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  1. Thanks Mike. PM sent.
  2. 1. Old dogs, children and watermelon wine 2. Tom T. Hall 3. A janitor 4. 65 at the time 5. Miami Beach hotel in 1972
  3. St Croix Legend Elite still available.
  4. Yes I can do that. Will PM you.
  5. Thanks for the offer guys but I’m going to go with the pick up option.
  6. I’m able to ship if needed. Not at the moment. Thanks.
  7. All the rods are still for sale except for the Daiwa
  8. You can always get maintenance or service done on the reel without proof of purchase if it’s not covered under warranty. I send my reels into the Tackle Trap in AL. Reel Seat is also an authorized Daiwa service center and located in NJ.
  9. Steez no longer available. Decided to keep.
  10. I can’t really compare. I took it on a trip or two as a backup but never used it. If I remember correctly, both charter specials you got from me were rated higher. The challenger is rated 1/2-1.5 oz and 8-16 lb line but can handle up to 5 oz bucktail. My brother fished next to Kil yesterday on the mohawk and this was the only rod Kil used. They landed over 20 fluke each with 11 combined keepers. You’re more than welcome to come check out the rod and compare for yourself.
  11. All rods are in very good condition. The challenger was used one time. Prices are pick up only. Located in Montgomeryville PA but can also meet in Monmouth County NJ. Black Hole Challenger S-691UL $225 G Loomis NRX Inshore 843S $400 St Croix Legend Xtreme LXS70MHF $225 St Croix Legend Elite ES70MLF $275
  12. Can you do 200 shipped? I’m assuming anvil is good and only thing that needs replacing is the cutters?
  13. $50 shipped?