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  1. I'm not familiar with that figure other than you posting it. Wouldn't it have been similar for the year prior? Also to keep things in perspective the total budget for 2017 was nearly $4 trillion.
  2. So illegal immigrants are responsible for the widening deficit?
  3. Either way, my point is that regulating immigration will always be a cost regardless of deportation, access to visas or naturalization. It would make sense that an increase in enforcement would also create an increase in cost.
  4. Record individual taxes, overall revenues declined
  5. Even if you deport everyone you will still have to pay to ensure you keep them out.
  6. Revenues have broken records for every year since 2013. The idea that this part of the business cycle is a good time to be using expansionary monetary policy is ludicrous.
  7. Then why give them a tax break at all? How is taking less in taxes any different than giving them money? The "loco" Fed is trying to raise rates to curb inflation and put bullets back in the chamber for an eventual downturn. For comparison sake, 2012 was the final year of quantitative easing, when the gov was buying it's own bonds and GDP growth was basically flat. Here we are with a 10 year long bull market, a growing GDP, 4% unemployment, and we have a larger deficit.
  8. What part of that $120b is for border security and enforcement? If spending is the issue why not cut it first before making tax cuts?
  9. Tax revenue has been decreased with the tax cuts which is exactly why the deficit grew. Still spending the same just bringing in less revenue. Luckily corporations reaped the reward, their cuts are enshrined but those for the individual filer expire in 2025.
  10. Deficit spending to provide corporate tax breaks in an already strong economy doesn't seem like a plan that helps the greater good. What happens when the economy eventually stalls and corporations actually need a cash infusion? Same thing with interest rates, raise them when you can so you have ammunition in the clip when things go sideways.
  11. Not sure you understand, the deficit INCREASED last year. Meaning we are borrowing more than we are generating today than any year since 2012 even though GDP has grown.
  12. According to the Treasury Department the deficit jumped from $658b to $827b since last year.
  13. This will be my first season with one but I've been eyeing them for a while. The material is very tough, much more burly than typical Patagucci/Simms/Arcteryx 3 layer Goretex jackets. It also has neoprene cuffs and a gusset at the neck that has a drain at the bottom of zipper. They are made for commercial fisherman who are not know to be easy on their gear.
  14. Pretty tough, all they ask is you eat fish.
  15. These work pretty good, much heavier than your regular coated palm glove. They also have a slightly heavier, full coated version that I bet would be great in really cold weather.