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  1. I can talk about racism all day long even though I am white. I was a minority in my second high school and although I had many black friends (and still friends with many of them today), I was the target of racist comments and acts back then. I cannot tell you how many times I walked down a street near the high school and dealt with some challenges from minorities who lived there simply because I was white. I just think it is ridiculous to think that only one group can be the target of racism.
  2. be careful... i hear those things can report whether you are fooling around with a cousin or some other close relative
  3. That is really the last thing we need... Better off just letting the looters take the entire spotlight on stupidity this time without sharing it with a group that the mainstream media will use to divert their focus onto.
  4. I think he is actually encouraging looting in nursing homes...
  5. In Freehold, people are being warned about impending violence and vandalism. They are telling residents to remove any American Flags because homes sporting those will be targeted. The fire dept also asked their firemen NOT to wear their uniforms in public fearing attacks. My 12 gauge is dusted off. Ammo ready to go. Baseball bats by every exterior door.
  6. Over the past two days, I received TWO requests from the NJ to complete a NJ State Firearms background check for two people applying for a firearms license.
  7. It takes a thread like this to actually expose people for who and what they really are.
  8. Right.. it is great to call for the destruction of the property of innocent people who had nothing to do with the incident. I wonder if you would be saying "burn baby burn" if somehow your home was randomly targeted and you had to watch this happen to you. ,,,,or the business of a close relative of yours who worked for decades to save enough $$ to start said business... only to watch it end in minutes.
  9. Why point to Russia and China? We have our own blue politicians who are doing the job of trying to take our own country down.
  10. Most of these riots are staged or arranged by those who need for them to happen.
  11. People usually don’t brag about buying a knock off unless they are really down on their luck.
  12. KK... I just thought of something. Make this thing even bigger. Offer an annual package which includes dog poop removal plus the 4x per year lawn treatment and flower bed weeding (1x per month) which everyone hates to do. People need to fertilize anyway and often pay a different company to do it.
  13. To KK... really sorry this is happening to you. A lot of good people who own small businesses are dealing with a similar situation. Wish you the best and I hope your business returns at some point. To the group... I think when this is over, there actually may be job opportunities. There will be many people who will get too comfortable sitting at home collecting the unemployment check. This will leave jobs for those who truly want and need them. For employers who had to lay off people - this presents an opportunity to re-hire people who may be a better fit for what you are looking for. You do not have to invite back the person who was often late to work and did not take the job seriously. There will be plenty of people out there who can be an asset to you.
  14. Fished for about two hours this evening. Some crappie, yellow perch, pickerel, one LMB and this hybrid. This fish was not big but it fought like it was 4-5 lbs. it was peeking line.
  15. I am going to listen to the opinion of about 8 veteran police officers before I listen to a Dinghy on a fishing forum.