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  1. Sure... they are absolutely plenty of considerate captains. However, there are also enough a-hole captains (including charter captains) who think they have the right of way simply because they are a charter to make it unsafe to be on a small craft. The guys on the PWC's may be the worst.
  2. Too many people on the water now who have the money to buy a watercraft but have no idea WTF they are doing. The boating class teaches them nothing.
  3. Yes to Layne Staley and Dimebag...
  4. No... the discussion is really about musicians who left us too early and who should still be performing.
  5. well, I was coming from grand rapids connecting through Detroit headed back to Newark. The Muslim community in Detroit is huge. We had armed military posted at our gate... ONLY our gate. Made us feel all warm and fuzzy about what was happening in OUR flight.
  6. I have been averaging 75-100 flights per year since 1995. I don't even know where to begin answering the original question... I guess the best one was a flight out of Detroit two weeks after 9/11. Will tell the full story at the next fling but I essentially almost attacked a guy who we all thought was about to hijack our flight.
  7. Glad you referenced this.. Randy was first on my list.
  8. Earlier this year I caught one that was 13 inches. Last year I had one at 11 inches.... I have been looking for big smallmouth and largemouth and even sized up the lures but still catching crappie with them
  9. I have been there about two dozen times and will be there this week... So many different restaurants in the area. Suggest staying with southwestern or Mexican cuisine while you are there.
  10. just repeat the other ideas. some of us cannot remember anything prior to yesterday
  11. No boat shall create an unsafe condition for another water craft.... regardless as to who is in a channel, etc.
  12. Will start it off with Van Halen's version of "You Really Got Me".... originally from The Kinks.
  13. 16 inch crappie today....
  14. The sheep are nervous too...
  15. I dont keep any of them anyway...