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  1. Never thought about a floating squid popper pattern. Amazing how fast squids skim across the surface when being pursued by bass.
  2. Show season is tough for me. I feel like I have everything I could possibly need, then I walk through those doors and I just have to make a big purchase. I think I just like the feeling of owning a shiny new thing. Would like to upgrade my 10wt this year, currently using a St Croix Imperial and a behemoth. Also need a new intermediate line for my 9wt to fish from the boat. A spare spool for my older 4/5 Ross Cimmaron would be nice but I can't find one anywhere. It doesn't help that I have three very expensive hobbies. Just bought a Martin acoustic that I've wanted for a very long time. Need new irons and a driver... Just got a puppy and we have to feed him the expensive food, per my wife. Help.
  3. I like my BVK, have a 5wt and a 9wt. Broke my 9wt last year on a cast. Good thing TFO has an excellent warranty
  4. That’d be great
  5. We loved it. Bringing the pup next time. Would love to check it out when the weather gets warmer. I didnt see that one! Must have missed it
  6. Thanks, got some snow too. I’ll report back.
  7. Finally got here! My wife is enjoying herself. What does everyone recommend for cans? Definitely Julius and Haze.
  8. Yeah I ordered a few different colors. Oranges, tans, reds. We'll see how they come out.
  9. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much. Just made my order. Should be tying a few this weekend.
  10. Reviving this dead thread because I need to tie up a few of these! Great looking fly. Trying to place an online order at the bears Den and I can’t find the correct zonker color combo. Any tips?
  11. Congrats, BFD. This is great. Can't wait to see you out at that pond in the State Forest after the spring stocking.
  12. I have an Orvis one with insect repellent built in. It’s the real deal. I use it during all seasons This was brought up in a previous thread last or two years ago and lots of people were bashing it. Happy to see sentiment has mostly changed. Agreed that the skull ones are lame but you can’t deny their benefits. Only issue is that they do fog up my glasses. I have wide lense Smith’s so maybe I’ll go smaller frame next time and it will help.
  13. Second Capt Dave Bitters comment. Great dude and super passionate. Did a podcast with him a little while back
  14. I’m in with my buddy.
  15. Looks like a good boy! Congrats. We just rescued a lab mix from AR. Sorry I can't be of help with the transportation questions.