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  1. unfortunately... yes
  2. That is awesome Mike... i am volunteering to be your mate one day
  3. oh #321 up there was absolutely was my first post. I was not questioning Tom. I was questioning MYSELF. I intended to post when I saw the thread initially but never did. My own dementia got in the way.
  4. I thought I posted when this thread started... I wanted in. I guess it is too late
  5. Who made that trade with you? Are you in a league with the mentally handicapped?
  6. I have owned a few over the years and have had one fully developed for a while. Been trying to buy some domains from private owners and the whole process is just odd. Trying to find out who owns the domain like a detective. Then, if you can get to the person figuring out a price that makes sense without any real basis to come up with that price. There is no kelly blue book for websites. I sent about a dozen e-mails over the past couple of weeks and these individuals either dont respond or think their undeveloped web domain is worth a million dollars.
  7. Mike I am so sorry for your loss. This sounds slightly familiar. A few decades ago my family was close to another family. They had three kids and in my family there were three of us too. My parents and their parents were good friends before any of us kids were born. His wife got some kind of sudden brain disease or illness and within a couple of weeks she passed away. Her husband could not deal with it. She was the one that held everything together at home. My father was talking to him every day just like you were. My father went over to his house on a Sunday to talk with him in the morning. He said he would get some help. Later that day, he hung himself in the basement just like your friend did. It was not sudden as he had emptied some bank accounts and stuffed his pockets with the cash so his kids would not have to deal with trying to get the money out. I know it hurts right now but time heals.
  8. I just find it amazing how these individuals who have absolutely nothing somehow all decided AT THE SAME TIME to march RIGHT BEFORE the mid term elections. To carry all of the food, water and other supplies for their journey, each person would need to be carrying huge back packs ... but they aren't. Not to mention that if they had a month's worth of food and water in the first place then maybe they would not have left. We know the Mexican government is not funding this. I wonder what they will do when these people are turned away at the border.
  9. I would turn my house into a strip club... see how the neighbor likes THAT!
  10. Sudsy If you are in a PPR and he is healthy Breida is a decent start if you are thin at RB. Especially with the 49ers QB issues. A lot more running and dump offs to the back. Mostert is on IR and Morris is not effective. Something to consider depending upon their matchup.
  11. I would have wanted Brieda over Dez even before the injury.
  12. yeah you give the guy the benefit of the doubt and assume that he is unaware of what the discharge is doing to your property. That is why the first step is to walk him over and let him see it. Start out in a very respectful way with no attitude or negative tone. Let him decide whether it will get ugly. Don't be the first to go there.
  13. James... you need to just deal with your neighbor. Knock on the friggen door. show him what his hose is doing and tell him he needs to route it somewhere else. End of story. If that does not work that cap it in the middle of the night. It will all back up into his house..
  14. A couple of observations on these press conferences... 1. When Obama was in office, they were a lot more respectful. More like a butt kissing session. Now, Trump is not handling himself appropriately either. He is feeding the madness. 2. Not sure why they hand a microphone to the reporters. The staff member should hold the mic so he/she can walk away with it when needed rather than have an arm wrestle over it.
  15. Hmmm yeah you have some tough choices there. Mike Davis is only a consideration if Carson is out. If you need the safe play then Cooper would be it based upon his targets last week.