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  1. Heres a couple different angle, and someone was talking about regional differences. This is in S.E. PA.
  2. I’ve seen the coopers chasing cardinals nuthatches and sparrows.
  3. Thanks guys.
  4. I'm leaning toward Coopers hawk but maybe Sharp shinned? I know there's a couple guys on here that are pretty good with this.
  5. Had A guy do that to me one time when I was fishing the indian river inlet. Me and a guy on the other side had gotten tangled so I let him take it in and untangle just as we got untangled a boater came up to restart his drift looked right at me when tried to get him to hold up and ignored me caught my line so I let him have it all.
  6. I always joked about getting Daddy owns a twelve gauge tattooed on my daughters chest.
  7. Bassmaster very nice bikes you've been showing there, Definate twinge of jealousy on your skills there. I always wanted an old flatty. Love the knucks.
  8. Bassmaster; love that knuck
  9. Grandsons on theLow Rider and The Electra Glide
  10. We had the property on the other side of the Skippack. The point as we used to call it was written up in Pa Field and Stream in 73 as the best natural bass fishing in S.E. PA. Mom sold the property 10 years ago now.
  11. My mom grew up in conshy, still have relatives in town. I was the BCO in Conshy for a while. My uncle, so the stories go got thrown out of every bar in town at least once.
  12. Hoy Park was my grandpops place. My dad and his brothers and sisters donated it to the township as a park.
  13. Hey neighbor. Born and raised in Arcola myself.
  14. 25-30 years ago a bass player friend of mine died of a heart attack in the middle of a set at the Cabaret in Ambler. He was only in his 30's.