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  1. I Dont have time to dedicate for a party boat. I will have frequent 1-2 hour windows of time to fish pulling the car over to the side of the road.
  2. Thanks.. will send you a PM.. much appreciated.
  3. has anyone tried a whopper plopper for snook or tarpon?
  4. with my travel rod. Will try pond/canal hopping, fishing some inter coastal waterways and also off of the beach. Mon-Fri Would love any kind local advice you would be willing to provide. Bait advice openly here and if you are willing to point me to a helpful direction them a PM would be great. Will be from West Palm all the way up to Hutchinson Island. When I am up there, I will have a chance to fish off of the beach. So, for example if you could pick three lures/baits to bring for fishing from the beach or bridges, what would they be? Thanks in advance
  5. The season sucked for me...without question.
  6. no, but I would give it a shot
  7. Was out back early this morning. Bait was so thick. Before switching to fluke, I tossed a paddle tail between some pilings and got two around 20"
  8. can you share a pic of her here and post her phone number?
  9. Taco Bell was one of my customers. I have been in their R&D kitchen in Southern California. Was working on a breakfast program with them. Tried to explain to them that their target customer is usually sleeping off their hangovers when breakfast is being served. I will sell to them, but I wont eat there.
  10. The defense played well. The offense will struggle until they fix the OL. They are looking at 8-8
  11. So sorry this has happened to you. Your little oasis ruined for now. Agree that it may come back. Take a look at whether the depth of the water is the same as before or whether a load of silt as come in. Agree with 55555's about jiggling the handle. You may need to lay down a few stones and or tree limbs to create some pools of water, etc. Maybe catch some small fish and relocate to them if it is legal where you are.
  12. I have caught them at the mouth of inlets too