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  1. I glanced at this quickly and thought that fish looks a lot bigger than the one I caught last week. lol
  3. Happy Thanksgiving Gents.
  4. I had no idea what that was when you told me. I would've invited myself to dinner had I known. We grinded out a 2 man limit today. The ocean was quite sporty in the morning, definitely not the 2 footers and 5 knot winds forecasted. Once the tide turned, it laid down enough for us to spot lock and use jigs. As usual, the Captain was high hook. He is trying to teach me how to properly fish a rig. I am a slow learner. I am sipping on my second rum and egg nog. Tis the season.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. Eff the fashion popo Supernova. Him and Joan Rivers.
  6. Go eff yourself! @EliasA That's how you do it next time
  7. Lol. Next time tell him to go eff himself. It's much more satisfying.
  8. Is what it is. I sucked today.
  9. Captain Quik put on another togging clinic in very snotty conditions. He had at least 8 keepers. Sheisty caught fish all day as well. I couldn't buy a bite until the last drop in the afternoon, 1 keeper for me.
  10. I was up against a bridge stanchion. I thought I was hung until the rod started pumping. Three big pumps, drag pulls, braid rubs, pop.
  11. Poor toglet
  12. Only one keeper this morning on the pool toy. Very picky, scratchy bite. Tried briefly for carp, one short, and a nice one that broke me off. Wind was supposed to be south, the flags said otherwise.
  13. Nice work Captain
  14. Had an awesome day this morning on the kayak. 11 keepers, 10-17', western Sound.