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  1. Yes buddy. Thanks for that. I will end up seeing this jealous person sometime this summer. I promise this. He won’t be manipulating the situation this time for sure. I was just to nice. Thanks for taking time out to read that.
  2. So true fish the Hudson up by rockland county every year since im 5 minuets from the river so I get to go almost every day at least for a few hours
  3. Your so right didn’t think in that way. When it comes to fishin I’m always happy to tell others were the fish are. Yes your right and I’m sorry. Plus I figured it was end of season but obvious wrong again so I truly am sorry and that spot burn won’t happen again
  4. I like using the green ones. This way I catch more of the green striped bass
  5. Do you mean closed for fishing?
  6. Spot burn meaning closed for fishing?
  7. In the spring summer I’m always on the south beach’s of Long Island and Montauk fishing with lures. I love fishing with lures. Then in the winter months Jan thru May. I’m fishing in the * Hudson River. Difference there is only bloodworms work. No lures there. Also north of the George Washington Bridge law states keeper sizes are as follows, 18 to 28 is keeper. Also only 1 fish per day if your going to keep it. EPA is always around so be cool and follow the law. I release all my fish unless a fish swallowed the hook and there not going to make it. I will not let it go to waste. They do that cause the pregnant females are usually over 28 inch’s and those ladies drop about 3500 eggs so you get the picture. It’s only 5 minutes from were I live so I get to fish almost everyday for a few hours. So if anyone has nothing to do in the cold days of winter and wants to fish. See you at the pier. No lures just bloodworms. You get to drive on the pier and park your car where you fish. You need a permit to park on the pier or park for free out at the lot then walk a mile. Don’t forget to register for your NY state salt water fishing. It’s free. The parking permit is 125 in state and 175 outta state which you can pick up in piermount town police station. Good luck and o yeah. DRESS WARM lol. I never NOT tell people were the fish are. It’s up to you to know how to catchum. No secrets here. Good luck and have fun fishing.
  8. I have one and yes came apart. Also was paranoid about my lures or bucktails coming out the side holes on outside flap. Yes I lost 4 of my lures on a fall out in Montauk. Got up outta the water and realized they were gone good by so I wouldn’t even consider buying another. That’s just my opinion. Spend the money and get a good bag. We spend good money on lures and want them for safe. I now have an ODM bag which I love. Check out my review on it on you tube. I’m Mr. Poseidon
  9. Sweet!
  10. Your so right gave up about 5 years ago and never there anymore. Find me at Demo now and much better there by far. By the way the profile pic you see up is the last time I fished field 6
  11. Yes that’s BS. Fishing there for 25 plus years and never an issue and what homosexuals would ever want to mess with a fisherman knowing the kind of gear they carry. I’m never without my 12 inch knive plus countless other s**t that would make them think twice about messing with me.
  12. Hey buddy. Literally just back from Montauk NY. Had a great couple of days! During the day I heard they were catching stripers in the open beach’s. No real structure just sandy beach’s which is a treat if you don’t like rocky waters. The rocky areas or structured areas were not really productive last couple of weeks for me but the open beach’s have been. Ok on to the buck tail. Plenty of ways to fish the buck tail as sandbar1 states but just get out there with a 1 ounce buck tail and you should be good to go. You never know until you try. Now me fishing the open beach’s I casted out there far as I could get it and were the waves were breaking I got the buck tail just behind them which is good for me. I let it drop a bit then I retrieved slowly and would snap the tip lightly every few turns on the reel. I was scoring like crazy! From 3pm until sundown 530pm basically. I caught 10 with countless hits. Also sizes ranged from 21 inch’s to just missing a keeper at 27. Was super fun and enjoyed every minute. Hope that helps a bit. I’m fishing 35 years. I’m not a pro by far but I love to fish. Good luck my friend. Let’s us know how you did buddy. Now go cast that buck!
  13. Hey just got in my personal license plates. Loveum!
  14. I work with local 94 operating engineers. Just made my 25th year. I was at my job at WTC that day Sept 11 2001. I was one of the very lucky people to make it out that day. I lost 2 of my co workers that day. It’s a day I will never forget. God bless America.
  15. Hello fellas and ladies. I’m a surf fisherman all my life, so here I am anxiously waiting for our fall run and always ready to take advice and tips. I want to be prepared so getting ideas is a plus! Just don’t tell me were the fish are lol. Rod sizes, Reels, lures, bait, line, waders, wetsuits, how you stay warm, boots, korkers, etc etc etc you get the picture. Some of you guys are true pros on the surf, so pls tell me how you do it?