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  1. If you can ship, I offer $200 shipped for the Ghost Hunter.
  2. I don't do much jetty fishing anymore since I bought my boat, so I've decided to sell my rig. Rod and reel are in excellent condition Tica Dolphin TC3 - $115 shipped UGSA80MH1S 8 ft, 1 pc, MH, Fast action Shimano Spheros 5000FB - $100 shipped spooled with 30 lb fireline
  3. Been fishing IRI jetties all week. 40 schoolies, tons of shad and about a dozen croaker so far. Gonna concentrate on croakers the rest of the week as there are no weakies or keeper stripers to be found. I've been trying everything. Although I did have a big striper grab shad I had hooked 4 ft off the rocks at the bridge point. Only had a 6 ft rod and light braid which was no match.
  4. I think the difference is that the fish doesn't appear to be 28" and possibly illegal to keep. To mortally wound the fish before measuring it seems irresponsible.
  5. Drives me nuts when I see stuff like that.
  6. Stuff like this irks me. Fish looks to be borderline legal and this guy belly gaffs it? Whatever happened to hooking under gill plate as to not mortally wound the fish before you measure it? Ugghh
  7. Looks like I'm taking the boat down.
  8. Sandfleas and bucktails. The north jetty is closed due to the beach restoration project so I spent a good amount of time re-learning the south jetty which was my savior since very few people were out there. Fishing the rail eddies was extremely frustrating at times because I apparently was the only one catching fish so everyone tried throwing swim shads and bottom rigs into the eddies where was hooking fish. This resulted in them snagging me on just about every drift. I do know that I'll have a Carolina Skiff for next summer to avoid the day time crowd. Good luck when you get down there!!!
  9. Tons of short stripers around IRI now. I've been fishing here for the past week or so and landed about 35. Missed several more. The average size was about 20". My 7 yr old caught 3 as well. [img= http://www.stripersonline.com/content/type/61/id/1624023/width/1000/height/1000]
  10. EMiller

    IRI Jigging

  11. All depends on what you are targeting. I have been targeting weakfish and short stripers from the IRI rocks and am using a 6ft rod with a Salt striker 30. Caught 13 stripers a few nights ago using no weight, just free floating. Largest fish was 26". When the big fish are in, I'm using a Tica Dolphin 8' with a Shimano Spheros 4000 or a 7' Shimano clarus and a salt striker 40. My 6 ft rig costs less than $100. .
  12. Don, I am replacing a Shimano FX200 which I used for blues and flounder. You think the SS30 might be undersized? I could move up to 40.
  13. I have a 6 ft med heavy Berkley rod that like for summer Bluefish. I am considering getting a Salt Striker SS30 for it. Anyone have any experience with this reel? Thanks!!
  14. Tough fishing on the IRI jetty last night. Tip was crowded, lost a nice fish about 1 hr into the drop tide. I think that wraps it up for me until August. I need to figure out the south jetty at some point.
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