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  1. Antidote Sold. Payment Received. Thanks Paul.
  2. Sure. PM coming. Antidote sold pending payment.
  3. Just thinning the herd. I have an Antidote 110 in the desirable Butterfish color and a Deep Seductress 170 in Pina Colda. Both have been on for the boat ride but no fish. Would like to sell together but can split. $80 for the antidote and $100 for the deep seductress. Take both for $170 shipped if you take both. Get ready for the fall run.
  4. For Squid? isn't it still cold for them? Should be trying soon hopefully.
  5. PM Sent.
  6. Hey Evil Stevel. I will take these. Do you take paypal? Thanks. John
  7. I'm in.
  8. Hello All. I know this might be a long shot but does anyone have an extra top portion of the older model ODM Genesis 10'. Had a fish break it as I was landing it (my fault). Anyways throwing this out there. John
  9. @Tuftsfisherman let me know if you are interest in making a deal. I will be in Boston tomorrow. Thanks. John
  10. Hey Tuftsfisherman. Would you do $130 pickup for the setup. I can be in Boston on Friday. Let me know. John
  11. PM Sent. Closed pending payment
  12. @Albycor Lets meet in the middle. $45 shipped. John
  13. See comparison below. The larger hook is the 10/0 and the other 2 are 9/0