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  1. Hopefully we get those inshore haddock moving in in the next few days. Would be a huge bummer if they don't show this year.
  2. Anyone finding haddock inshore yet? Blanked first few trips and didn't want to make the run way up or East.
  3. I would think it would crush spawning and post spawn largemouth in shallow. Acts similar to an unweighted senko on the drop
  4. Thanks, there was a thread last year about cape cod bay haddock not opening until later, and anyone fishing in cape cod bay for haddock was “poaching”. I’ll see if I can find the thread.
  5. Can somebody clarify something for me? Does this include the haddock fishery inside Cape Cod Bay? Or is this only Haddock fishing in state waters? If so, when does the "inshore" haddock fishery open up?
  6. Is this the newest version of the jacket? does it run big?
  7. That’s so cool. Congrats to your grandson. He seems like a fishy kid
  8. 3 Cabo 40s NIB still available. Last reduction. $160 shipped. $400 for all 3
  9. Sorry decided to keep the other one. Thanks. Closing.
  10. 50 sold to @Inthewash0181
  11. Reduced, won’t go lower than this. All brand new never fished in box. Prices shipped $170 for the 50 $165 or the 40s
  12. Thanks not willing to go that low
  13. One last bump
  14. Bump