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  1. Looking for spinning reel for 6 - 8 lb test line (2000 or 2500 size). Want a smooth, durable reel. I'm considering the Stradic 2500, Pflueger Supreme XT 9235 or the Daiwa Team Advantage 2000 (TDA 2000). A few years ago I would have definitely leaned towards the Stradic but from what I'm reading and some personal experience the Daiwas have really improved recently. I have a Daiwa Capricorn now and I have no complaints except for its a little heavy. I also have a Daiwa SS1600 and while its a great reel, I want something smoother. Thanks, Mike
  2. Dan, I just picked up the MHX MB843 and the Seeker Inshore Lite blanks from Billy a few weeks ago. These two blanks would cover 99% of fluking situations. The MHX is extremely lightweight and will handle bucktails from 1/2 oz to maybe 3 oz. I built the MHX with American Tackle micro guides and mounted a Shimano Curado 200E5 on it. In total the rod and reel weighs less than 11 ounces . The Seeker will handle anything too heavy for the MHX. Mike
  3. Anyone use topwater for them? I have pickerel hit zara spooks a lot.
  4. My nephew would like to catch his first pike. I fish for bass and trout but have never targeted pike. Anyone have any tips on pike fishing in NJ? i.e., best lures, what type of leader is best (heavy mono or wire), area of lake to focus on? What do do if you get a follow but no hit? Thanks, Mike
  5. I used the guides from kingfisher a few years back and they were good but I'm wondering if anyone else has suggestions on good flyfishing guides in the area. Thanks, Mike
  6. Paypal sent.
  7. My trip in 2008 focussed on fishing. We went in early July to target Kings on a weeklong fly-in float trip on the Talachulitna River. After that week, we then drove from Anchorage down to Seward to do some halibut fishing. As was mentioned, the drive from Anchorage to Seward is amazing. We had no issues with mosquitoes in Anchorage or down on the Kenai Peninsula. HOWEVER, words cannot describe how bad the mosquitoes were on the float trip. To put it in perspective, if I were to go again, I would rather forget the raft oars than the bug spray! On your way back from Seward to Alaska, I would stop at the Kenai River and Russian River and try for some Sockeyes. We fished the Russian and ran into a grizzly with cubs but had no issues at all, we simply backed away from the river and let them pass. If I were to go back, I would limit my time in Anchorage and try to do as many unique trips as possible. The fly-in trips are unique. They have a day trip where you fly-in to wolverine creek and bear watch and sockeye fish that I wish I would have done. For only $100, or so, more dollars than a halibut trip you can do this trip. Halibut, while an experience and excellent eating, was pretty boring as far as fishing goes. You basically drop a hunk of bait down to the bottom with some lead and wait, then reel it up. The first week we were there it rained almost every day, I literally wore my waders and a rain jacket from the time I got out of my tent till the time I went to bed. The second week was pretty nice the whole time. We had days that where highs were in the high 40s and other days that were in the 80s. Make sure you get a good, breathable rain jacket. Mike
  8. Just cast them upstream and reel just fast enough to keep the line tight. As long as the stream is moving fast enough to keep you from snagging on the bottom, you should catch fish. I had good luck on most colors but generally use yellow, gold and orange and they work well. However, those are the colors I use so other colors could be as good or better. I usually hit the spot with a few casts from a rooster tail and if that doesn't work I switch to the trout magnets. I like a very flexible rod at 6' or longer and use 2 lb test most of the time.
  9. Matt Call me about meeting up. I'm in pa now so today would be best but I can meet another time Mike
  10. Matt, I'll take it if we can meet tomorrow. Please let me know.
  11. I went up in 2008. You will have a great time. We went in early July to target Kings on a weeklong float trip on the Talachulitna River. Unfortunately, this caused us to be early for the sockeye run on the Kenai and Russian rivers. For the sockeyes, most focus on the mouth of the Russian where it flows into the Kenai or further up the Russian. The basic rigs consists of a weight, split shots or a slinky weight, (legally must be 18"+ from the hook) and then a russian river fly (basic streamer with hook gap of 3/8" or less, by law). The fish aren't eating at that point so color of the fly should not matter, although there are many debates to that point. You simply flip the fly up river and use just enough weight to keep it near the bottom but not snagging. They call it "flossing" because the line goes through the fishes mouth and then when the current pulls the line past the fish, the fly gets pulled into the fished mouth and hooks it. I only fished the russian on our last day and it's really nice there, however, you will likely run into some grizzlies there so be careful and bring bear spray. We ran into a mother and cubs but we backed away from the river and let them do their thing and had no issues whatsoever. Where are you fishing for the halibut, Seward or Homer? Assuming you will first get your limit and then target other fish, ling cod, sea bass, yelloweyes etc..., try to bring a few diamond jigs with you. I was killing the fish with the one jig we had but then lost it in the rocks. If the Kenai is packed with guys going for sockeye and kings, you may want to target rainbows for a day instead. Lastly, if you are going anywhere aside from the Kenai area, check to see how the mosquitoes are in that area. Some places will make you suicidal in a matter of minutes if you don't have powerful bug spray on.
  12. Thats great news... I just ordered one last night. What line are you guys using on them? Did you remove the bearings and clean the factory oil out before using it? I read the reel casts significantly further after doing this. What IMX rod did you pair it up with? Thanks, Mike
  13. I mounted a section of 3/4 plywood with carpet over the back bench and attached rod holders right to the seat. Using a hole saw I cut straight through the plywood and aluminum. This also allowed me to mount a pedestal seat in the back now that the bench is rigid with the wood added. I also did the floors of the boat this way too. Makes the boat much more comfortable and quiet.
  14. Anyone selling a power wrapper? Thanks, Mike
  15. No flipping. Mostly throwing buzzbaits, spinnerbaits and crankbaits.