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  1. Sounds good. PM info when you get a chance
  2. Kindly offer $120 picked up in Queens
  3. I have an ODM 11' rated 1-5 in good condition if you want to trade. Located in Queens NY
  4. It's very comfortable as I have large hands. Here is a pic of a 33" bass caught this morning with the Suzuki UL 9'6
  5. Picked up the 9'6 UL for fluking a few weeks ago and landed a bunch of blues to 15lbs, bass to 12lbs and a multitude of fluke and searobins. Love the rod so far!
  6. Nice pick up Harry. Sold mine in the past and regret it.
  7. Mix crushed garlic, olive oil, few drops of menhaden oil and gelatin. Cheaper and extremely effective.
  8. I have an ODM Genesis rated 3/4-4. $250 Picked up in NYC
  9. Kindly offer $230 shipped without the braid.
  10. That's the best I can do. Good luck with the sale
  11. Ill cover the PP fees.
  12. Kindly offer $150
  13. Care to PM the info of that distributor? Mine broke at the tip
  14. Chocolate with some very weedy spots
  15. Fake. Water at low tide (which seems to be on the pic) will expose the tires on the Jeep.