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  1. Curious why you oppose our elected officials making decisions we elected them to make.
  2. Complain about the deep state while applauding our directly elected officials that want to hand oversight over to them. Did you vote for the IG?
  3. Good, they should drill on the leases they already hold. They don't need more of our land to increase production. Besides, the vast majority of nat res extraction happens on privately held land.
  4. If SCOTUS ruled that West Boro Baptist is allowed to protest at armed service member funerals then they shouldn't be surprised when protests happen on their front lawns.
  5. Oh, I guess slavery in this country was just a fine practice then. There were approximately 400,000 slaves brought to the US from Africa, the rest of the estimated 17 million were born into it on domestic soil.
  6. Is DeSantis a history teacher?
  7. Slavery alone is a big chunk for the capitalists. What about Colonialism? That has to beat Communists by a long shot. They had a good 500 year run of unabated slaughter.
  8. If the reason for designating a special piece of instruction is the number of deaths, Communism is not unique by any calculation.
  9. How many people have capitalists killed?
  10. Why single out one with legislation but not the other? Seems like we learned about all of it in school as it was. Florida must not teach anything unless it's mandated by the governor. DeSantis should become a public school teacher.
  11. If it's necessary to specifically teach about the lose of life brought about by authoritarians using the guise of communism, then they should also do the same for organized religion. Teaching kids that communism is bad because people were killed by it's leaders doesn't really prepare kids to understand the true dangers at play. Of course there really isn't any need to analyze this that closely to understand what's driving it.
  12. I generally oppose any indoctrination through fear. It's a poor prism for understanding the world.
  13. Victims of Autocrats Day seems more fitting.
  14. Correct, but it does allow abortion to be banned.
  15. Roe ensured that Government couldn't take the choice away from individuals. It's an expansive interpretation. Overturning it would be a restrictive interpretation.