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  1. Potpie. Fresh out of the cabinet.
  2. You escaped? Congrats. Where are you now?
  3. They left that part out of thre manual. I'll tell him all his crazy internet uncles love him. Can't believe he'll be two at the end of this month.
  4. My son just woke up. Back into hiding I go.
  5. You're just as handsome as you were a month ago.
  6. Our purpose? Do we have a BFF mission statement now?
  7. Have you finished the roadkill deer yet?
  8. Happy birthday Snappio!
  9. Horrendous work project should be done in a couple weeks...then back to my BFF family. Hope everyone's good.
  10. Condolences Sparky and Tony.
  11. Dooosh
  12. Don't forget, he's got girth.
  13. Happy Birthday Hank
  14. Thanks MP. It's 14.5ft long, 41" wide. 6hp Nissan 4 stroke. Got up to 17 knots riding with the outgoing tide. Always fun to see the looks on the boaters faces when they pass me. Only drawback is the weight, 150 pounds without the motor. Having a pickup is a big help.
  15. It does feel nice to have the wind in your hair.