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  1. Tom could be plumpy,red would be grumpy cause his tits are still lumpy
  2. A stump would be more fitting
  3. Libby's vienna sausages would go out of business
  4. No it's all about him today,please remember to respect your elders.
  5. Happy Birthday
  6. Going to try and make it this year
  7. 5'10 185 best shape of my life ,your sources are garbage.
  8. Only problem is nothing worth anything in there.
  9. Mt Waialeale ,Kauai
  10. Zip it,I come from the 2nd wettest spot in the world and it rained all the time.
  11. Rain is good,quit yer bitching some people don't have it,that is all
  12. can't you stop being a moran for 1 day
  13. Is it a loose nut behind the wheel?
  14. Simmer down FattieMcnoodleleg