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  1. Conditions looking good today. I hope someone is having a great time.
  2. This should change any minute. Water is still cold. Didn't get a tap yesterday in Central North Shores with bloodworms, clams and lures.
  3. Sorry for your loss and may he rest in peace. Stay strong my friend.
  4. Many anglers fish off the Carl Schutlz, north of 96th by the FDR and right around the 60's if you don't mind joggers asking questions about what type of fish you are catching. Bob Hill also known as the Yorkville Angler was a regular there RIP. Enjoy this video in memory of a great fisherman with a great personality.
  5. Think so?
  6. Keeper size fish still around and will most likely spend the entire winter with us.
  7. Certain braid brands perform better than others when the breaking point is a factor. 8 strand thinner lines are supposed to hit the market in the beginning of 2017. This translates to better casting distance and landing bigger fish with confidence. PS: Kudos on landing the 32lb fish.
  8. Still some fish to be had despite colder miserable weather upon us. 14 tiny bass this morning with a mix of two keepers.
  9. As you said this weather doesn't make it easier for us to be out there for countless hours. It has been an amazing season for those who saw the pattern. With that said, this weekend should be it for me.
  10. That's exactly where it is going. Jersey guys will have fun with the last body of fish until January.
  11. Come on now we're all adults here. No need to be carried away for some small fish big fish nonsense.
  12. Last week was epic in central south shores. The fish is on the move and the bite is slowing down further east. Mullet and spearing were thick.Fish should be in the New York Bight waters by now until the next blow. North Shore as Fkysully is where it all happened
  13. Bass and blues can be had from Raritan all the way to Nassau/ mid Suffolk. You just have to put the time and ENJOY fishing!
  14. Too early but you may get lucky with resident bass.
  15. Let's call it the "rendezvous" !