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  1. Hey tom, being that my grand mother had diabetes and I knew her struggle that she lost the fight too... I appreciate you doing this. IM IN! P.s I'm gonna see if I can get a few friends to donate some money aswell to keep this going.
  2. Sounds good PM me your number I'll contact tomorrow.
  3. Would you sell 1 for $100? 10' SSU 120 1L 1-3oz
  4. Bump
  5. wish the avets were left hand retrieve
  6. if you decide to sell it let me know i have to head to jersey on saturday for work.
  7. interested in rod.. i was looking at buying the tax 7030 ct what is the difference?
  8. Looking to buy a Lamiglas TFX7030CT Looking for New/Like New condition... i have a Shimano Travala for trade with cash or can do just cash for the right deal. Please post pics and price if you have what I'm looking for. Thanks!
  9. Nice wish I saw this earlier
  10. Would you be interested in a 710z upgraded bailess
  11. I bought mine from a friend and ended up finding out they knew about the issue just had to provide where I got it from (just name)
  12. Quick tip... If you contact them they will have you send it in and you'll get a brand new one
  13. The fact that this rod is still up here amazes me... This is a beautiful rod! Free bump