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  1. Here's a little film my BIL shot for Montana TU about how climate change is affecting their fishery and the people that make a living from it.
  2. A buddy's parents live on that lake, house is destroyed. The entire lake has been filled in with sediment and just a huge swath of mud.
  3. So to be clear, you don't think this was justified? Just curious, how often are you patrolling your neighborhood and handing out beatings?
  4. This is not the bar for use of deadly force.
  5. I didn't watch that whole vid but the salmon looked pretty much the way I would normally do it. I guess a little heavier knife helps getting through the bones.
  6. Just returned from a Google rabbit hole, sure are some nice Japanese blades out there. I'm too married to my 8 inch chef's knives for every day but a moderately priced smaller Deba would be great for breaking down chickens and light veg prep. Kind of a largish paring knife? I guess they are supposed to be for filleting fish but seems like a traditional fillet knife would be the better shape for that.
  7. If I pull it at 135 and let it rest it usually gains 5-10 more degrees so I end up a little shy of 145 which should just have a bit of a pink hue. Here is the last of a loin I roasted a few days ago. You can see it's fully cooked.
  8. As mentioned it's lean so I rub with salt, herbs, and olive oil, overnight. Sear in a hot pan then finish in a 425 oven. Pull it around 135 and let it rest. Similar to how I cook a whole beef tenderloin. I"ll also slice 4-8 thin cutlets off the wider end to pound out, bread, and fry. Salty, pork cutlet sandwiches are bomb.
  9. Oh, I understand completely.
  10. ...and suddenly the PG is concerned about police brutality.
  11. Been up there at least once a week since opening, plenty of stockers still in there. Dudes have no problem fishing within a rod length of you if they see you catch a couple from the same hole.
  12. Like it or not the President has few levers to pull that actually effect the economy. Obama, Trump, Biden, whoever. The limited control that Trump has had has been misguided, increasingly low interest rates, corporate tax cuts, reduction of regulations, all in a good economy leave few bullets in the chamber once things turned sour.
  13. Great thread, saw this George Daniel video and have been using the techniques for a couple weeks. Will never indicator nymph again.
  14. Any course of action would be more effective than Trump's course of inaction. Whatever we are doing today, could have been done a month earlier. More PPE earlier, more testing earlier, etc. Of course he believes his response deserves a 10/10 rating. Perfect score.
  15. The administration is supposed to be proactive in these situations not wait around for someone to give them a good idea. They have every resource at their disposal which is why they are the ones to be counted on to come up with a solution, not me. There has been zero leadership on how to address this and Trump has done everything he can to scapegoat whoever he can to try and avoid the failings of his administration.