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  1. Did I stutter?
  2. States are using Fed $$ to replenish their COVID riddled unemployment funds. It's in the thread title.
  3. The claim was that 50 percent of people never return to the workforce, your post doesn't address that so it doesn't matter if it's true or false. Hope you enjoyed your funemployment on my dime.
  4. Tell me which of them backs up the claim that the 50% of people that claim unemployment never return to the workforce? Also, if you were getting severance pay, why did you need government money from unemployment? You're no better than anyone else getting every benefit available to them.
  5. There is lots of discrimination, for instance, you can't drink unless you are 21or older. It's the intent that matters. Of course you must know this.
  6. They're not, but they didn't buy a piece of land in Colorado so it's moot.
  7. Aryan Nation
  8. So completely unsubstantiated as usual.
  9. The Aryan Nation is a criminal organization so your comparison, as usual, is totally slanted.
  10. If they own it, they can do whatever they want. I don't think it does much good in the name of promoting unity. I'm a member of a Ukrainian Club, it's Ukies only.
  11. Do you have any evidence that 50% of applicants to unemployment never return to the workforce? So far all the anecdotal tales in this thread have been that people eventually returned to work.
  12. Your circumstance is not unique.
  13. Are you still on unemployment?