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  1. I would arrest her just to get her into some hand cuffs...
  2. so now it is bad to have a younger woman give you a hand job? If the women were older it would be better?
  3. that is what I do...
  4. Agree... for the first 100+ yards you will need to paddle. During low tide you may also need to get out and pull the kayak a bit.
  5. it is not just the TV shows.... even the commercials
  6. I used to love that show... but I swear they seemed to have more commercials than any other show. Have not seen it in about two years.
  7. Not only a great song but one of the best rock albums ever....
  8. nice fish guys!
  9. Those are called nostrils...
  10. then we are not allowed to BBQ... it creates pollution.
  11. I bet the roosters would sign up for that. Not much of a difference between male and female in any species
  12. i also have 2 Stihl chainsaws and the kombi system. I had a chain saw also from the early 90s. Back then, the thing probably cost $250. I sold it 4 years ago for $175.... incredible.
  13. speaking for myself, I said I prefer Stihl. That does not mean I "don't like" echo. My favorite topping on a pizza is sausage. Put a pepperoni slice in front of me and I will eat that too.
  14. I have the Stihl BR600 and love it. My first Stihl blower was purchased in 1991. I sold it in perfect working condition to buy the more powerful BR600. This thing is great, powerful and starts on the first pull even after sitting all winter. Now, they make the BR800. Every Stihl product I have owned has been amazing.