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  2. Placing this ad for a freind: Older Style Van Staal 250 Black, Redone from VS in excellent working condition - $475.00 Also have a spare spool for above = $75.00 Reel spooled with 30 Fireline. Thank you. Pete.
  3. done!
  4. Um..Im actually defending Outcast here. Did I sound like I was anal on the "new" issue? If so I was not.
  5. Well said Outcast! Agreed 100%.
  6. Outcast - Incidentally I called up Bushy today. And yes all guns are fired before shipment. So there goes the "Brand New" theory.
  7. Excuse me but doesn't the factory test fire each Bushmaster before it leaves the factory? Anyhow, this is what I was told. My 2c.
  8. Underwater fishing Underwater fishing. Underwater fishing. Did I say underwater fishing? MP!
  9. Done. God Bless. Pete.
  10. TimS, I have to disagree! Remember if you want to be the "bench mark forum" of the surf fishing community as well as the "Humble Tyrant" who owns this place, balance it very carefully and sensitively so that all fishing manufacturers who are looking at this thread don't get deterred by the so called opinionated responses. The manufacturers of the fishing community especially the surf fishing community are a tight bunch. Though I don't wish to elaborate, I think you are smart enough to see beyond the fog and the spin. We have disagreed on many issues in the past but we have always found a medium to work from. Lots of luck as always. MP!
  11. Own the whole series of Aqua Skinz, no problems with anyone of them so far. As a matter of fact, Alberto and Kadir have always asked for comemnts from me on the jackets and are always ready to help. Sure! like with everything there are manufacturing defects with ANYTHING manufactured. My 2 cents. MP!
  12. Montauk is a disgusting place. I dislike it. Im not going there anymore. I think everyone should hit Jersey beaches or better yet stay home and save your marriages and some gas money. Regards, Pete.
  14. Oz - YOU GET THE PLUG. Meet me in Montauk.
  15. One piece! U SURE? LOL