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  1. Currently using an Abu 7000 on a 1361m with 65 lb. spiderwire stealth. Plenty of casting distance and no shock leader needed. Im looking for a second reel to be used as a backup or for guests.
  2. What’s your thoughts on using a squall levelwind for chunking off the beach (8-n-bait)? What size would be comparable to an Abu 7000?
  3. Homemade from Salty kits?
  4. Sounds like your doing everything right. Just tighten the clamp enough to keep the reel from moving. I put a small piece of shrink wrap over the cork for al little extra cushion. Not sure if makes any real difference.
  5. Son's room completed! The only thing needing flooring at this point is the hallway linen closet. Then, I need to do moldings, closet doors in two rooms, and touch up the paint. To my surprise, the house and walls were relatively square.
  6. Looks real nice
  7. Progress Photos... Master Bedroom (almost complete except for a few rows and closet) and daughter's room (complete). Son's bedroom, 2 closets and remainder of Master bedroom to go. FYI, the door to the Master Bedroom is on a funny angle and that's why the flooring looks crooked passing through. Then molding, touch up paint, etc., etc., etc.
  8. Try Moore's Lures. You have to call to order but they lots of good stuff. Their pikie lips are the best around.
  9. IMHO $75 is fair since I would need to put a new handle on ($20-$25). I know some would use it as is but I would change it out. Let me know if you change your mind.
  10. Can you do $75 via Pay Pal shipped to Long Island?
  11. Ben, I had to remove the weather-stripping from the bottom of the door to get it to clear the floor. And it just clears. Now that the weather is somewhat stable, a little air movement shouldn't hurt anything. Storm door will keep out any rain. The new front door and storm has been ordered and should come in about 1-2 weeks. They will install it as well since I don't want to mess it.
  12. Hallway and Living Room progress. Hallway complete. Living complete except for the 1-1/2 rows that go under the radiator. Still need to figure out some of the transitions. I'll probably just use hickory transition strips that match the flooring.
  13. Thanks. Please let me know.
  14. Do you have the rod clamp?
  15. Thanks for all the advice. I’ll update with pics after I get some down. Looking forward to having a real floor instead of plywood.