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  1. I'm with West Tide on this one, maybe too many DD coffee's. When you gotta go, you gotta go.
  2. Happy Birthday DJ, hope all is well over there. Have you wet a line yet?
  3. Just plain sad, where is the common sense?
  4. Never had that happen Scott but I wouldn't mind that thrill, only once though, too expensive otherwise.
  5. Awesome fish, congrats. sushi at your house I bet.
  6. Chuck you know that splash is the fish just saying "Eff You" on its way out.
  7. Cape Cod Canal Casino
  8. Jamie, that thing is a beast.
  9. Rob great story and great fish. Matty, I would have enjoyed seeing that tuna, must have pushed up your blood pressure a bit. Great story.
  10. The device sounds impressive Joe G. Patent pending candidate I'm sure.
  11. bad attempt at humor for a Friday, sorry...
  12. Fun read Codfish, thanks for starting this, lots of interesting canal facts coming to the surface.. See what I did there??
  13. Thanks for starting this Hanover, so many great replies to agree with. We are very, very, fortunate to have this canal "local" to us, we most likely take it for granted much of the time, at least I know I do from time to time.