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  1. I will try to get back to you on this by this evening.on a price
  2. It is factory built. Unfortunately I don't have any plans to head towards NJ or PA at the current time.
  3. Have a Lamiglass xs 101 mhc with penn international 965 available. $275 obo 10' 3-6oz lures Overall in good shape. I am located near Farmington,CT. But I will be traveling to Cape Cod 9/3-9/6 and be on Marthas Vineyard 9/14-9/24 and 10/6-10/16
  4. Thank you. The weather did not really cooperate with us to much throwing flies into the wind. We got out there early and had pockets of calm, picked up a bunch of small 12-16" fish. Then the wind and surf picked up too much. I wish we had the weather we had friday, or today as we were driving home.
  5. We got into some blues mixed with Bonito at the end of last week. My 10 year old landed her first Bonito. My son almost got spooled by a seal that grab a blue at the end of his line.
  6. My experience has definitely been different. I filed a claim through them about 2 months ago? Mine broke in half when i dropped them. This pair I have had for 5 years. They were replaced back then under warranty. I sent them a screenshot of my warranty replacement as the my receipt. They said it was covered, sent my old glasses back and about 3 weeks later I got a new pair. Now dealing with Luxotica for my wifes Ray-bans during the same time period reflect the experience of those above. Hers have a crack in the lens, it could only be seen at the right angle. They only offered us to basically buy a new pair at market price.
  7. Does the original have your name on it? If no, just hand him that paper work. I know in CT what you are proposing is completely acceptable. You picked up a trailer you were working on, no long have a use for it so are selling it. There was no need to register because it never touched a paved road. So you are giving a new bill of sale to the new owner to show transfer of ownership. Not sure if MA will work the same way though
  8. Like said walking around and talking to different vendors, you could find a deal usually. But I have found the deals are not always a discounted price, but sometimes it is additional free items.
  9. i have a couple of saragosa's and my father has a couple slammers. I think the Gosa is a little lighter and physically a little smaller, but the slammer feels a little smoother. They are both great reels, and I think will really come down to what feels better in your hand.
  10. thanks for the super fast shipping. Rod was at my house today!
  11. ill take it for $80 shipped. Sent you a PM
  12. Would you say the Orca cooler is worth the money? I was just looking at those the other day. I am getting tired of my cheap coolers and having to replace them every few years.
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