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  1. Congrats! Greats pics.
  2. By "ice" you mean liquor right?
  3. Praying for Pop Mick.
  4. What if he tripped on the deck stairs and fell on it. Does that count?
  5. That dumb deer is close enough to get put into a full Nelson.
  6. Eff him twice for making me go into the cesspool
  7. Is there coverage for "acts of stupidity?"
  8. Snappio just puked all over his dinner.
  9. KML suffers no fools and misses no opportunity to heap burning coals of shame upon the heads of the proletariat.
  10. Someone's gonna hand him a big bill.
  11. I wish. They would have paid me cash in a briefcase, like a respectable organization should.
  12. Lmao, 100% chance that would've ended in a fight
  13. IGBAH. Not the part of the beach I hang out at, but there is a screw for every hole down there.
  14. Answering this directly would take all the fun out of it. But I was dangerously close to accepting, they were offering a lot of cash to young Csteven.
  15. Send the boat pic again. Apparently, he's forgotten his size.