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  1. The weather channel is an embarrassment.
  2. There will be a few lefty indictments in the coming months regardless of November.
  3. Mueller is an idiot. Call the city of Boston for their opinion.
  4. Totally disagree. If he could make a buck off it he might though.
  5. Well write him a letter and tell him who to fire and who to hire. Bitchin ain't helping.
  6. The 'equal justice under the law' has been brought into question. Public backlash for DOJ if they don't pursue this across the board. Politics cannot be involved.
  7. It is an expensive challenge. Article 2 related to appointees. It would end up in the supreme court. The challenge could come from Trump's lawyers.
  8. As should have the Obama and Bush DOJ. Gone on too long.
  9. Only manafort challenged. The challenge was one of scope. The constitutionality challenge has not been presented to this point.
  10. Agree. It's about time this stuff was reigned in. The statute was ignored for years and the gravy train just kept growing.
  11. Yep. There are plenty of women as nutty as you are so I don't see why not.
  12. I want to see the enforcement plan. Should be pretty humorous.
  13. Failure to register as foreign agent. More to come ...
  14. See Washington Post on just what they think the testimony relates to. Not good for one of Hillary's friends.