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  1. Thanks Dave. This thread is closed as is the reel. And thanks SOL
  2. In really nice shape. 100.00 delivered
  3. Aaah thanks for the info ... guess it's not for me.
  4. Hi all - I'm bringing back to life an old greenie so...what ya got for me?
  5. If you know the answer pleeese respond !
  6. That's it - let me know please
  7. and - are you looking at one of them or both of them?
  8. ok, I'll price out shipping by usps and by ups in the next 2 days (work's got me reeaal busy) and get back on here w that info. Got a ship to zip code for me ?
  9. "I believe it because I see people getting sober and staying sober. An actual demonstration is what convinces me." That's how it worked for me, that's what brought me through the doors. Thank you Digger
  10. I'm willing to do that - right now I've no idea how much shipping them would cost. Do you have a preferred shipper you would like to use?
  11. once more...with feelin'
  12. I like that one - got me thinkin' 'did I do some of that today' Thank you Digger
  13. Good reading - thanks Digger
  14. And good morning to you Digger. Where did everyone go...?