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  1. Guitar and drums... very out of practice on the guitar. If you dont play often you lose it.
  2. crackheads watching Riddler ride in on his truck thinking... "damn, this guy is going to ruin the real estate values in the hood."
  3. if it is in a crack neighborhood... you can probably squat for free
  4. Just saw a huge buck in the woods behind the house. Really impressive rack. I thought he would have dropped them by now.
  5. glad to see other mortgage people in here... yeah this will not work with the FHA 203k for some of the reasons mentioned earlier. The other issue you may have Riddler is if the place has been destroyed with copper removed, you likely cannot get a certificate of occupancy which is what traditional lenders would require. You may be looking at hard money.
  6. ^^ yes those. if it takes you 20 min to install you are either completely drunk, have no legs and cannot reach the ceiling... or have some sort of other handicap
  7. Belmo... lighting is something I am extremely familiar with. I would not replace those bulbs like that. I would install new LED fixtures. Very simple and can be done in about 3 minutes each. You also need to make sure you are selecting the right color temperature. I would recommend 3500k for your kitchen. Do you have a dimmer switch on those lights now? If you do, you will likely need to replace it and get an LED dimmer that is compatible with the fixtures/bulbs. Otherwise, you may get some buzzing or humming. The initial cost on the LEDs is more than other bulbs or fixtures but they use 80% less energy and also last about 50,000 hours so they will eventually pay you back. * Those halogens you have are extremely hot.
  8. Is the seal from Massachusetts?
  9. I like her....
  10. On a serious note... Red may be the best sport of anyone here.
  11. Whatever gets me a scholarship and elected info office ....
  12. I had mine done a month ago and was afraid to share the results until now.... I found out that Red is my sister...
  13. I dont use any of those services... I book direct using rate codes, etc.
  14. This will likely drive the price of air travel up in the short term
  15. ha! no need to go to Alaska for that. She could have just ignored my PM! She didn't come to the fling this year Mike and I heard it was because you were coming too.