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  1. Yes it is from 2018 and not having all the data points it seems to far too low for each age based on 350 million. And they don't.
  2. Why don't you post the chart you observed and we will discuss.
  3. If you already have a stradic FL why don't you use it?
  4. Intersting that the chart shows that there are only 3.2 million white, 700,000 black and 1.1 million hispanic. Sounds about right if you can account for the other 340 million people.
  5. You seem to be just as dumb today. I think you have an overly active imagination.
  6. It's funny that you keep making that claim
  7. FAUCI says 3 masks at each outlet will prevent the spread.
  8. Yea you really should duct tape them all shut and hide in the bunker.
  9. I would look into central air. This heat is pretty bad.
  10. Thta is how I typically respond to your posts right after a good laugh
  11. FAUCI is never wrong or misleading so lock yourself in the basement until next year
  12. Will anyone get the death penalty?