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  1. Where is MA? I'm north shore...potential pick-up?
  2. I'd first check the main bearing under the rotor...could be as simple as that
  3. I use the Avid Inshore MH for walking the beach. It is faster action than the avid surf, to me. Have you looked at the avid inshore HEAVY action? It's a beast! I think the handles on the 8 foot avid surf and legend are too long.
  4. We ALL have been noobs. Not all become googans.
  5. If your rotor isn't going backwards, then it probably is your braid spinning on spool.
  6. Livingston LV14. Stable, smooth, cheap. Cat hull.
  7. That picture was taken at Surfland. I know the guy who built that rod. The seats are great, with many insert options. It has an additional lock ring also. I think they are super comfortable.
  8. Down by the Seaside
  9. I'm looking for a used laptop for my young sons. I have a few questions…How is the battery life? Do you still have box/papers? Is the bottom left part of screen damaged or is it a smudge in the pictures? Thanks for your time. Craig
  10. Any interest in a virtually brand new 8000f? This is the previous model in beautiful condition.
  11. Looking for a Stella SW 5000…preferably a 2008 model, silver and gold. Let me know what you have! Thanks!
  12. Where r u located?
  13. Off to the 'Bay! Thanks for looking.
  14. Bump $350 shipped PP or $330 picked up Northshore, MA