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  1. I really do not see that the problem is...
  2. I am going to make a few points in reply to some of the posts here.... Kaepernick Being Blackballed He was never blackballed. What you have are owners who are smart business people. They do not want a guy on their team who is going to create a distraction for the team and will divide half of the fan base. Ray Lewis got him a tryout with the Ravens. They were about to sign him when Colin's girlfriend started tweeting that the Raven's owner was a racist. Why is anyone surprised this guy is not on a team? The fact that people are looking at stats just shows they have no idea what the issue is with the guy. Kaepernick is NOT a Good QB IF he was a good QB, he would still be on the 49ers. When he started kneeling, he was already benched by that team. He was a backup for a team that was in one of the most liberal cities in the US. The people of San Francisco are not asking to bring the guy back either. While he was a starter and the team was winning games, I was saying he is not a good QB and he is just making a some plays with his legs. The truth eventually came out. The Tebow Signing is a Publicity Stunt He is an outstanding athlete and I think he COULD make some plays as a tight end. However, this is nothing more than a pre-season publicity stunt for the team and also for him. Why do you think the Jets brought him in a few years ago? He will not make it past the final cut and will not be on the roster for week 1. Teams have temporarily signed a lot of guys immediately after the draft ended and most of them will not be on the team in September. So, not sure what all of the hysteria is about.
  3. It is not just the NFL Frank. It is everywhere and the worst part is it starts with the teachers in the public school systems.
  4. bluefish will hit a hot dog if you rigged it with a hook
  5. Congratulations. Marriage is hard work...
  6. yeah I do get it but you can join that club once the kid get to high school
  7. I do not disagree with the author's idea that the wokeness needs to stop. However, it is hard to take a guy seriously when he spends $54k per year on kindergarten tuition. That in itself rivals the insanity he speaks of.
  8. Fort De Soto Park
  9. Word has it that Alex visited SOL... went into the PG forum and decided it was too dangerous
  10. Portland has been a lost cause for about 20 years. I essentially lived there for over 6 months 10 years ago flying in early Monday mornings and then out late Thursday nights. If there are no riots happening today, they are just taking a nap and getting recharged for the next riot or protest. That is all they do in that city. Most of these people do not have jobs and not only collect government welfare and assistance, but also take advantage of city benefits. The city is known for this and also for being a place where weird people are welcomed. These people are always angry and there is always someone else to blame for their "situation". So, all they need is another small excuse to set a building on fire tonight.
  11. How was the fishing? Will be heading down to Marco Island at the end of the week...
  12. Dont know how I do what? how old are you?
  13. I have the Pro Angler so I slide my tackle boxes under my seat. I really do not like having to twist myself into a pretzel to reach behind me to grab tackle.
  14. Any smart veteran cop would not try. After saying over and over again “drop the knife “.... he was just protecting the public
  15. Tim... wishing you the best no matter what the process or procedure. We just want you to get through this