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  1. *
  2. Did you get to poop in the ladies room in this church while in Paris... if not hopefully one remains for the old bucket list...
  3. Yo that is not an improperly grounded outlet... that is more like the nuclear submarine fire in Portsmouth. I hope someone tells us again why America needs to be more like Europe
  4. We haven’t heard anything about the refugees running anyone over in France for a while, have we? I heard France forced them all to get jobs in construction trades or face deportation.
  5. You got beat. Go to sleep
  6. Smh. You don’t know anything about our foundation so please don’t start trying to get involved with that.
  7. I think that statement contains quite a bit of white privilege. You need to do something to be less toxic, it’s horrible for the rest of us and Frankly it’s disgusting. I for one one have made sure I don’t use any toxic privilege, and it’s disgusting to read those that do. Clean it up!
  8. Oh the crazy
  9. And you are?
  10. No it doesn’t preclude it from being a form of government. But if it were(franks so dumb, um easy example... eh something dude can understand... ehhh) if you order ice cream it would be like chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream. It’s still a government made up of the people now that crap you want us to import from Venezuela is like that nasty yogurt ice cream that nobody likes. So maybe a couple classes in government will clean this place up. Like an sol satellite course for idiots
  11. The fact that our federal government is a friggen republic is the thing your argument begging self can’t deal with. Is this the underlying angst that keeps you so angry? Deal with it in an appropriate manner, don’t harm anyone or yourself. It’s worth waiting and reading up on.
  12. Okay post facts next time
  13. Awesome... you cant learn
  14. No. You can go take a college course on American government and maybe make it easier on everyone
  15. No you are calling a tomato a vegetable. Where you ignore it for a long time and then finally I say ‘hey man listen to you, don’t talk to me about photosynthetic viability in vegetables then point at tomato’s and talk about how stupid everyone is. go get the education