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  1. Are all guides and Tip original? where in LI?
  2. SOLD payment received and shipped. (This is unlocked and can be used any network) Thank you.
  3. Lowest I can do is $85.00 USPS priority flat rate is now $8.30 Also the Thule case made in sweden is not cheap.
  4. Last Call closing tonight. $90.00 shipped accepting trade and offers. ( I will include a Thule Case to sweeten the deal)
  5. Price Lowered $100.00
  6. I only need 300 yds of 30 lbs. braided line. I'm good on reels thank you for your interest.
  7. The phone was not charge on my first pics, here's an uploaded pics on the battery %. (The battery has no problem charging at all)
  8. Lowered to $110.
  9. Lowered $120 shipped. Trade considered 30lbs. braided Line.
  10. Selling a good conditioned Iphone 6 16gb Factory unlock ( The battery holds a very good charge with no problem) It stays on the Case all the time, So very minimal scratch if any. $125.00 paypal shipped. ( Ready to be Activated for use )
  11. I thought it was, have to pass it on. thanks for responding back. glws.
  12. The front dragon is same at the back? would like to offer $50.00 ship to NY.
  13. $25 shipped.