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  1. cut throat and gills, hold by the tail in the breakers. can be a little gruesome
  2. what a stupid rule. wish i could hit the low tide today. sundays would be the perfect day for clamming. wondering if this will ever change.
  3. underwater kinetics headlamp. going on 3 seasons which is good for a headlamp. pelican around the neck for backup/spotlight
  4. sent from a few relatives too. WHO NEEDS MORE THAN 1 FISH? I ate striped bass all year, ALL YEAR, and kept two fish the whole season. Why would anyone need 2 fish per trip?
  5. sent. Thanks for the info!
  6. i just don't get how he weakly calls the guy out at the end. He was clearly scared and his confrontation did nothing. If you are gonna use spy planes on poachers at least get something done.
  7. he let em off the hook.
  8. 4-5oz in the rivers near me account for 90% of my fishing. u can use a sputnik and go lighter.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Grassy Sound Bass I can't figure out how anyone can't figure out how to use a bailess reel. There is nothing to it. I can see not getting use to a 706z with no anti reverse and the rotor moving when casting. Even that is easy to figure out, spool up and handle down. I think guys get buyers remorse and want the money back after they realize they don't need that kind of reel for the fishing they do. GSB i cant either, but i have heard a bunch of people say it when trying to sell their vs.
  10. I think its more than being unloaded for new models. I follow many of the fb fishing pages, and the same people selling them or trying to sell them are some of the same people who were looking to buy them months ago. I have a few theories. a. They never got used to the Bailess reel. b. They buy and sell reels. use them for a little, sell them. They use a floating array of equipment c. They don't fish that much, bought a VS for whatever reason, and now they want to move on and get their money back. Ever notice how they all have been "used twice" ??? I just got one (couldn't pass on the price), and im worried that I am going to want to instantly sell it after my second use.
  11. i just don't understand the desire to spot burn? are you guys lonely... why would it bother someone to not be able to post the specific location? I don't understand it.
  12. Look up Mike Laptew his stuff is really cool. "Stripers gone wild" is a good one. I bought "montauk rocks" and was kind of disappointed, was expecting a lot more. Just a bunch of guys talking about how hardcore montauk is, not enough fish or fishing.
  13. really spend some time and do your homework, and hope for good conditions. i went for a bach party on a small charter and it was a horrible trip. run and gun all day.... with not one fish. Guide wouldn't put more than 5 min into each spot then we would move again. I would never do it again. In fact, i don't think i will ever pay to fish again after that trip unless 100% necessary.
  14. definitely real, bluefish do it too. use a popper with a rattle.... iv seen my lure go up into the air 5 feet, i didn't even know what was happening at first. thats not a missed strike.
  15. there are two as of right now, and not being bid heavy yet