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  1. There's a sign posted by the entrance to fisherman's trail giving a specific time. I want to say its either 8pm or 9pm, maybe even 10pm, but can't remember. The do change it periodically too.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I went with a 10 TPI blade and it cut very smoothly. I did not check this thread before cutting to see the recommendation to use the hand tool and ended up using a battery powered jigsaw. The cut went very smooth and install was pretty straight forward. I followed the instructions on the youtube video Hobie puts out. I haven't taken the kayak out yet to see if it leaks around the edges or anything but it looks like it will do the trick. Thanks again for everyone's advice!
  3. Got it. Thanks everyone. I am going to follow the instructions in the Hobie video where he starts by drilling a 1-1/4" hole in the center with a drill before making any cut with the jigsaw. Will look for a blade with a high TPI and a fan to keep the debris clear as I cut.
  4. I am in the process of putting in a fishfinder in my Hobie Compass and am going to install another 8" twist and seal hatch in the front of the kayak to store the battery. I have watched the install videos online that Hobie puts out but could not tell what type of jigsaw blade he uses to make the cut for the new hatch. Does anyone know what type of jigsaw blade I should use for cutting into the kayak? I have never used a jigsaw on plastic before. After doing a little research I see Bosch sells one catered towards cutting into plastic (Bosch 4 in. 10 Teeth Per Inch High Carbon Steel Jig Saw Blade for Cutting Wood, Plastic, and Laminated Particleboard (5-Pack)). If anyone has made similar upgrades to their kayak and can offer some advice it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. That's really cool. Thanks for sharing. I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject. Do you need any type of special 3D printer or will the cheaper models listed from around the $500 price range work? Always wanted to build my own plugs but living in a condo without a garage makes it difficult.
  6. Thanks cartopper
  7. Does anyone know if the other side of Sandy Hook north of the CGS is open?
  8. Just got back from a kayak fishing trip in FL where the guides set us up with kayaks to use for the week. I noticed they had a Compass with 2 hole pad eyes installed on each side to secure the front latch of the seat too as opposed to the plastic Hobie connection that comes stock with the kayak. I asked the guide about it and he told me the original Hobie connection pulled out of the main body of the kayak and they had to install these to secure the seat. I haven't had any problems with mine but certainly don't get the use out of it those guys do. Pretty easy install if it happens to mine as well but just pass along the observation.
  9. Recommend packing some shads, SPs and magdarters. Maybe a few metal lips if your lucky enough to find some bass on bunker that push in close to shore. We have pretty shallow flat beaches in NJ and probably not nearly as much structure as your use to seeing in MA. I fish north of there and am not to familiar with that area but would guess if you fish out front you can find some decent rock piles to fish around. Slow and work your lure all the way to the waters edge, a lot of shorts hang out and cruise along the beach lips.
  10. For what it's worth I was there the day they were closing it off last spring and the park rangers putting up the signs said it was okay to fish that area one last time. I think that was the Thursday before Memorial day weekend. Hopefully you'll have the same luck.
  11. I purchased the Compass this spring and love it. It is my first kayak and have nothing to compare it to but I have taken it out in the RB, Great Kills Harbor and the Shrewsbury on about 15-20 trips this spring and have had no issues. It feels really stable even on some of the rougher condition days I have been out in (12-13 MPH winds). It has H track accessory mounts already built in on both sides that make it easy to attach rod holders. My buddy helped me install a handle mount on the side too that makes it very easy to lift into and out of my truck. The rudder really only touches the ground very briefly as I take it out of my bed and doesn't touch it at all as I lift it in because of the extra height with the wheels supporting it. I do put a piece of cardboard down though just to be safe and not scratch it up. I put two straps through the hole where the pedal gear drive will go to secure it in my bed. I love the thing but then again have nothing to compare it too. I haven't put a fishfinder on it yet but that will be my next investment and project. I hope this helps. Let me know if anyone has any other questions I could help out with.
  12. There will be somebody at the front entrance all night. If you don't have a night pass / fishing pass they wont let you in and I do not think you'll be able to purchase one until tomorrow when the park reopens, at least I think not sure on that. If you get there before sun down you can get in but risk getting ticketed. Not sure how much the fine is.
  13. Nice fish and mod to the SP I've been using a permanent marker as well to color in the hook rash marks on my blurple SP minnow, like I think fish can really tell the difference when fishing it in the middle of the night lol.
  14. Yes, you still have to pay the daily entrance fee from memorial day to labor unless you get there before 7am.
  15. I'll take these, immediate PP for $28 please.