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  1. Riggggghhhhht ..... Whenever these claims are made against celebs, I am always skeptical.
  2. Money can absolutely buy you SOME happiness. Here is why.. For many people, they are in a job that is absolutely miserable. High stress and it can often ruin your home life too when you are constantly worried about work. Most people keep this type of job because they need the income. If you had enough money where you could afford to take a job that you would actually enjoy but with lower pay, then yeah you would absolutely be happier.
  3. I have verizon and went to Japan last month. The day before I left, I switched to the Unlimited Ultimate plan which was going to cost me $25 per line (per month) more than what my current plan was. Then, upon returning I switched to the Unlimited Welcome plan which saved me money versus my original plan. I was gone for two weeks and there were four of us, so I only had the more expensive plan for those two weeks and it cost a total of an incremental $50.
  4. you could have used some coffee the night you knocked over the thing in front of Bum's
  5. once high tide rolls in, that boat is in perfect position to hold some fish
  6. We should put all of these people on Epstein Island with no way to get off. They can fend for themselves, kill each other...whatever.
  7. Wives force their husbands to do this stupid ****.. Just put the damn furniture in the shed.
  8. That grill was useless. I cannot tell you what I had to do two years ago to keep it hot. I would rather put something together on top of the stove.
  9. Agree...and it makes a difference when the drag is consistent throughout the spooling process
  10. Derrick, are we still able to use the stove top in the kitchen?
  11. yeah i love fantasy football. tried to get a league going in here a few years ago but did not get enough people who were interested to put a league together.
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