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  1. Wahoo (Ono) is my favorite fish, nice whitefish cook it however ,good sashimi too. I will just act like I didn't see the word lettuce wraps coming from you.
  2. Soy sauce, ginger,garlic grill
  3. SUP

    I'll snap you like a twig
  4. SUP

    You have no clue what you're talking about you idiot
  5. SUP

  6. Looks like you guys had fun at the Fling,I'll give you a ring soon when I get 5 extra seconds. Be well!
  7. Getting ready for salmon ,kids almost ready to fish,plenty of rain and snow this season. All fired up for a great spring and summer
  8. Happy Birthday
  9. I wouldn't mind seeing Gabriel Iglesias ,that guy's pretty fricken funny.
  10. You look like you could use a hug