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    Recovering from rear-ended auto accident on Labor Day 2018, oxygen-dependent, so can't wade more than 40' from shore.
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    Rod Building, Plugs after Jack Frech, Long Casting w/Neil Mackellow, novice Two Hand Fly Rodder
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    Artist, Energy Consultant, Surfcaster - not necessarily in that order.

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    North Fork of Long Island, NY

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  1. Did you drill a pressure release hole in the butt cap?
  2. What did Bob P swear? Quite a rack of goodies behind him in the last shots.
  3. Interesting that Lon used a dolphin for his decal. I've been carrying the lighter version w/taped-up reel around for many decades, tho by now it's been re-guided & still pops a pencil with grandeur.
  4. You know that surfcasters will pay many bucks for a plug, now you are stuck with fly lines costing even more. Tight lines anyway ...
  5. So let's see those videos, Mike, Tom, bmac, more ...
  6. Here's what's available. LMK, if interested ...
  7. How's about an AFAW, I'm here in Edmonds. Spinning, conventional, blank?
  8. Wonder if you might go thru the Common Cents/Sense process on these NFCs. I did a few of their 1409 blanks for 2 hands that way w/a bit of guruing from Red/Green & MO, learned a lot.
  9. Best of luck & btw, try the original Surfcaster, Bill Preinsburger(sp?) an early JKF proponent.
  10. https://youtu.be/uqnC7TBEhYQ?si=76vZerE_mVPv9j7E
  11. Search "common cents" & get back to me if you get a bit lost. Tight lines, if you ever find the right weight ...
  12. My 1st was a used rental farmer johns w/top, cost me $35, lasted 10 yrs on LI sound & south beaches. Custom new w/front zipper is best, but $$$.
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