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  1. Reel type, size and even line choice can all play a factor. Take a look trough some threads in the forum regarding concept and cone of flight set ups. Concept is pretty much the standard these days. Also take a look at guide ring materials to get some info.
  2. This would be my list of things to discuss with a builder if I didn't know their work: Budget Intended use of rod Preferred length Lure weight range Blank options Reel to be used Reel seat type Line to be used Grip material Butt cap Butt length preference Fore grip length Guide materials & layout options Color schemes Decorative wraps
  3. That's another possibility as well. The issue most likely has to do with the number of guides and/or distance of the 1st guide to the reel. When casting bigger plugs, the line feels like its not flowing properly because you can feel the line out of the rod tighten, pull on the rod then break because of the tension. At first, I thought it may be the tip whipping around after casting but I can cast the same plugs on my spinning set up (same blank) without an issue. Since the reel works fine on other rods, that leaves the rod construction. While I could try a different reel, I really want to use the Calcutta on this rod for plugs and eels. Definitely, not a cracked guide. I had that happen on another rod and this is completely diferent. I bought this rod from someone who built it themself. So while it may have worked for them and their style of fishing, I need it to work for me.
  4. The other rods are heavier action and the first guides are at least 6” closer to the reel based on the measurements I just did. Im going to try Mike’s suggestion to see if what happens.
  5. I don’t think it’s a reel issue. Reel works great on other rods and is spoiled correctly but I won’t rule out anything. I’m using 50 lb stealth. Main line to swivel to 30” of 50 lb mono. I haven’t tried other reels in this rod yet since the Calcutta casts great on my other rods.
  6. 33” to the first guide. 1st guide is a 25. 7 guides and tip.
  7. Having a casting issue with a custom 11 foot conventional GSB1321M I bought a few years ago. Throws the lighter stuff (SPs, small metal lips, 1.5 ounce bucktails, etc.) fine with no issues but has issues with larger plugs. When I really lean into the cast with a large plug, something catches the line and the plug snaps off. I don't think it's the reel because I've used it on other rods without an issue. It's hard to tell what's going on because it happens at the beginning of the cast before I can get a good look at what's going on. Could it be the 1st guide is too far out and the line is building up behind it? Could it be the rod tip whipping to much? I'm at a loss to even know where to begin looking. Rod is GSB1321M paired with a Calcutta 400. I'll can get some measurements and number of guides tonight if it helps.
  8. I only used it for white or red cedar pencils. Better surface to paint and helps toughen the wood for when the blues are around.
  9. Still available?
  10. IMHO, there is never a bad time to fish eels when bass are in the area. Yes, the blues love them too and can quickly ruin a night you were planning on throwing nothing but eels. There are plenty of threads on storing and fishing eels here. Just do a search and I'm sure you'll find enough info to get you started.
  12. Yes I have! LOL
  13. Thanks!
  14. Does anyone know if the plastic sheeting used to shrink wrap a boat is just regular polyethylene sheeting?
  15. Looking for any thoughts or suggestions to recreate the look and feel of my old Lew's Fuji Speed Stick. The guide wraps seem straight forward (brown w/ white trim bands) but have no idea what to do with the butt wrap. I'm also considering not doing one and trying to create a decal similar to the old rod labeling. Thoughts?