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  1. Got mine today too, 520.
  2. We pulled two full bags of trash off this weekend. Glad to hear others are doing the same:). I chatted with Officer Williams on Monday too, nice guy. Will probably head back out Friday Night and or Sunday.
  3. Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.
  4. Must have missed you. We were out Sunday and Monday, Blue Nissan with silver cap. Skunked both days, saw a few guys get some shorts.
  5. Just got the email, Sept. 1
  6. Anyone else waiting to find out opening date? Any intel?
  7. I was camping at Cape Henlopen a few years back and saw a really cool bucket holder on someone's front fishing rack. It was a braided wire clamped into a loop and bolted on to a truck. I must not be as good at Googling as I thought because I can't find it. Any help would be appreciated. Like this but bolt on:
  8. Can anyone tell me how long before and after high tide the Jopa ramp is usable to launch and retrieve kayaks? What is the mud like, walkable? Thanks Josh
  9. We have a Palomino pop up truck camper. Its has a low center of gravity and is easy to use. The best part was the price, this is not a high value camper so you can find good deals on CL.
  10. Follow up question: I am thinking of getting an electric, I plan on doing some suspension work and it seems like it will save me a lot of grief if I buy an electric impact wrench. Are they adjustable for torque, do you just get them bolts on and then finish with a torque wrench?
  11. I was hoping that you would say something like pizza, I think Deet does work but just hate using it when it is that strong. I will put small amounts on my 7yo but not 100%. They don't seem to leave bites or marks like mosquitos or black flies as far as I can tell.
  12. Plum Island last night, any bug sprays that work on the no see ums?
  13. Me too.
  14. I have a Bostitch 6 gallon pancake compressor, It works great with nailers and staplers, can it be used for an impact wrench for tires or is the volume too low? Thanks
  15. I forgot to mention that, I can pull start the motor no problem, I really just need the battery to run the GPS, and hook up nav lights. Thanks for the advise.