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  1. Two new Megabait JB-130s for 40 shipped. Prefer prompt PayPal but will accept any form of payment. Shipping to conus only
  2. Two new Megabait JB-150s for 45 shipped. Prefer prompt PayPal but will accept any form of payment. Shipping to conus only
  3. Respectfully offer 170 shipped. Immediate payment with PayPal if accepted
  4. These are the two I have and they are both mint. The 2-6 is the previous model and the 1-6 is the current. I’m looking to get 300 for the 2-6 and 350 for the 1-6.
  5. I actually have two of them so I will have to check when I get home in a couple hours and I will get back to you I will grab some pics for you then too
  6. I have an unused 11ft ODM Genesis if you're interested. And I'm usually on island once a week so I could deliver it to you
  7. Its a mixture of both but mostly greys. Marshfield is getting pretty bad too. The damn things are everywhere and the problem isn't going away it just seems to be spreading. They are getting pretty ballsy and its just a matter of time before someone gets bit by one on the beach. Its time for the feds to take a serious look into what these water pitbulls are doing to the ecosystem.
  8. GTFOH!! Unreal
  9. Thanks for the heads up Carl. I grabbed mine today
  10. #Thisthreadhasturnedintoa
  11. Offer 45 for lots 1 and 2 with combined shipping
  12. In all seriousness I'm a member of the SWLCC and have been for almost 10 years. I'm not here to accuse or defend anyone but I personally have not seen nor even heard of the accusations being thrown around in this thread. I also consider the "management" good guys who put in countless hours of their free time towards the club and show. Any of you that seem to have a problem with them personally, or the way the club is being run, feel free to run against them...……..or kick rocks!
  13. I was just about to start my usual Days Of Our Lives afternoon soaps but damn this is better. Some of you clowns should be nominated for a daytime emmy award for this performance. Ooohhh the drama!
  14. 100 shipped immediate PayPal?