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  1. Penn Fathom 15, Truth/Seigler SM, Akios 656, and Daiwa Saltist BG30s. They all have there +\- but all have been reliable and fun to fish. 17-20 mono for me when chunking. 50lb braid when plugging.
  2. I am all for shutting this down. I took home 1 striper last year and had no intentions of harvesting this year. I'll grill up drum and fry up whiting for sammiches.
  3. Awesome fish sharkman (and I genuinely mean that as defined by the dictionary). That PB has some stories to tell.
  4. When all else fails, yes, I wing it out there. For pups, I generally throw in close; a high low mid trough or just behind the breakers (or both when I fish with my son). I have had far more success with larger Drum at greater distance. Naturally this is from my own personal experiences but the question posed was tilted towards the empirical. That said, fish like structure and the bar (whether it be riddled with cuts/bowls/depressions, or continuous) offers a feeding opportunity. My first preference is a natural break in the bar my next is At The Bar. Spring is a different ballgame from my experience as I have had blackies and SBs hook up in the wash or just behind the break. Do large Drum feed in the trough and break? Most certainly. I simply feel the larger ones are inclined to cruise the bar in search of an outflow and an easy meal.
  5. Occasionally. Historically as far north as Long Island sound; but north of southern Jersey is more accident then migratory pattern as there range has diminished. I believe New Jersey is the northernmost state with a "declared interest" in the fishery but don't hold me to that. Your chances of landed one as a targeted species increase exponentially as you travel south towards the Carolinas.
  6. Scout at Low tide. Cut in the bar with a nice outflow; place my baits on the corner as Steve mentioned. When in doubt, I look for a par 3 and grab my driver. I will throw high low chip shot in behind the break.
  7. I've had them on BTs, plugs, and lead heads with a twisty tail or gulp Mullet. Never on a Redfin but have landed on RM Smith wood and Crystal Minnow deep divers.
  8. The crazy Hungarian lol. Imre is a good guy.
  9. Fished Key Box and 3Rs a couple of nights this week. Spots and Whiting/Kingfish for the most part. A few skates and southern stingrays in the mix. We also saw a few small baitfish and weakies washed up on the beach.
  10. Hope the pics come through. I would take $200 on this. Braid, box and shims included.
  11. sorry life got in the way. I will dig it out tonight and post up pics. I head to the beach for this coming week with the family. When do you need the reel by?
  12. Hey Awall let me check. I bought one here a couple of years back, bought it as a backup for a 5 day trip and didn't use it. Will post tonight or tomorrow
  13. Hard to believe it's been 2 years. God bless you and keep you Brother.