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  1. Looking to buy a slightly used 8' Terez Waxwing Casting or Spinning Rod first generation. Medium/Heavy Power with cork grips. if anyone has one they are willing to sell And ship to me. Please let me know. I am looking for Pearl White, Aqua, Or Emerald Green TZCWX80MH
  2. Brand new Daiwa Kyohga Custom Larger capacity spool. $50 PP SHIPPED lbs test line cap. (Yrd) 10 285 15 215 20 180 30 140
  3. Gear medium power moderate fast action rods.
  4. I am a big fan as well. Thanks
  5. I am willing to trade my fairly used Loomis 9’ IMX SURF 1084-2S for G Loomis SURF IMX1204-2S / G Loomis SURF IMX1024-2S or Century Stealth S1-1145. I’d like to see what is out there
  6. Good grab Ifish4free.. I am in San Francisco so a ways away. I’ll just place a order for one.
  7. Where in norcal are you located. I am in San Francisco Bay Area?
  8. Brand new Daiwa Kyohga 100SHL (Left handed retrieve) includes a custom larger capacity spool and 110mm double paddle handle. Asking $300 PP shipped Includes everything that comes in the box
  9. San Francisco, Ca.
  10. I have for sale 3 salmon and steelhead rods. Sold individually or together. $400 for all.. photos upon request. Shimano steelhead and salmon 8’6 CSCX86MH2B 1/2-5oz $100 Lamiglas 9’ Cascade pro XT BC90XHC 3/4-2oz $100 Lamiglas 9’6” XMG EXC96M 3/8-3/4oz $200
  11. My city is in lock down shelter in place order has been given here in San Francisco. Has anyone been out fishing during these times? Whether you’re a San Franciscan or not; has anyone gone out fishing whether on a offshore , pier, shore , surf etc.
  12. I received my new vr50B on Tuesday. No bailless kit included..