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  1. relaxed
  2. Where's his salt life sticker and white shades?
  3. Typical republican
  4. I lost a huge one ,never saw it luckily it broke the hook in half. Leader was sandpapered where it was wrapped. 14'boat solo I was young .
  5. Just talk to Big Mac he'll get ya in.
  6. I'm amazed he can see over the ****en steering wheel.
  7. I'll stand behind this one
  8. For a second thought Red went out and got a real job at McDonalds.
  9. Good morning
  10. Spork
  11. One chick was hot ,I gave her my tip.
  12. Mokes needs to be bolderized upside his head.
  13. Best of luck ,positive thoughts and prayers sent.
  14. 10 bucks says Dinghy'd bench press BARhopper
  15. I hear you it's the toughest of them all IMO ,I was two cans a day for 10 years quit all of it. I chewed on straws and plastic sticks for the oral fixation for some months then I was done.