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  1. I'm not a Century fan, but why not the Charelstown B-Way? It's one of the most historic landmarks in RI surfcasting history. And out of the way? It's pretty centrally located in South County, where most are fishing this time of year. Lots of public parking. Current. Public beach. Makes sense to me...
  2. Gannets offshore this morning putting on quite a show
  3. Not that I don't believe the other poster (I do), but yes, Boga is either 15, 30, or 60..
  4. And it's the perfect set-up for jigging up the big dogs too! Who says retrieve speed matters?
  5. 704, Lami SSU (definitely not old school), T.O. fatboy... this is THE recipe for MONSTER medium size fish all day long
  6. I was actually being serious I can smoke a loaded cordell or a T.O. fatboy polaris out there when I actually do fish the breaking tides on top. Most of the time I'm working the rip right in front of me with a big shad or sp though
  7. I like to think I keep it old school, and I just turned 30! Still fish a 704/706 in the ditch and RI. Love the looks I get when I blast out a pencil or big shad just as far as others who are fishing better casting reels. Who am I kidding, I'm just poor....
  8. bring Korkers and take a ride around Ocean Drive.
  9. Worst Fall I've had in 8 years. Water temps don't matter much to me. The diminishing sun light is what triggers their movement, IMO. The water temps certainly didn't matter back in early-to mid Sept when the first blast of big fish pushed through the canal. Those fish just never hit the shore. No big bait, no reason for big fish to show. No big blues to salvage a trip. Sure it could get good in the next few weeks, but it should've been good for the last few weeks. I don't expect next year to be any better...
  10. The guy on the bike with the daisy dukes, cowboy hat, and music blasting.....a true canal legend