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  1. Maybe the fans were anxious to get home and push each others tush.
  2. Very solid reel best bang for your buck, but only the 1st Gen Fathom lever drags . Built much better than regular or g 2 avets unless it’s a Raptor. I fish all Talica’s from the small 8ll to the 25ll then jump to Penn visx from 20-50 for the bigger line class and those first gen Fathoms are right there close to the Talica’s.Those reels have been tested under the harshest conditions in the world (The San Diego Long Range Fleet) and they’re still performing well with little to no maintenance for years now. It’s basically a simplified version of the pricier Torque lever drags. All my buddies that are on a budget I steer them in that direction and watch them land trophy sized bluefin on them.
  3. Did you try bleaching the drain? sometimes as the water is going down the drain it’ll intensify the smell. if you plug the drain and fill the bowl and the water smells like sewer gas the water is pulling something with it , can’t see a supply line rubber seal causing that bad of a smell but smelling them is worth a shot. Next would be p trap and vent stack testing. Does that sink have a separate water heater or instahot where anything could get funky there? I know my way around plumbing and know you do as well. The thing about plumbing is you’re always at the mercy of some weird stupid part. I just changed my 50year old shower valve which meant cutting tile and lots of swear words.
  4. First of all I didn’t attack you about your age I said you get a pass for it (being grumpy old man) I’m not here to argue with you about political woke garbage topics so pointing a finger at me thinking I’m a fag cause my favorite team is the 49ers is ridiculous . I can’t do anything about what these jerks that are currently in control of the woke bs and let all this crap happen, but to say San Fran is proud of being woke or gay as a whole is pathetic what about the generations of longshoreman, ship yard working families, steel workers and all of the above working the ports here since before the Golden Gate Bridge was built??Yes homeless people **** all over the city and thugs rob and steal with no repercussions, it’s terrible. Philly also has drug addicts laying in the streets getting high and parts of it are just as bad but I can’t hate on the normal people that live there and say that your proud of your drug epidemic that’s going on there, or say that Jersey is now just a bunch of Woke snobs and you’re all proud of that cause that would be pointing finger, so if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones. Luckily I live on the Coast away from all that BS Pleaae don’t tell me I don’t respect my elders I’m 52 years old took care of my dad til the day he died and I’d lay down my jacket if anyone old needs to walk over a puddle. However I’m an avid and enthusiastic 49 er fan and if this team stays healthy no one will beat them.
  5. I saw tons of Holding on Bosa too one play had him completely wrapped and chicken winged but Bosa gets held a lot and we’re use to it, Like I said there were some breaks on both sides but nothing compared to when anyone plays Mahomes.
  6. I get it ,for the most part I thought they let both sides go on a few calls and let them play other than the mountain out of the mole hill drama that happened. Can’t stand when games are won or lost because of bogus calls.
  7. Big Dom is currently under NFL investigation since his actions were prohibited. Whether or not he’ll be there against Dallas is the talk. I’m sure there’ll be some fines at the very least. Problem is the photographer kid with the Dolphins was suspended for the remainder of the season so they may try to make an example of it especially the way the NFL has been so penalizing lately.
  8. It didn’t seem like it was a foul seemed like a soft tackle I’ve seen other way worse not get called. Dom’s job really seems to have gone to his head and let his emotions get the best of them there.
  9. Do you think it was a foul on Greenlaw the actual play part ?
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