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  1. CT tog season opens first this year, so the pool toy assault will commence in the Nutmeg State.
  2. Imagine accidentally stumbling into that room after a night of boozin. Freaky
  3. I think I'd rather argue with the guy who ordered the wrong pallet of Charmin.
  4. Nice.
  5. He picks the wrong spandex, you'd see his balls too.
  6. Still interested. Will take it, thanks.
  7. Will you take $60 shipped?
  8. McGee and I are both Irish. Easy to get us mixed up.
  9. And I have not seen it. Didn't know it was on Netflix, I will be watching it.
  10. 9/11. I was working at 110 Wall St. Got out of the subway after the first plane hit. Didn't know what happened, papers flying all over the place like a ticker-tape parade. Stood and watched for a few minutes, then started walking to the office. A block or two away from my building, I heard a loud BOOM, and I could see the building next to me shake. Got into the office and watched replay after replay of the second plane hitting the tower. Was able to get one landline call to my mom before all the phone lines died. Exchange was closed for the day, so a bunch of us left the office. We stopped about 3 blocks away like everyone else, watching the towers. Suddenly, we hear another loud BOOM, and see the first tower falling. Looked like the effing thing was going to fall on my head. Bunch of co-workers and I ran east, stopping near the Manhattan Bridge. Small remnants of the dust cloud reached us. We walked from the financial district up first avenue and over the 59th St Bridge. Got picked up by a buddy's family and stayed at his place until the evening, when I got picked up by my cousin who I was living with at the time in the Bronx. Exchange was closed all week, so didn't go back to work until the next Monday. Had to show work ID to set foot on Wall Street, soldiers everywhere. My buddy's (a different friend) girlfriend died in one of the towers. Awful day. God bless all those who died or lost someone.
  11. Very apt comparison. Happy birthday MP and Mrs. KML.
  12. Congrats! Eff ties
  13. Dunno if that would make me orgasm, but that looks good.