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  1. Hey just got in my personal license plates. Loveum!
  2. I work with local 94 operating engineers. Just made my 25th year. I was at my job at WTC that day Sept 11 2001. I was one of the very lucky people to make it out that day. I lost 2 of my co workers that day. It’s a day I will never forget. God bless America.
  3. Hello fellas and ladies. I’m a surf fisherman all my life, so here I am anxiously waiting for our fall run and always ready to take advice and tips. I want to be prepared so getting ideas is a plus! Just don’t tell me were the fish are lol. Rod sizes, Reels, lures, bait, line, waders, wetsuits, how you stay warm, boots, korkers, etc etc etc you get the picture. Some of you guys are true pros on the surf, so pls tell me how you do it?
  4. Hey were they taken from you or just dropped in water? Sorry to hear either way.
  5. Sweet catch!
  6. Lol. Hey what’s your local waters? I’m fishing south side long island beach’s and Montauk.
  7. I was always wanting to go and now I see clearly and I dont think I’m going to make an effort
  8. I don’t think any of us tellum only when we catch fish lol
  9. Welcome Ken Happy fishing budd:)
  10. Lady fishing next to me wound up and as she wound up the hook got me on the top side of my index finger. She kept pulling it dint realize hook got me and she just kept pulling and pulling and pulling as I was screaming, LADY STOP STOP. I looked like a marionette puppet on a string. Every time she pulled my hand went with it. Finally she realized. You know what I was mumbling under my breath. O well. Cut the line and ripped it out. She felt terrible and I was just glad the hook was out! 30 years later the scare will never let me forget lol.
  11. Way to go Marty. Thanks for the tip buddy. I’m not the greatest surf fisherman in the world but with guys like you serving me some good advice/tips I’ll soon make my own winning catch! Thanks again Marty By the way those lures look so good that the colors remind me of the ice pops I used to get as a kid! No wonder that striper was on to them! Lol
  12. Yeah buddy. I do the night thingy also and yes gotta love that moon. It is hard to fish the night as my age is getting up there. I know what you mean. Landed a keeper out at Democrat point Robert Moses state park a few weeks ago. 1:30 am. 28 inch on the money. I remember I was almost dead and as soon as I got that hit it was like Christmas morning running down those stairs heading for the Christmas tree. Moon and tide a plus always! Love the lure baby. I like using the darker colors at night. How bout you?
  13. Hey save some for me Easy. Lol. Yeah true on the grown men part. There is only one striper in the whole ocean. Do you think your gonna gettum over me? Good luck buddy and hope you score the big one!
  14. Yeah boieee! One day I’ll get one half that size! Nice fish Marty!
  15. Nice going Lou. I don’t wet suit either. Honestly Jaws scared me outta the water when I was youngster and well,, still always on my mind buddy. Freakin Spielburg!