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  1. I’m sponsored (have family back in LI) so am good to go. Going to walk to my spot tomorrow because paperwork isn’t back yet. Thanks all!
  2. Do you still need a night fishing permit if you are walking into where you want to fish? This would be in Tobay.
  3. Are Tobay non-residents allowed to night fish during the weekend if you have the night fishing permit? What about if you just walk in to a fishing spot that is not a beach?
  4. I'm going striper fishing this weekend and I am swapping the trout gear out of my bag in favor for the ol' line siders. I pack a ton more for trout fishing than I do for stripers. I probably overdue it for trout, but I like to have all my bases covered as I don't have too much time on the water. Here's my list, what's yours? Trout/SMBass Flies (streamers/nymphs/dries) Floatant-desicant Floatant-gel replacement leaders euro leader sink tip tippet rings (back up to rebuild a euro leader for critical failure) hemostats (2) bobber NZ wool bobber snips tippet 0-6x net (i usually hand or beach so not always) line spool (to collect spent line) Rock Bass Flies (Poppers / streamers) Leaders (just spent trout leaders) Pliers 20 lb test stripping basket Hook sharpener line spool (to collect spent line) No boga grip because I'm not a wuss (aka careful with blues and don't catch big stripers).
  5. If I'm fishing a beach or walkable area, my general strategy is to first focus on spots that I've mapped out, then if nothing is happening I like to walk the area casting every 2-5 ft. My theory is that if you're moving there's a better chance that you'll encounter a moving set of fish than if you stay put and keep changing tactics. Does anyone have an approach that they like?
  6. Anyone have a good pic of how they pattern kold kutters on the bottom of felt inserts for korkers?
  7. Nice depressing thread. As others have said it, the future is now where wild fish is a luxury. Even aquaculture at current practices, probably won't support demand in a sustainable way. Too much taken from the wild to support the aquaculture industry. Alternatively, there are genetically engineered options (ticker:AQB) that reduce inputs (think commercial fishing for fish meal) that have yet to overcome the GMO stigma. Unfortunately, the solution (if it exists) will probably rely on a blend of regulations and advancement in aquaculture. Wild fish will never be "cheap", the best we can hope for is available and sustainable. Available for consumption at a much lower level than what is currently happening both on the C&R and commercial fisheries. The way we consume has to change or there will be nothing left.
  8. I couldn't find the previous discussion on TA clips. I just joined the TA fly clip club. What knot does everyone use to tie the clip to the leader? Youtube seems to think a clinch or improved clinch is fine. I can't really refute that. I heard on a podcast that the pro bass tourney anglers use the palomar knot. I tend to apply the KISS approach to fishing, so if clinch works for most, it'd probably work for me.
  9. Snow took out my current boat cover….. RIIIIP…. Thanks for all the good ideas. I’m going to try the 2x4 route once the weather clears. I’m living the blue tarp life until a new cover comes in.
  10. I'll take the airflo cold water intermediate.
  11. Is the kayak still for sale?
  12. Take a video of yourself. Then you will realize where your breakdown is. Then try to correct it. Practice makes permanent, perfect practice makes perfect form. Throwing streamers, dries, salt water, sinking lines, etc. all require a general tweaking in your cast. Focus on one fundamental (accuracy, then distance) then you will be in a better place. I have not taken any formal lessons, but did learn how to cast from what I would consider a very good caster.
  13. I've got a 16 ft drift boat. I keep my boat outside of my house covered with a boat cover. Usually once per year during the winter my boat cover sags and water accumulates and eventually allows water into the boat. This year it was a snow - followed by a quick rain that cause a weighty slush situation on the boat cover to cause the sagging. It's not a major deal since the boat is fiberglass and with no mechanics and it just drains out, but it's a pain in the ass re-snugging the covers while getting doused with freezing rain. I've tried the boat poles as support, but the drift boat I have has a weird shape and it still results in some pooling on the boat cover. I've also tried using an inflatable tire under the cover to prop up some sagging areas which works pretty well, but doesn't cover the full area of the boat. Does anyone recommend a boat support system (essentially PVC piping arching over the gunnels to support the boat cover)? Any other suggestions for a weird shaped boat?
  14. I'm interested. Could you upload pics? Also am in DELCO, so probably could drop by as well to see it.
  15. Offer: $175 shipped.