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    19 Full time student ! Love The panhandle fishing !
  1. I absolutely am !
  2. What you asking ?
  3. anyone got a 4500 they are willing to let go of ? Looking to give as a gift so not too much rash please ! PFA
  4. Just 2020 FL Panhandle pic
  5. I'm gonna hold off for now .. that's a little above new pricing here
  6. Lemme know your asking ! Pretty open! Got any pics ?
  7. looking for a deal on a penn slammer 3 5500 shipped to AL New or used !
  8. Yea mainly all the hooks aren't stainless so they'll rust out in 2 weeks time .. if your lucky you can lift up the head and then free spool and itll knock the hook out
  9. This past month in the gulf there were hundreds hooked from piers mainly but most run 8 '6 to 9ft rods and reel size 5ks to vs 200 's mainly I ran 400 yards of 40lb with a 3ft 40lb flouro leader to a 2 to 4 oz hogy and had my fair share of fun ... we mainly hook them get em to the pylons and let em go... trying to beach normally puts too much stress on the fish and some don't make it ... we mainly see 80 to 120lbers every now and then you get those 140s
  10. I'll take it
  11. The pictures are standard stock I ordered it along with a 3k and 4 k which were 120$ each ... I'm not here to argue but why would I value a 160$ reel with braid at 230 $ used when i purchased and packed it for 175 $ Closing forums ! Thanks SOL !
  12. I'm gonna hold off I'm gonna hold off for now in no rush to sell
  13. I'm gonna hold off I can get the reel for 160 new .. appreciate your time Not at the time ... I appreciate your offer . And i appreciate the offer as well but the slammer new in that size is 180$ I'm not lowballing you guys but I'm sure y'all all look for the best deal as well
  14. Reel and 320 ? You can keep line if you'd like .