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  1. If it was only that easy. Stupid people never take responsibility for their actions.
  2. Unfortunately there are a few who do need a babysitter and ruin it for rest of us. Can’t really blame the state because all it takes is for one person to get hurt or die. Then, it’s shut down forever. No such thing as a stupidity clause in the law.
  3. Who did the upgrade to Vsx components. I’d like to do this myself.
  4. Thanks for the information.
  5. Just wondering what you guys think about under wraps on Fuji k guides. Looking to start both a 9’ & 11’ build soon.
  6. The white with orange belly looks like one of mine from a swap we did here in SOL. BTW, the one I kept for myself from that batch is hanging in my office. It has several 20’s to its credit.
  7. Reel came in today’s mail. Hoping to get out with it this week. Thanks again JLH!
  8. Thanks JLH. Payment and address PM'ed.
  9. I’ll take it without the clamp. Can you do $90?
  10. Do you have the rod clamp? If you do, I offer $90 via PayPal shipped to Long Island.
  11. All great builders.
  12. Could be a Habs? Looks like his tail wrap.
  13. It’s a Habs-wannabe
  14. Thanks for replying. Same colors but,the finish on the original ones were different then the current production. Im looking for the old ones.