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  1. I have a soft trifold cover on my ram. No issues with water getting in.
  2. Top Row: JohnE, PASurfer, Bassholl Middle Row: Tagger, nebe, Bottom Row: keeperreaper I still have all of them tucked away somewhere except for nebe's which was donated to the fishing gods.
  3. Can you name the builders without using the search function? I remember 6 of the 7.
  4. Do you have the reel clamp for it?
  5. Happy Birthday
  6. 2, 7 & 8 are bombers as well. Don't remember the model. I haven't some of those since i was a kid looking in Dad's tackle box.
  7. Sad but true. Take care releasing the fish your catching, they are next years slot fish and breeders of future generations. Taking pictures of every fish you catch to post online doesn't make you good fisherman. Good fisherman rarely pictures because they don't need to.
  8. Right now, the fish being caught off the beach are small and tight to surf line so it really doesn't matter if your using 30 or 50 pound mono or flouro. Most fish are being caught on bucktails (night) or tins (day). I've also caught them on small swimming plugs and shads. I've tried top water as well but that bite seems to be dead right now. When you go out, be observant of wind, tides and time of day/night and keep a log. Patterns will evolve. Watch the wave action in front of you and cast to different parts of the waves, cuts, etc. it will take time but if your patient and putting in the time, you'll get it. When fishing, the speed of your retrieve is important. Tins and bucktails are typically fished just above the bottom with an occasional bounce.
  9. I’m on LI. Sweet seal. Good luck
  10. Where are you located?
  11. From what I been told by those who know a lot more than me, the issue is two fold. 1) The large breeder females have been decimated the last several years and there's concern that the remaining population is not large enough to grow or even sustain the population and 2) females in the 28" to 35" inch range are just stating to reproduce and having them removed from the population before getting a chance at breeding is counter-productive to rebuilding the stock. Combining 1 and 2 = catastrophe. If the new limit was 1 @ 35", at least females would have a chance to breed a few times before they could be removed from the population.
  12. I don't mind seeing them slid onto the sand for a short distance as long as they are quickly unhooked and released. I do it when I'm throwing a plug with trebles for my personal safety. The key is quickly get the fish under control (and I don't mean by stepping on them), remove the hook(s) without causing any undue harm and get them back into the water.
  13. We may still see a few days of them. As Mr. B stated, all the big bait seems to be past the outer bar right now. Without a southerly wind to help push the bait towards the beach, it will be mainly schoolies and cocktails on the south shore with a few decent fish mixed in.
  14. Let's release the schoolies quickly and with care. I'm seeing way too many pictures lately of sand covered schoolies on the beach or people keeping them out of the water for extended periods of time so they can post videos. These are our fish of years to come.