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    Recovering from rear-ended auto accident on Labor Day 2018, oxygen-dependent, so can't wade more than 40' from shore.
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    Rod Building, Plugs after Jack Frech, Long Casting w/Neil Mackellow, novice Two Hand Fly Rodder
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    Artist, Energy Consultant, Surfcaster - not necessarily in that order.

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  1. Bump to $60, both PP & USPS are higher than I thought !!!
  2. Sorry Lovisokiru, after re-looking at this stick, I've decided to keep it. If you bought the other guys 862, there ought to be a record on SOL. Tight lines & crush those barbs ...
  3. Pics tomorrow, Build data: BH 9' 6" 3/4 - 3 oz. 20 - 30 lb. KRC Fazlite Build v.2.0 nfr/so – winter 2018 9 guides Reel seat is smallish Guides are laid out for a VR50 & Diawa BG2500 per Fuji's New KR Concept * I will give you a warranty - a full refund w/return of the unblemished rod within 2 weeks of your receiving it. Has a Fuji EWBC Weighted Butt Cap I've been using the casting cannon - add $15 if you want it (it's easily moveable and retaped) Do let me know if you are still interested, so I do not have go to my locker for the stick - thanks
  4. Lot One sold to rhahn427. Add $5 per lot due to increased PP and shipping costs. Buy the remaining four lots for $128 !!!
  5. I have similar, tho custom built. USPS shipping looks like $25 for one or both in one package. Add $15 (1/2 shipping & some PP fees) to the 962 for $165 or $185 for the 1002. Both for $320 shipped & PP OR pick-up on the North Fork of LI.
  6. $50 for the Lot PP & Shipped
  7. Typo, was only 735,000 lbs ...
  8. At 785,000 pounds for 2022. What's the story for New York ???
  9. In spite of all the previous 'friendlies' - the problem w/espresso is that a good grinder is almost as critical as the brewing machine. I bought a Gaggia Classic & a Sette 270 for $500 thru Craig's on LI. Both are retrofittable - you can spend another bunch of bucks on the Gaggia (mine had the 9 bar pressure spring & gauge done) & the Sette comes w/shims so you get a finer grind for espresso. There are as well more goodies, so you can treat it just like your fishing habit, tho' we weigh things in grams ...
  10. August Discounts = $50 per saddle or $900 the lot ...
  11. Prices are at the top !!! $35 each $140 for all 5 ...
  12. Lot One - Misc Glues/Coatings Lot Two - Misc Feathers Lot Three - More Feathers Lot Four - Misc Flash, Etc. Lot Five - Fish Hair, Etc. $35 per Lot - PP & Shipped All Five Lots - $140
  13. Thanks for your excellent precis of the meeting, both said & unsaid. It seems now we all have to keep the comments going to the state managers. Hopefully, there are equally thoughtful guys like you in the other states.
  14. I have a good guy, will pm you ...
  15. Sorry Sudsy, thought you made a Banana or two ...