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  1. Wait, I thought everyone on this site was an MD. Guess not
  2. Ha thanks I’ll need it! First one
  3. I thought so
  4. Oh these bones were well bled and iced.
  5. Whelp, the big brain of SOL has spoken. Probably a no go. The wife gets chicken tonight.
  6. Caught some bonito and brought them home to my preggo wife and now we’re questioning whether or not she can eat it. Looks like skipjack tuna is lowest in mercury for tuna but not sure if skipjack and Atlantic bonito are the same fish. Any insight here? She may be eating chicken breast while I have a double portion of bones
  7. Definitely a blue. Had some blues take bites like that last night.
  8. Agawam Mill is loaded. Biggest darts I've ever seen.
  9. Yup, Coug City
  10. Yeah do not go to Waterfront. Anna's is the best. Great greek food, pizza is awesome. Good seafood too. We're spoiled.
  11. Oh definitely. Cougar repellent must be worn at all times when entering that establishment.
  12. Woods for fried seafood, takeout style or eat in. East Bay for sit down, a little pricey though.
  13. When they've gotten on those pogie schools they want nothing but a snagged pogie.
  14. Thanks for the info. We're renting a car. I'll check out that business. Hearing that the blues are still there in big numbers. Hoping we can target them on the fly.
  15. I would but we already rented the house in Oak Bluffs. Definitely trying to get to the Hooter, we'll see what the wind does.