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  1. Abab thanks for the response but that’s not what I’m looking for; the weights I have require a 2inch collar
  2. Thanks for the offer... I’m gonna pass on the drive though
  3. I’m in Western Suffolk County, NY
  4. Ferret is correct ! There are almost zero available anywhere unless you want to drop $500+ And even then shipping times are several weeks.
  5. Looking to buy a 7ft Olympic Barbell 20kg (45lbs) 28mm diameter Looking to spend $100-$200. Minimal contact pick up prefer to pay via Venmo or PayPal. located in central south shore on Long Island
  6. good luck going down there this weekend, let alone on sunday...gonna be swamped with everyone getting the pass last minute. I'd try to sneak in during the week to avoid the madness. If the weekend is the only time you can get down there...well GodSpeed to ya
  7. This is somewhat off topic but i think pretty related and i didnt see it referenced in the thread. I do not have a hobie but was thinking about picking one up, but my assumption was that if you wanted to go backwards you just peddled in opposite direction ? Is that not the case, can you only propel yourself forward with the pedals in the mirage drive ?
  8. is this a rac a rod ? or an actual rod vault (denver outfitters?) Also does it come with a lock and key? I'd just like to do some due diligence before potentially making an offer.
  9. Would you be willing to ship ? Or visiting LI anytime soon ?
  10. Last shot at this... anyone on LI willing to part with one
  11. Any long islanders willing to part with a 10 ft XSRA 1205-2 ?
  12. Is this a 1 piece or 2 piece? and would you be willing to ship to Long Island ? Any additional photos of the guides and specs on the rod? Very interested
  13. Thanks John... I think I'm gonna wait to see if the 1205-2 10 footer pops up
  14. Hey John anyway you can post the pics in the thread and provide your price ? I think using pm's before the sale is made is frowned upon
  15. John you got pictures and what's the price your looking for ?