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  1. I’m in
  2. I will take them. Please PM me your PayPal info
  3. Respectfully offer 300 cash picked up today.
  4. I will take these for 100 shipped if you will accept PayPal as payment.
  5. Check out the Lamiglas Paco line. They are specifically made for kayak fishing and have a short butt. I just picked up two of them and they are awesome. The PK 7030 S is rated 1-6oz and it sounds like it would be the perfect fit for you.
  6. Any interest in this one?
  7. Payment sent
  8. I will take this
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I was able to score one before the price change
  10. PM coming to set up a time to meet up and check it out
  11. How much for a local cash sale for the 1329?
  12. Any interest in my rod? If not I'm offering it elsewhere
  13. 2 years old and has only been thrown twice.