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  1. Hey, Does anyone have any info on the sustain FA 1000? I cant seem to find any info on the web for the FA's.I have one that i got years ago that was part of my collection and i have never used it.Was there any problems with the sustain FA's? Im thinking about selling it ,,I think it retailed for 229 i think, Also i was wondering what would be a good price to sell it for..Thanks
  2. From the album shimano sustain FA ?

  3. From the album shimano sustain FA ?

  4. yea i need info on the magnetic cast control for my cvz 253 also..and if thers any bushings anywhere i can replace with bearings.
  5. The newer SX upgraded the magnets in the braking system and the spool was upgraded to the Infini II design
  6. first generation revos also had problems with the drag and were upgraded in 2010 i believe. Also check the brake tabs ,if you look closely, you may see a tiny amount of buildup on them.
  7. Every reel I have serviced that has used this product has twice the build up of surplus. Surplus is my term for oil and grease that has been thrown from the bearings and gears and is collecting in parts of the reel that it should not be. But there is an issue with their additives within the oil and grease. The room temperature viscosity is extremely low, which is fine, but something happens to this oil and grease at operating temperatures..Essentially, it flies off the bearing and gums up whatever it comes in contact with. Usually it is reacting with another lubricant within the reel (like drag grease or gear grease}.
  8. From the album shimano sustain FA ?

  9. From the album shimano sustain FA ?

  10. check out "Mike's Reel Repair" www.mikesreelrepair.com/ceramic-pawl-shimano-repl-0042-bnt0042c-p-99168.html , They have the ceramic pawl ,Metal pawl cap and the bearing for the spool, Also dadsoletackle.com has some shimano calcutta parts also, but i think mikesreelrepair are the only ones that will have the ceramic pawls for the calcuttas. mikesreelrepair has the pawls custom made
  11. Thats the reel.. Those 404's are the best..you just need a good fiberglass rod and your all set. Let us know how it goes..Thanks
  12. hey im in nc too..i fish at lake gaston alot
  13. naah im afraid not son..youll need the zebco 404 for that ,and use atleast 12lb line and set your drag just right. shouldnt be a problem..itll be a hell of a fight tho..good luck
  14. If you ever decide you would like your calcutta to be even more smoother..you can .add a bearing inplace of the bushing on the spool(calcutta A's) , and to be on the safe side,get a metal pawl cap for it..and a ceramic pawl.
  15. Hi, I got this reel from a friend and i just wanted to upgrade a few things , I upgraded the handle to the luna handle already, and i was wondering is ther are any more upgrades for these reels or should i just leave it alone?. The original bearings seem to be in great shape. Is there anything bad about the daiwa cvz 253 reels that i should kno about ? Thanks