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  1. Thanks for the offer fish on, but I am looking for something in the 13' 14' range. The cuts are pretty far out down here.
  2. I have a 12' 6-16 oz St Croix Avid heaver for sale or trade. Moved from East Coast to Texas Coast and its a little too much rod for the surf and species down here. I've used it about 10 times has some nicks here and there. Guides in good condition. This thing is made for 8oz and a bunker head. Will sell for 300 shipped PayPal or trade for a HDX breakaway or a balistic 2-10oz.
  3. Is the tidemaster registered and which model is it?
  4. Is it registered
  5. Gonna go out this week anyone have any experience/ recommendations? Tackle ? General locations? Tides? Time of day?
  6. Line is in tight. Plus it does it if I manually turn the spool with my hand. I had the some drag grease on drag washer. Wiped off and still same prob. I'll take pics when I get home. But keepin mind this is the spin fisher v so there is only one carbon drag disc .and one washer on the top. The rest of drag is sealed. Don't know how to open it yet need to watch a tutorial.
  7. So I can reel in line and turn the crank fine when spool is fixed and drag is locked down. In fact it's pretty smooth. So the gears and bearings are good I think. Line roller is good to go too. I'll check the shaft again. It only sticks when pulling off line so I think it's entirely a drag problem but if it's the sealed drag I got no idea what to do. It's the
  8. Haven't messed with my 6500 SV LL since the fall. I packed the inside and drag with grease since. I moved to the Texas coast so I was about to put it to use. The drag seems really clunky. By clunky I mean it is sticking really hard in one spot as it the spool spins. When it passes that spot it spins more freely until it comes around and sticks again. It does this no matter how light the drag is set. I took off the old grease, cleaned the top drag washer and oiled evertrhing up. Nothing looked damaged from what I see. IS the 'Sealed' drag screwed up or is something else I'm not seeing.
  9. Thanks RJ! Finally had no excuses not to buy a fly rod moving down there!
  10. Also I guess I should mention I use lures and bait. Thanks in advance!
  11. I'm moving to South Padre, TX in January. My saltwater fishing arsenal is geared for the Northeast Surf. I think I can find an application for most of my rods down there. My big question is about my 12' 6-16oz Avid conventional heaver. Will I have a use for this rod down there? Some of the fish are sizeable, but I dont think the surf requires more than 4oz generally. I was thinking shark fishing may give it potential but I think most down there use boat rods and kayak the bait out. Any thoughts? Is this too much rod for down there? My other rods are: 10'6 st. croix legend 3/4-4 oz 10'6 mojo 2-6 oz 9' triumph 1/2 - 2 1/2oz 7'6 tidemaster 1/2 - 1 1/2oz I think this will be a workhorse in the back and even out front in surf 9' 8wt orvis clearwater Any thoughts on these rods targeting the fish down there?
  12. I like braid on almost all applications. Reason I use mono for 8nbait is I believe the give of mono helps keep the sinker in place in heavy surf whereas even though braid is thinner, it's no stretch causes the surf to pop out the sinker pushing it down beach. This is purely my observation any one have same experience?