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  1. Tim, got logged in fine with chrome on my puter and phone.. still no joy with firefox for either.. weird.. no biggie, I have both browsers. just so you know, I did flush the cookies from SOL, and it went directly to the same error page when clicking the log in as member link after restarting firefox.. must be some other cooked-up cookies in there or something.. re: Maine hawgs, there's still some kicking around. It's been a strange season. We didn't get our normal blueback run in July. It's been a strange year for bait up here.. I haven't seem blues or macks in the river either.. yet.. Hitting one of my favorite lower-river jig hole tomorrow for the entire ebb tide.. I'll get a taste of what's around.. it's a nice pinch-point for the kennebec river system.. sniffer activated..
  2. Roger that.. Thanks again Tim.. you still rock..
  3. Up river was on strong this summer. Fish are moving out now and staging off in the deeper channels. I've been doing well anchored up on submerged points near channels. The jig bite has been on for a few weeks and hasn't seemed to slow down yet. Fairly typical august jigging. 30 feet and a 2oz jig when the current is ripping.. ebb tide mostly.
  4. Hey Tim, I was able to log in with my phone using chrome, but Firefox on my phone and computer gave me an error page.. I sent you an email with a screen shot.. Thanks, brother..
  5. It's been a few years since I've logged into a fishing forum. Where the heck is Ragfly?? the ole coot! LOL.. Anyhow, the kenny fishing this season has been a gift. Picked up a small backwater boat and fishing the skinny stuff no one can get to. Seems there's three sizes this year. Dinks by the thousands, 30 inch fish in the 10-15 lb class, and a limited few hang on to your hat 20-30lbers (a couple near 40). Most of my fishing has been way up river but starting to hit the lower areas Me you and Ragfly hit together a few times on jigs.. you know how I like a jig.. LOL.. Just slinging by to say hello and checking on who is still around the board.. be well, and tight lines, Bro. Dick
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  9. been fishing many times in the kenny when it was hard to get a fish back to the boat without a seal taking it or trying to take it.. seen seals as far up river as they could go too.. up in Winslow.. wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it .. had it right beside the boat at night chasing a 10" finess fish right up to me.. freaked me out.
  10. I definitely prefer the new moon phase.. not so much the night of, but the week following was always best for me. be well
  11. PP is all I use.. never had the problems others have posted about.. could have been a regional issue I guess.. I use 10lb for shad and trout fishing, 20-50lb for my various striper setups.. don't think I'd like any bright colors in any fishing line though.. I like the dark green (moss) and as it fades I color it black with a sharpie w/ a slit cut in the tip.. pretty much disappears .. I have a few setups going on the forth season and haven't even turn the line around yet.. I have had break-offs in the ledges though.. most braids do not handle sharp ledges well.. be well
  12. the kenny (bath area) must have improved over the last week or so. I was there on the 20th and never marked a fish inside.. bailed out of there half way thru the tide it was so poor.. plenty of bait and seals inside but zippo on fish.. never went past cox head though are you fishing the mouth? outside?.. generally speaking of coarse..
  13. get up-river .. look for grey herons on the bank.. from what I can gather the rivers are full of herring up inside .. stripers can afford to be selective with all the bait.. get a "chugbug" popper, blue and chrome or black and chrome.. triggering a strike is gonna be tough with a fly.. be well
  14. agreed, we could watch them follow from below by a few feet, then once you hit the correct frequency and the rubber of the sluggo 'trembled' just right, you could see the reaction to the vibration put off by the sluggos' tail .. looked like they just momentarily lost their mind and attacked it .. head first.. incredibly aggressive takes.. my wrist was wrecked from all the short-line hooksets with braid... another thing that made a difference was coloring the braid black about six feet up the line.. worked better then floro for some reason.. the chugbug was triggering well too.. once you got the slow cadence down--which was slow but aggressive (making it spit water two feet in front) they just came unglued and hammered it.. other poppers didn't work and I tried many, from hand made wood to other rattling poppers in the same color and size, with bucktails and without... I believe it's the sound and vibration of that particular rattle that triggered them... the long bucktail helped it remain stuck to the water during the aggressive snaps and probably aided in matching the bait size that was ten inches or so. The amount of bait around was unreal ..every shoreline was packed six feet from shore.. one cast with a castnet would fill the livewell with bluebacks.. we used them for chumming cuz hooking them on and livelining wasn't doing squat.. snap a few necks and toss them out away from the bank, count to ten and give 'em a sluggo and just hang on .. that was at slack tide.. didn't need to feed them when the tide was moving.. be well