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  1. Those who suggest the name Monkeypox is racist...are the real racists in this whole thing. They are the ones who are making the correlation. I am also willing to bet these people are white.
  2. IF she did not hate our country, then I would say yeah go and try to negotiate her release. Now, she can just deal with her sentence. Maybe she will win a few prison basketball games
  3. Alah too....
  4. Yeah I am not answering that crap... I also left corporate America partly because of this nonsense. They would send out that stuff and even schedule training sessions. I would not participate in any of it
  5. what i like most about that truck is it looks to have a push bar in the front.... to move all of the stupid A-holes out of my way
  6. He looks like a young George Jefferson...
  7. great news... love watching criminals get locked up
  8. Biden will offer to bail out the Chinese banks...and will raise your taxes to do it.
  9. nice one!
  10. I quit my 9-5 job last September 1 and I am paying for Cobra. It expires in March and I need to figure out what my next move is going to be.
  11. These were caught over the past few weeks.
  12. There are a few places to launch. On the southwestern side of the lake there are spots too. However, you may be disappointed with the fishing
  13. He is from Mass... so he is either a commie liberal or he is gay.... or both
  14. Congratulations Niffty..
  15. The left can only blame themselves for having this overturned. They could not leave the current abortion laws alone. They were not happy unless they could kill a baby that was crowning on the delivery table... and some wanted to kill the baby after delivery. My opinion is the extremism in this area is why the supreme court finally said... okay you wackos, we gave you an inch and you wanted a yard. Now we are setting you back a few years now.
  16. Tim After a couple of days, you get diminishing returns on how much more flavor the chicken will have. Hopefully your marinade did not have oil because it creates a barrier on the chicken. If you DO eat the chicken and something happens to you, I will make sure to maximize the sale of your fishing equipment to add to Carole's retirement fund.
  17. The Goose has been cooked... Former Raven and Colt player. I actually was fluke fishing with him over 12 years ago. Nice guy... R.I.P
  18. Were you wearing your bell bottom jeans on that scale??
  19. yeah... when I had my Boston Whaler, he and I were drifting together for fluke out in front of Mantoloking. We drifted and talked for a good 30 min. Only saw him that one time.
  20. I used to make my own...
  21. That guy was paid by @Seal to attack the cop...
  22. I am sure you can teach him how to do it..
  23. 25 years ago... driving down Rt 18 with the family. Wife was driving and she was trying to get into the left lane. Car load of illegals just sitting there at 50 MPH at her driver's side rear wheel. She just said Fukkk it and cut the wheel to the left. Sent them into the grassy median which had not been mowed in a month. Grass flying up over their front bumper and into their windshield. The look on their faces cannot be described.