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    Recovering from rear-ended auto accident on Labor Day 2018, oxygen-dependent, so can't wade more than 40' from shore.
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    Rod Building, Plugs after Jack Frech, Long Casting w/Neil Mackellow, novice Two Hand Fly Rodder
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    Artist, Energy Consultant, Surfcaster - not necessarily in that order.

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  1. OK, rod builders, I am tired of my old jury-rigged rod wrapper & looking for double T track aluminum extrusions. Preferably something like the wider rails that the kits use & a max of 12', 3' or 4' sections for ease of shipping. From what I’ve searched, it seems that several pairs of single T track rails mounted on ply (or equiv.) Is the way to go. Anyone tried slatwall ??? Thanks in advance & stay safe & sound ...
  2. Why not just add a split ring to the swivel AND get rid of the tailhook, especially if it's a treble !!!
  3. Sorry M.O. another financial loss for youse guys in the UK. And JoeSWFF, can you collaborate paying almost 1/2 list & is the 1409 also unsanded like the 1510 & does it measure 14' & maybe yr CCS #'s (& cut-back) should you do such. Still working on R/Gs' version of the Pac Bay 1409 was 166.5" from which I cut 10.03" for 536.7 grams. Later ...
  4. OK all youse 2H fishers - here’s this morning’s shelter-in-place work: The NFC 15' 10wt (their code FASY 1510-4), measurers 15'. & needs 445.7 grams to bend down 5'. My AA rig gives it an AA of 77 - so according to RG calcs - ERN is 16.33. Next, I did CCS tests for the blank at 10.84" from the tip. Now, 573.6 grams & an AA of under 70, but not the ideal of 64-60. And using my tortured spreadsheet, I get an ERN of 19.84 So maybe 14' 9" - I have to clean-up my AA setup - see pic ... A much-twisted hair tie obscures the blank's new tip All - stay well & maintain that one-half rod distance on the beach PS - an interesting post on AFFTA line wts & CCS for rods from the Epic rod builders.
  5. North Fork Composites has a 1409 and a 1510. I bought the 1510 it's ribbed and unsanded and looks like a really fantastic blank. I'll get the common cents system numbers later. I also think both these blanks are still considerably on sale. Stay safe & sound ...
  6. Are there other how-tos, like hooked4lifeca's utube video !!! And what's the story with making fly lines out of coated clothesline ??? Tight loops & stay safe & sound ...
  7. Here's 3 Penn Roddy's - Big, medium & small w/custom bags & spare spools - $80, PP & shipped conus . And a Penn Surf Master - long cast w/spare spool & glued anti-reverse - $50, PP & shipped conus Probably a bag for the Surf Master AND All 4 reels for $110 ...
  8. Branches beat me to it !!!
  9. Take a look at North Fork Composites - nice blanks & big discounts !!!
  10. You tried the bag of ice sitting over the ferrule for a couple hours ??? Did you try jar opening grips 2 of them either side don't pull/push on the guides !!! Maybe drill a little teeny hole in the butt to change the ratio of compression good luck
  11. Don't forget the Fly Fishing BST here on SOL !!! And ditto what qecfly said - I'm on the North Fork ... Stay safe & sound & fish right ...
  12. Hey ZA - take a look at North Fork Composites Spey blanks, ~1/2 price & sometimes free shipping in the US Their FASY 1409-4 is assumed to be quite similar to RedGreens' building on Pac Bay 1409-4. I just got their 1510-4, it's unsanded & a full 15' - 1st go thru w/CCS gives me 445.7 grains and an AA of 77, so an ERN of 16.33. More later & stay safe & sound ,,,
  13. Al - not quite an answer to whether these aluminum oxide guides are compatible (will not groove) with today's braid - Power Pro, Fireline, etc.. Here's what Fuji lists: TORZITE®: TORZITE is Fuji’s answer to the ultimate ceramic ring. This new material is smoother and tougher than SiC, with better fracture resistance, higher polish and enough strength to reach SiC performance levels in a narrower ring that is up to 30% lighter than SiC. Silicon Carbide (SiC): The premier ring material featuring unequalled hardness and a polish that puts it in a class by itself. For top performance, light weight, durability and a luster your customer is sure to notice, choose SiC. ALCONITE®: Jet black and ready for action, ALCONITE® is a breakthrough blend developed by FUJI that approaches the incredible strength and hardness of SiC. Alconite is Fuji’s most popular mid-priced ring. ALCONITE® is up to 50% stronger and 35% lighter than competitive “mid-priced” products. Silicon Nitride (SiN): Wire-line tough and used in some very special applications, SiN is incredibly hard and surprisingly tough. This material is used to make ball bearings for JET ENGINES! What more can we say about compression, hardness and heat dissipation after that? FazLite: Fuji’s newest ring is a unique blend of economy and performance designed to offer K-Series performance at the prices that make it an excellent “everyday” choice for virtually any rod building project. Aluminum Oxide: Don’t let the generic name fool you, FUJI’s Aluminum Oxide is the perfect blend for everyday applications and economical factory offerings and has proven itself to be more than adequate for thousands of satisfied customers. Lately been using FazLites - they are reasonably inexpensive & have CC frames (tho, it seems there is an environmental issue w/the coating & it's a bit of a pain to wrap the un-ground foot). Thanks SOLers & stay safe & sound
  14. Are these braid friendly ???
  15. Croaker Jo should also know.