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  1. I have a lead core setup and a couple of wire setups that I'm no longer using. I will dig them out when I get home and I'm local to you for you to check them out.
  2. They have already been told its May 7th as of now
  3. I can’t wait! My favorite show of the season
  4. So what’s the deal?
  5. Voorhies needle
  6. RIP This really sucks. This POS should have been locked up for life a long time ago.
  7. Ok how about all three Professor M plugs for your Arsenal?
  8. I would trade the polaris and your choice of one of the canal pencils for your Arsenal.
  9. Any interest in these Professor M plugs?
  10. I have this one for 40 shipped
  11. I have this one for 50 shipped.
  12. I'm in. Thanks
  13. I have these squids for 65 each or 125 for the pair
  14. Sure
  15. withdrawn
  16. I have these two for 85 shipped
  17. I will take these
  18. I will take the Darby Eely
  19. I have a brand new pair of 6" for 250
  20. I have this one that I would trade for one of your large blue macs
  21. New Strategic Angler pink mac walker. 65 shipped. Prefer prompt PayPal but will accept any form of payment. Shipping to conus only
  22. Thread closed. Payment received. Thanks SOL
  23. Pm coming