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  1. Thank you so much for this local knowledge tight lines
  2. I’ll take it
  3. Is this true? Be careful to those going out to ocean beach baker beach.. plinker, Where is the FB story?
  4. Yes, good for perch.. I’ve never caught a striper or halibut on them
  5. Hi, are you willing to sell a few boxes and ship to California?
  6. No, that rod is rated for heavy lures.
  7. It’s garbage. Better just go in
  8. Looking to buy a slightly used 8' Terez Waxwing Casting or Spinning Rod first generation. Medium/Heavy Power with cork grips. if anyone has one they are willing to sell And ship to me. Please let me know. I am looking for Pearl White, Aqua, Or Emerald Green TZCWX80MH
  9. Brand new Daiwa Kyohga Custom Larger capacity spool. $50 PP SHIPPED lbs test line cap. (Yrd) 10 285 15 215 20 180 30 140
  10. Gear medium power moderate fast action rods.
  11. I am a big fan as well. Thanks
  12. I am willing to trade my fairly used Loomis 9’ IMX SURF 1084-2S for G Loomis SURF IMX1204-2S / G Loomis SURF IMX1024-2S or Century Stealth S1-1145. I’d like to see what is out there