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  1. I use RobinHood. It's a very easy platform to use. Would be good for the kid.
  2. You know that's the first picture he wants
  3. Tony Luke's sucks
  4. But they lack the secret street sauce.
  5. No nudes
  6. You could buy a lot of cartoon beer for the price of that reel.
  7. As long as rich people want the market to go up, it's gonna go up.
  8. Condolences Gregg
  9. Allegedly
  10. Are we past due for our eye exam?
  11. Looting cats
  12. Did you install the pie holder yet?
  13. Taking the boys? Looting together is quality time.
  14. Dashing
  15. By the way, a beard doesn't count as face covering