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    19 Full time student ! Love The panhandle fishing !
  1. I'm gonna hold off I'm gonna hold off for now in no rush to sell
  2. I'm gonna hold off I can get the reel for 160 new .. appreciate your time Not at the time ... I appreciate your offer . And i appreciate the offer as well but the slammer new in that size is 180$ I'm not lowballing you guys but I'm sure y'all all look for the best deal as well
  3. Reel and 320 ? You can keep line if you'd like .
  4. Looking to sell my VS 150 s and VS 200 s both are spooled with braid not that tha really adds value but the 150 is packed with a little under 500 of 15 and the 200 is packed with a little 500 of under 40 lb braid ... both reels were used for 3 months after picking up second hand .. not trying to make a profit just trying to get back what I have in them ! Nothing wrong functionally with either reel , just wanted to try van staal for a season . Asking 550 Shipped for each reel ... As for trading looking to go back to Penn so clash size 3 to 6 k or slammer 3 4500 or 5500 size !!! There are some extra pictures of the fish caught on them ... the king was on the 150 and tarpon on the 200. Thanks for your time !!!
  5. It's not .. it's just the standard VS 150s
  6. Any interest in a trade for a vs 150s or a vm150 and cash ?
  7. Any interest in a van Staal vm 150 ?
  8. Small world ... I grew up in the middle of no where about an hour down the road and moved there for work
  9. Nope prattville ... I probably should though
  10. I live in central AL but make 30 trips a year there
  11. 60 % of the gas stations on front beach and thomas drive have them ... I fish the city pier alot and we always get bait from the sunmart across from the legacy by dippin dots
  12. I'll take it shipped to AL
  13. Send me that PayPal info
  14. That's what I was aiming for but finding one that's not thrashed is hard that someone is willing to ship ... I bought a VS150s here no prob but finding a 200 is impossible