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  1. This is a long thread! Has this Power Skiff popped up through the years on this thread? Located in Chatham MA. Guy’s looking to get rid of it so going to make an offer as long as everything looks decent. Plan to make it into a flats skiff
  2. Same question here
  3. This has probably been asked a million times but I can't find a good answer for this. I'm getting a Topwater 120 and I'm trying to find the best system for 1) loading the kayak onto the roof, and 2) securing the kayak onto the roof of my SUV. I have crossbars installed already. Everytime I find a seemingly good product I find some terrible reviews about it. What are people using for wide heavy SOTs to car top? I like the looks of the Yakima handroll system with Deckhands on the front but that too get's some bad reviews.
  4. Last price drop to 400 if no trades available
  5. Looking to buy a pedal kayak. Let’s see what you’ve got. Located in southeastern MA
  6. The price is great for this boat if you order direct. I’ve been researching this one a bunch too. Curious to hear your thoughts when you get it out on the water
  7. Pictures. Like new condition.
  8. Price drop to 450 shipped
  9. Well that one went right over my head
  10. It’s 7’ tall and 68” wide including the weight racks. Yup, the bench lays flat.
  11. I have a TFO pro II for 100 shipped. or a BVK that’s used for 175 shipped. 9wts.
  12. A fortune. Probably not worth it.
  13. Open to trades too