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  1. Hey Mike is this teachers' name public or maybe PM me. I'm also an old dog & recovering from an auto accident ... And thanks for all the TH info.
  2. It was the Cortland SD I wanted - what's yr bottom price for the 2 ???
  3. Thanks Suebert12, will pass on to my North Fork Anglers members
  4. Respectively offer $50 for both the Rio & the Cortland - shipped thru PP ...
  5. $10 pp - pm me, thanks
  6. I could use it - $ ???
  7. Interested - thanks ...
  8. Just got a Rio Cranky & find that they don't sell the plastic holder by itself - used up my spares. Anyone got a bunch of old line holders - sell trade, etc ???
  9. Take another look at Batsons, am building a 2 hand from a Batson RX6 spey rod blank 13 1/2 foot 9 weight 4 pc, ($50 from the bay) sort of bastardization of Red/Green's Pac Bay. Common Cents System testing after cutting 6" from the tip seems to be on the money. Just taped all the guides (Fuji Fazlites) and ready for some casting.
  10. I have several Estuary & Universal AFAWs - one each built as spinners w/custom concept Fuji guides. And one factory Estuary w/black & red trimmed wraps which has dual rung guides (e.g. used for either spinning or conventional, a multiplier for Mike O). Nice rods (I'm a plugger), tho the ferrules can be a bit difficult.
  11. I'll take it for $75 ... PP on the way.
  12. Russian & printed - under 10 us & 5 to ship + he's got some other goodies ... Anyone want to share an order & the later USPS costs ??? Take a look at the FBI page & pm if interested.
  13. Looking for a used fly fishing sling pack - had my dreams on a custom from Vedavoo, but no luck w/them. Need to carry a 5 lb oxygen concentrator (3-1/8"deep x 8-5/8"wide x 8-1/2" high) & some flies, etc. Something really cheap enough that I screw around with & retrofit - under $20, otherwise I’ll grab a new similar priced from the net.
  14. What's the story w/the 12 wt rod ???
  15. Red/Green & All - I do understand your issue w/EVA grips. I just ordered cork grips, tho if not still handicapped from an auto accident and not yet using power tools, would have tried syncork. The Batson F1369.4 label says 9 wt Spey Skagit 600-650 grns I cut 6" off the tip, taped some guides on & am getting 631.5 grains per CCS’s (153"/3=52") deflection, tip @ ~6.5" AFF and AA is below 65. See attached pics. And all - what do you know about the CCS Database ??? And are there reasonably equations like to get ERN/Grams=??? The link on Sameo Channel’s CCS calculators is not quite right, but I don’t speak/read Swedish, so maybe on my side ... And all thanks for the discussion - my latest immersion in the many ways the physics behind fishing rod casting is so similar & the subtle and sometimes not so subtle differences between fly rods, long casting rods, spinning & conventional ...