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  1. Wareham run should be very soon I would think.
  2. 8k size in any of the reels mentioned is a good bet. Odds are you're never going to hook a tuna in the CCC. Gosa 8k is a sweet reel, go with that. Spinfisher Vs were on sale over at West, I think the 8k was around a hundred bucks. That's a steal if they still have them in stock.
  3. Baitrunner adds weight, tougher to maintain, and as mentioned, the 12 is huge for the canal. Buy any of the others folks in this thread are recommending. Unless you're trolling us. Then, the 14k Baitrunner will be great for drifting live pogies for cruising sailfish. East running tide only though. Full moon.
  4. Ended up being a decent show. More traffic than I thought it would get. Lots of freshwater but some good saltwater booths.
  5. Hey cool Seven Stripes sticker
  6. Now that's a pretty sight! I need to restock. Just finished up my stock last week.
  7. You’ve absolutely got that right
  8. Anyone seen scout herring? Thinking we're very close to this.
  9. I guess I should specify that it’s not the plier function that stops working, it’s the braid cutting function. Reading this thread, I’m leaning toward just using the little pairs of cheap scissors to cut braid and sticking with a good plier for other uses
  10. Yeti and Daisy the rescue labs. Just a couple doofus dogs.
  11. We'll be there. Not sure what to expect of it. But if you're going come say hi to us at the Seven Stripes booth
  12. Seems to be a climate trend. Everything is pushed back a bit. March has been the worst month the past few years.
  13. I, like most of you, find myself going through a half dozen pliers/braid cutters throughout the season. Cause of death is usually corrosion and cutters that won't cut braid after a few weeks of use. What is everyone using? Cheapies that you keep replacing? Worth it to buy the expensive ones once? Or do you keep the braid cutting and hook removing duties for two separate tools? Just bought a $10 small pair of coated superline cutters. We'll see how this goes.
  14. Agreed, I'd like to hear more about this.
  15. Saw a nice flock of robins in my neighborhood that I haven't seen all winter. March tomorrow.