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  1. When the police are being used as a weapon by a tyrannical government against its people, the people have the right to bear arms
  2. No.... that was not even their best song. This was...
  3. they didnt mock anyone... but you did not watch the entire video or if you did, you refused to see what was really happening
  4. I am wondering where the resident liberals are on this?
  5. lol... nah, I was probably thinking about someone else winning the 50/50. Sorry for the confusion...
  6. If a team put a bunch of stoned players on the field, they would not only lose but they would get blown out.
  7. yeah I saw it. Those drugs were helping his performance and not hurting it. Not sure how or why you cannot understand the difference and as to why a team would permit Romo to get on the field juiced and not allow a player to play stoned.
  8. Two points... 1. The team doctors are closely monitoring the drugs they are prescribing. If there is a chance that a player cannot be at his best mentally or physically then that player will not play. 2. I was placing myself in the shoes of the owners when I made my comment. BUT... since you said I was not paying.... I pay quite a bit for season tickets. I can pretty much say whatever the efff I want on the subject. I am basically paying the player in one way or another.
  9. There is no way that the NFL will or should permit the players to get high. 1. Even where smoking it is legal, it is considered to be a drug that impairs you which is why you can get charged with DUI while under the influence. 2. We all know players will walk into the locker room high if the league is not going to test for it. 3. Teams absolutely will begin to figure out who the stoners are on the roster and will begin to "weed" them out. 4. I would not want stoners on the field when I am paying them millions to make split second decisions which will in the end impact team revenue
  10. I have seen some people who are seriously not identifiable.
  11. yeah I think that was the only time I remember the room collectively "boo-ing"
  12. Seal's constant thread creation on the same topic has me virtually sold that he is paid to post this crap here. Then, can his posts be considered to be advertising in some way?
  13. yeah.. bring her so she can meet all of your gay fishing buddies...
  14. ok I understand... thanks. Meanwhile, did you really choke or were you able to get them down easily?