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  1. Most are about 2 inches. Some longer, some shorter. What are oh looking for
  2. Thanks. PM on the way
  3. Still plenty of these left
  4. Sure. PM coming
  5. Paypal only this time. Thanks
  6. Not much flash at all on the bottom of the heads but a little on a couple of the hook eyes. Been so long since I used it not sure which ones
  7. Small CCW Danny please
  8. Yours. PM on the way
  9. Prices include shipping. PayPal only. Will make deals on multiples Do it Cannonball modified to make a fluke ball. Makes 1,2,3amd 4oz...$25 Do it Ultra Minnow(Spro style) makes 2,3 and 4oz......$30 Do it Ultra Minnow makes small heads 1/8 up to 5/8oz. Modified to make underspins............$25 Do it Popeye make four 3/8oz heads with 7/0 hooks.......$25 Do it Round head with screw lock keeper. Makes 1/16-5/8oz bag of 100 screw locks included.....$30 Hilts two pound Cod sinker....$20
  10. Going to close this one and start a new one with some other stuff added to it
  11. Works for me. Pm coming
  12. I'll do the large ear ball and the cannonball for $50
  13. Yours. Pm coming
  14. All prices include shipping. Immediatel PayPal only please Collins Customs Squid jighead. Makes 1,2,3 and 4oz......$80 Do-It Large Earball like new.......$50 Do-It cannonball modified to pour Fluke balls makes 1,2,3 and 4oz.....$25 Do it Hot lips 2,2.5 and 3oz.....$25 Shad Head.....$25 Three Hilts molds, two 24oz jigheads and a two pound cod sinker....$60 for all three