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  1. Seconded on Bill Hurley Sand Eels. My absolute confidence lure when I'm not throwing the fly.
  2. I have a pretty much brand new TFO Professional II I could do for 100 shipped.
  3. Some nice fish Capt. Looks like a bluebird day out there too.
  4. Just recorded a podcast with some of the organizers. Should be a great time.
  5. Anyone with a haddock report? Heading out for them tomorrow. Are they up on the bank yet? Hearing that they were at some inshore spots the pst week.
  6. Can you do 360?
  7. Yes, probably! We just did a great podcast about this as a follow-up to the trip I posted about a while back. I wonder if I could post it here? Admin or moderator?
  8. Any pictures ? I’m interested
  9. WTB a 10wt reel. Any price point as long as it's a good deal. Thanks, could be interested in backing and a line if on the reel.
  10. Initial reports were that she died during childbirth? I think I remember seeing that. I wonder what their lifespans are. Also wondering if this one of the whales that was hanging off of Plymouth for a few weeks last summer. Really sad stuff.
  11. Sure, deal.
  12. Respectfully offer $180 Paypal
  13. How old is the rod? Do you know when it was built? Thanks
  14. Black Rose is Capt. Rich Antonino. I've heard great things about him. Tipping is 20%
  15. Floated the entire length of the Wareham River a few days ago. Only saw a few herring. Did see a bunch by the ladder the day before so may have just been an off day