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  1. I’ll get you some pics tomorrow. It’s a green blank. Probably bought it in 2016. Never used a whole lot so should be in good condition. It’s a 9’ 4-piece
  2. I've got a 5wt TFO BVK I could do 175 for shipped.
  3. Knock on wood, but the striper fishing started to get really good last year around the backside and down to Chatham. And so far this year it's been excellent, considering it's only the end of May. Interesting (but small) sample size is the winning Cheeky Schoolie tourney team from this past weekend got I think 116" (4 biggest fish combined). Past 4 or 5 years I think it's hovered around 100". And if you know anything about this tournament, you know the amount of people that fish out at Chatham for it. Again, this really doesn't tell us anything. But last year we got into really good stripers and blues all the way down the backside to Monomoy starting around Mid-June through the end of the season. We can only hope the stock is improving. The lack of sand eels so far is a bit concerning though...
  4. Spoke too soon. Monomoy Coffee is closed and replaced with a new coffee place. Hopefully I can still use my Monomoy Coffee refill cup to get free cold brew
  5. Jumpin Minnow
  6. Interesting. I guess the bite I’ve found has been very localized. And come to think of it, all of the blitzing happens well offshore so any type of shore blue action would be a rarity. We get them inside the Three Bays occasionally but it’s mostly a few miles off the power plant down to the East End.
  7. So weird to hear the lack of bluefish for people last year. Past two years for blues have been incredible for me. Springtime and then again late summer they were down in Buzzards. Some great blitzes in August of nothing but bluefish. Plymouth area was loaded with big bluefish starting in August through end of October. Every time I went across the way to RP or down the backside I found blues too. Definitely seems like we're back in the age of the bluefish again.
  8. Went from quiet backwater stripers to monster springtime blitzes this weekend over the course of a few tides. Fun times. Finally.
  9. No sorry, lowest I can go is $140
  10. Bump reduced to 240 each
  11. Baitrunner reduced to $140
  12. Good advice up top. Especially in summer, focus on low light conditions—get out well before the sun comes up and stay after it goes down. Make sure to have a lights and all safety equipment.
  13. I was going to fish this morning until I checked the weather. Real feel of 27. No thanks.
  14. I just want to say that I really appreciate the clear, facts-driven dialog that many posters in this thread bring to this forum. It makes the loonies much easier to identify and ignore completely.
  15. We did well in Upper Buzz Bay Sunday. Got like 10 keepers or so. A few 20" plus