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  1. if the median and average happen to be the same then what?
  2. Darwinian. Natural selection
  3. How does an interested party find out about your availability?
  4. Are you covering your own transportation charges when you lecture?
  5. We all are so take solace in that
  6. searching for the answer in the stars
  7. And you are just a kid! 60? That sucks.
  8. Transportation costs?
  9. Fake news. If it was we should buy it and you know it!
  10. Most airlines serve the public. Do you own a private jet?
  11. Is this breaking news? Mueller said it was Russian trolls on Facebook and Frank confirmed it! Hillary agrees as well. Hell, I think even you agreed with that position. What the hell happened?
  12. What guys? Who is your candidate if the election was tomorrow?
  13. Hi buddy. How you been?
  14. It's a 15 minute drive. Sometimes they say where is it leaking and try to find the leak. I say have at it, but I need them for tonight. Usually they just get you a new pair or at their cost. Doesn't work now if they are 2-3 years old, but my waders always start leaking halfway through the season.