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  1. Thanks Mike for reaching out. I already have the 11' so really just looking for the old 10'. Thanks. John
  2. Hello All. I am looking to see if anyone has the original 10' ODM Genesis rod. Not the new 2021 version, but the previous generation. I recently got the 2021 version but still like the old one a little bit better. Thanks. John
  3. Do you know what it would cost to ship to 02048? Thanks john
  4. Just thinning the herd. I have an Antidote 110 in the desirable Butterfish color and a Deep Seductress 170 in Pina Colda. Both have been on for the boat ride but no fish. Would like to sell together but can split. $80 for the antidote and $100 for the deep seductress. Take both for $170 shipped if you take both. Get ready for the fall run.
  5. For Squid? isn't it still cold for them? Should be trying soon hopefully.
  6. Hey Evil Stevel. I will take these. Do you take paypal? Thanks. John
  7. Hello All. I know this might be a long shot but does anyone have an extra top portion of the older model ODM Genesis 10'. Had a fish break it as I was landing it (my fault). Anyways throwing this out there. John
  8. @Tuftsfisherman let me know if you are interest in making a deal. I will be in Boston tomorrow. Thanks. John
  9. Hey Tuftsfisherman. Would you do $130 pickup for the setup. I can be in Boston on Friday. Let me know. John
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