the young person as an angler and helping them out. Now if they are are an adult and quite short about how they ask they get a nod of hello and nothing more.
  14. Beast, your questions we ask ourselves every day. Our local whoevers don’t seem to care.
  15. From Clearwater south to Marco has been the tide issue. I haven’t heard anything about further south of Marco. Also check around the pan handle area they have had some. Corpus christy Texas also has had a fish kill, just over the past week or two. Right now I live here and won’t fish this area. As a visitor I’d tell you to go elsewhere. Don’t take a chance that you get here and be fine with no coughing or the other option get here and won’t be able to get out at all from being sick. A friend of a friend is in Treasure island around Tampa area, st Pete’s beach this week. He can’t open a door or window without the smell of dead fish coming in.