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  1. Quite often Brian doesn't appear to think at all. More likely just focus on attacking Trump for every issue and completely failing to recognize how childish and immature it is. Many people that you accuse of loving Trump simply prefer him over the alternative and find the liberal mob detestable.
  2. Trump is right. The following was brought up in a COVID press conference: The CDC found medical personnel refused to reuse PPE despite the fact the guidelines for reuse have been around long before this virus. Hospitals (not Trump) refused to issue PPE beyond the amount the guidelines call for. For example (I don't recall the actual numbers here) a hospital has 10,000 N-95 masks which can be reused for up to 5 days and 500 staffers who require the N-95 mask. 10,000 masks should be a 100 day supply. By not reusing them, the supply is now 20 days. Hospital administrators said they will not issue them new masks daily as it is unnecessary and will deplete the supply before they can obtain more masks. Having disposed of the masks, those claiming the shortage appear to be the ones who created it.
  3. I usually choose option 1 when presented with a multiple choice situation ...
  4. My guess is he won't eat in a restaurant again until Trump is out of office ...
  5. Brian sure is taking a long time documenting his corona virus plan and how it would have been so much better then where we are today. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what Trump. Fauci, WHO, Cuomo, Di Blasio et al. did wrong and what the correct approach was. Brian, any idea how much more time you are going to need?
  6. Yep. It is not one size fits all and it is not about Donald Trump or even Fauci at this point.
  7. Brian thinks it needs enough time to make Donald Trump look so bad he won't get elected to a second term.
  8. Missed this post. This is an idiotic response. Who said it was Fauci's fault? You claim it is Trump's fault. Trump is the President. Problems are solved for states by government agencies not Trump. He is an administrator. Trump directed agencies to send hospital ships and thousands of ventilators to states in critical need. The governors thought that this 'solved' some of their critical problems. Please make a list of the problems he created so I can get on board.
  9. The grocery store owner(s) can demand you wear one and refuse entry otherwise. The state cannot as it would be a violation of your civil rights.
  10. At times you seem like a pretty smart guy. You have a license to practice law and haven't been disbarred (to my knowledge). You are full of vitriol and criticism. Why don't you layout what was done wrong and what you would have done. Please address WHO, Fauci, CDC, Cuomo, Di Blasio and of course the President. Feel free to address all of the many other screw ups that occurred along the way. Please offer something productive for once. Don't worry this isn't a case where if you are wrong you will need to send everyone a Bomber.
  11. This appears to be true
  12. There is plenty of blame to go around. I gave you a list. The CDC is at the forefront as well as state governments which are the front line in health issues as that is where healthcare is regulated. Each state has a FEMA and a CDC. Your obsession with Trump is over the top ... Y
  13. Brian is political hack more than he knows
  14. Yes and it should not be mandatory.
  15. In January Fauci said it wasn't a big deal and WHO quoted China that it didn't appear to be contagious person to person. Get off your blame this all on Trump. You are smarter than that.