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  1. Seems like it's time to tape it up -- I have found that a PH Neutral Masking Tape is the best, been fishing 2 sticks for the past several months & the guides have not moved. And once you are ready to wrap, there is little or no residue. Buy the 1" wide & cut it the widths you need, also the rubber band sets from MH are very useful in placing guides. Best buy for the tape is an art supply store (d***blick for example). And both ZA & Mike seem to think yr reduction layout should be reduced - easy to do once you are happy w/the reel seat placement. Just to further confuse you - I just picked up an AFAW 11' Estuary, dual rung & the butt to reel seat is 27-3/8" & then 34-1/4" to the 24 stripper - still measuring - so later ...
  2. Low serial #, so most likely made here (CT) when Rob was doing 'em.
  3. I use a Fuji Fazlite 6/2.2 mm ...
  4. Geez Guy - yr trading away some $100 for an on-line buy of $50 - try MH, GB & the RM for what you need & make sure you use Billy V's epoxy mix !!!
  5. Interesting - w/the exception of the Atom, looks like they were all un-fished & barbs are still there - the darters look to have epoxied hangers, so if original JFs & he got a bargain. NB: I am affiliated with my son ...
  6. OK - I'll take a full bite for the white/yellow (top pic) - you should have my PP - thanks ...
  7. hey fishfigure - read yr 101 spot burn principles - hope I don't see you out here !!!
  8. Ditto re ZA's 'neat drawing' - what software did you did it in & can you easily adjust per any suggestions ??? Get us yr final layout ...
  9. Slight scars from one kayak holder - $45 pick-up only on the North Fork of LI. ($115 new)
  10. Slight scars from one kayak holder - $45 pick-up only on the North Fork of LI. ($115 new)
  11. Isn't about time they made wine colors also ...
  12. All those days are fine - just need a heads up - which day & the 3 hrs for me to get to Bridgeport, so you should be somewhere between Wilmington & Philadelphia - given traffic, etc.. Thanks & awaiting yr schedule ...
  13. Matt7082 - when might you be in Bridgeport - I am bit over an hour away & the boat is 1 1/4 hrs, so if you don't know yr exact schedule, you could call me 3 hrs ahead of time. Am attaching their schedule - only 2 ferries at this point
  14. 95 is the CT coast - take the VZ bridge & come out on 495 & take the Orient Pt ferry to New London I'll pay extra for the Ferry, hope to see you around the 31st