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  1. get messaging, all you need to know is here, tho get back to me when you do yr 15?, since I am closing up shop.
  2. Here's a pair to choose from. J Ryall for $200 or Orvis for $175 or both for $325 ($300 picked-up) Backing only on the Orvis & looks like 11 wt on the Ryall. Zelle & USPS.
  3. Bump to 1/2 price, $35 ea or pickup all 5 for $100 ...
  4. A random mix of barred/grizzly rooster saddles. 12" between the top & bottom penciled lines. $73 ea - PP & Shipped USPS Priority to CONUS 10% Discount for Local Pickup or for shipping multiple saddles
  5. Is it really 12' ???
  6. Please close this, looks like it went out w/o my knowledge !!!
  7. $50 for the Lot PP & Shipped
  8. Sorry got to look around, moving houses is driving me crazy.
  9. Bump. 5 barred saddles left. The 6 sold are pictured in post 11 above.
  10. 15 thru 26 sold. Flatwing want the others ??
  11. $55 each, shipping discount on bulk orders. Take them all for $1000. Get #s back to me & I'll PM you for PP. Let me know if you need bigger pics ... Take them all for $1000. Thanks
  12. Ed - go back to the video (youtube, etc.) & clip the URL (https://***************) copy & paste back to us. Who made the template & we can also find it that way. Thanks
  13. Looks like the ice melted & turned puke yellow.
  14. Bump to $60, both PP & USPS are higher than I thought !!!
  15. Sorry Lovisokiru, after re-looking at this stick, I've decided to keep it. If you bought the other guys 862, there ought to be a record on SOL. Tight lines & crush those barbs ...
  16. Pics tomorrow, Build data: BH 9' 6" 3/4 - 3 oz. 20 - 30 lb. KRC Fazlite Build v.2.0 nfr/so – winter 2018 9 guides Reel seat is smallish Guides are laid out for a VR50 & Diawa BG2500 per Fuji's New KR Concept * I will give you a warranty - a full refund w/return of the unblemished rod within 2 weeks of your receiving it. Has a Fuji EWBC Weighted Butt Cap I've been using the casting cannon - add $15 if you want it (it's easily moveable and retaped) Do let me know if you are still interested, so I do not have go to my locker for the stick - thanks
  17. Lot One sold to rhahn427. Add $5 per lot due to increased PP and shipping costs. Buy the remaining four lots for $128 !!!
  18. Lot One - Misc Glues/Coatings Lot Two - Misc Feathers Lot Three - More Feathers Lot Four - Misc Flash, Etc. Lot Five - Fish Hair, Etc. $35 per Lot - PP & Shipped All Five Lots - $140
  19. I have similar, tho custom built. USPS shipping looks like $25 for one or both in one package. Add $15 (1/2 shipping & some PP fees) to the 962 for $165 or $185 for the 1002. Both for $320 shipped & PP OR pick-up on the North Fork of LI.
  20. At 785,000 pounds for 2022. What's the story for New York ???
  21. Typo, was only 735,000 lbs ...
  22. In spite of all the previous 'friendlies' - the problem w/espresso is that a good grinder is almost as critical as the brewing machine. I bought a Gaggia Classic & a Sette 270 for $500 thru Craig's on LI. Both are retrofittable - you can spend another bunch of bucks on the Gaggia (mine had the 9 bar pressure spring & gauge done) & the Sette comes w/shims so you get a finer grind for espresso. There are as well more goodies, so you can treat it just like your fishing habit, tho' we weigh things in grams ...
  23. August Discounts = $50 per saddle or $900 the lot ...
  24. Prices are at the top !!! $35 each $140 for all 5 ...
  25. Thanks for your excellent precis of the meeting, both said & unsaid. It seems now we all have to keep the comments going to the state managers. Hopefully, there are equally thoughtful guys like you in the other states.