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    Recovering from rear-ended auto accident on Labor Day 2018, oxygen-dependent, so can't wade more than 40' from shore.
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    Rod Building, Plugs after Jack Frech, Long Casting w/Neil Mackellow, novice Two Hand Fly Rodder
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    Artist, Energy Consultant, Surfcaster - not necessarily in that order.

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  1. "Form comments" - again. What were the 2 #s ???
  2. Fish are hitting the camera ??? And what's making that whistling noise when there's a fish on ???
  5. See for one of the best (and up-to-date) discussions on 4x4s. ,Also note that there is another Sprinter posting here on SOL.
  6. I started another Sprinter post here on SOL, w/o looking around 1st - anyway, it seems the main debate is about 4X4. #1 - to the best of my knowledge, the rules for beach driving on the east coast require 4x4, as well as other equipment (tow cable, potties, jacks, etc.). Self-contained vehicles have more rigorous requirements -- black/grey water tanks, etc. Back in the day, there were VW vans, Grumman box trucks & even earlier Model Ts on the beach and here on SOL, we see a great deal of talk/questions about AWDs on the beach. Interesting that some manufacturers use a ADW logo where the A looks very much like a 4. The responses to my posting were not about the Sprinter and here too, the 4x4 vs AWD, airing out, real 4x4 by Quiqley & others vs the MB 4x4 - see for one of the best (and up-to-date) discussions. Speaking of up-to-date - any of you looking for 4x4s RVs, will see that not only are the vehicles hard to find or have a long build date, getting the 4x4 conversion & the RV outfitting will take a good long time - 6 months is the shortest I have come up with. Tight Lines & Get Vaccinated ...
  7. See my Mother's Day Special on this BST ... Well used G Loomis 9' 12 Wt and Tibor Gulfstream 11/12/13 Reel w/12 Wt Line & Gel Spun Backing.
  8. Nice, Nice & Nicer if I can find them here in the Peconic waters ...
  9. Sorry All - the correct pic is of the signature which is on the other side of the rod ... I'm having a bit of trouble aligning/sizing, etc pics, might just be my aged eyesight & still working on a decade-old tower PC.
  10. The Sprinter is the only 4x4 van made in the USA. FYI: Quigley is presently a six months wait, haven't checked w/other converters. No serious fisherperson would NOT air down.
  11. Have we got any Sprinters driven on the beach? I mostly know our Long Island beaches, tho a bit of Jersey & the Cape back in the day. Looking at 22' 9" overall, build date is this July, mid-August delivery & then, hopefully, 6 weeks to outfit - so that's early October. Amazing how many goodies are not in stock & have months of delivery time, due to CV-19. I'm hoping that with the next 4 months of planning, ordering & maybe even some pre-building of the van goodies, we can do it right & maybe even a bit less costly than the advertised $60k. Ready for the fall run & then follow 'em south & look at real estate a bit less expensive than it has become out here.
  12. Anyone recognize this signature
  13. Not 4x4 by any chance ??? And the crack is noted in pic #4 ???
  14. No WD40 in our bays guy, bunker or olive oil !!!
  15. NOT a 2 piece - It's a 4 piece AND Take 12% off for Mother's Day $1,162.80 -- PP & USPS $1,135 - Cash & Local Pickup