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  1. You can get it at most of the South Jersey wineries, I was mostly kidding though. Fruit, plus sugar, plus natural fermentation = how you make wine in jail.
  2. You realize your thread title acknowledges that either this was racist madness or at least was done to appear to be racist madness in order to hijack the Dem narrative? So Trump appearing to be racist is good whether it's true or not?
  3. Looking to add another notch on your jack boot?
  4. You just running around ass booting illegals are you?
  5. But not one inch right? Not one dollar right? Absolutism applies absolutely.
  6. You know what, maybe you are an illegal alien? Show us your birth certificate or social security card. Papers please. No I don't have a warrant.
  7. They have orders to deport, different than a warrant for arrest. Same reason sanctuary cities aren't required to detain folks for ICE. If you want to enter my house you better have a warrant, I guess you are of a different opinion?
  8. Set it back out and let it ferment for a week and you'll have blueberry wine! You can tell it's started to ferment/go bad if you see bubbles forming, if it tastes sour you know it's on it's way.
  9. Then Trump should have left based on his campaign rhetoric.
  10. Exercising your right to due process, which is extended to all people, not just citizens. What if someone thought you were an illegal immigrant and tried to take you into custody without a warrant? Oh yeah, that's not a concern for you.
  11. Same folks that claim one single dollar spent on illegal immigrants is too much are willing to dismiss Trumps dirty dealings. Maybe they wouldn't come if they didn't think there was any opportunity for them here?
  12. Founded in 1996, from 2007 on all federal agencies and contractors were required to use it according to Google. I agree that it's a small infraction compared to some of the other Trump Orgs misdealings but when you throw stones best not live in a glass house. If you think it was a miscue that they weren't using E-Verify you're naive. They got away with it until they were caught then cleaned house once the jig was up.
  13. They weren't interested in using a widely know, widely available service to verify their worker's documentation. Why do you think they did that? Just an innocent oversight? It's been widely reported that Trump had employed undocumented workers, some for decades, at multiple golf courses and hotels.
  14. If you are commenting on page 11 of a thread titled "Impotent racist rage" and don't know what the racist part is then your being dis-ingenious.
  15. Anti-American, Trump's entire campaign was anti-American. Don't you remember how awful he said this country was and that only he could make it great again? His was the single greatest anti-American campaign ever waged.