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  1. Lol
  2. I'm glad you didn't waste our time with a fake apology.
  3. Getting me warm and fuzzy before you move in for the kill...
  4. Now that you two savages have bludgeoned the baby seal (yet again), what are your plans for the carcass this time?
  5. Sheesh. He didn't even make you work for it.
  6. My fingers and toes just went numb again. But it was nice meeting you all.
  7. I believe this is where Snappio comes back in with another eff Billy posting.
  8. Party pooper
  9. Lol. A welfare check may be in order.
  10. IGBAH. Was the Bell ringer part wrong too?
  11. I have the Boonedox with the wheeleez tires on my solo skiff, it's fantastic.
  12. I use the Trailtrekker most of the time, and the wheeleez strap cart if I'm going over a long stretch of sand.
  13. pheromones