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  1. Looks like 1 carb to me
  2. No pictures please
  3. Any protein in the Shirataki? How do they taste?
  4. Agreed, it is very good.
  5. Vega? That's what I switched to a few year's ago. It's pretty good.
  6. It'll make a fine marker buoy after I accidentally tip it into the ocean.
  7. Dangit. I was just at the ShopRite an hour ago.
  8. I'm sure Y can turn it into a wine rack after a few workouts.
  9. 10am start. KML would make you take a personal day.
  10. We'll wait for the recall notice.
  11. I do, have a few at home. I really like kettle bells, they're very versatile. Some searches will give you plenty of exercises to try. Swings, snatches, rows, overhead press, squats, etc. My favorite kettle bell move is the Turkish get up. I'm eating chips and hummus while reading about getting into shape. Lol
  12. Didn't take long for him to go from zero to eff off.
  13. He's got pics on his page.
  14. Just tried it. It held a 3/4oz jig head no problem. I don't think I'll go bigger than 1.5-2oz, so should be good for my intentions.
  15. Looks like he's eating well too.