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  1. I respectfully offer 30 cash for the lot if you are near Plymouth and we can meet up to save on shipping and paypal fees. Thanks Chris
  2. I respectfully offer 50 shipped for the lot.
  3. I have a 6500 that I would let go for 60.
  4. Guppy all the way !!!!!!
  5. Hope this turns out well
  6. Some big pogies at the east end of the ditch yesterday.
  7. Those are great pics
  8. I too have 11 and 13 and they work great for me
  9. Congrats on a great looking fish
  10. Didnt they put out porta pottys at the herring run on the canal years ago?
  11. Congrats. Thats a great pic
  12. Great pics
  13. Good luck I hope it all works out for you
  14. 15 minutes to the canal
  15. Those blues are huge
  16. Nice size tuna bait
  17. I need to pick up a few of these I like the looks of them
  18. Looks like a butterfish to me