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  1. Thanks for the information!
  2. Great looking fish- and fly! Looking forward to 'em!
  3. Thanks for the input everyone! Appreciated.
  4. Hello out there! Has anyone fished the RIO Coastal Quickshooter XP lines? Thinking of switching out the Orvis Hydros Coldwater Intermediate and giving to a try. Around the same price as the Orvis. RIO website says it's designed for coastal fishing in cooler temps (live in Maine). The Orvis' head felt fairly stiff and was wondering if RIO is any different. Thanks!
  5. Actually caught a few last week in a river mouth in Scarborough on a surf candy pattern. There were TONS of sand eels around. Was hoping for something bigger. Couldn't tell if I had anything on with the 9wt rod! Pretty funny.
  6. Wow. Amazing stuff!
  7. Congratulations! Glad you got a fish in my home town!
  8. Great Video! Thanks for the content Scott.
  9. Can't beat that! Awesome pics. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Hello SOL community. Being new to the fly fishing sport, I was wondering if anyone had some input to what they feel is the best Intermediate coldwater line for NE striper fishing. I currently have Orvis' 10wt coldwater intermediate sinking line on my fly rod. I have no idea how it stacks up against the competition. Stopped by my local fly shop yesterday and peeked inside a couple of fly line boxes to get a look at them. I noticed the weight forward section of the Airflo CI seemed a bit more supple than my Orvis line. I know the water has been pretty chilly up to now, but the Orvis line seems a bit stiff up front. Being new, perhaps this just might be the norm for coldwater lines. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Thank you all for the great advice!
  12. First year newbie learning the ropes experiencing the highs and lows of learning a new sport. Having a nice day and feeling like my casting is improving, I'm starting to find fish. Nothing great, but pretty inspiring all things considered. Fished the last two hours of incoming at one of my favorites spots and the fishing is good. While attempting to land my largest fish of the season (mid 20's), I snapped the rod tip on my 9ft 9wt rod. The spot is a rocky ledge with a sizable water and wave action. I had the rod under my armpit and reached for the leader (poorly) while attempting to land the fish. The incoming waves were making it difficult for me to position the fish for me to reach it. I tried to keep a reasonable amount of line/leader out in hopes of not putting excess strain on the rod. Then came the snap. Rod tip section. I know I have hit the tip of the rod with flies while learning how to cast. I'm sure that may have lead to the rod's breakage. Sent the rod back to Orvis for repairs. This board has been great with advice for newcomers like myself and I was hoping to learn how experienced fly fishers land a fish properly in these conditions. This site has been a great help with my new found passion. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Congratulations! Nice fish. Oh, and best of luck with the "other" stuff...