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  1. BradleyBeachMan? are you still alive?
  2. I have a freshwater 6 wt fly rod that I use to catch LMB mostly and sometimes some SMB, but what I was looking to do was get into Striper fishing and I was wondering whether I could use my 6wt from shore. Any help would be great
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Reed422 Anyone hitting the fresh water? I did for the first time in a while over at ashland res. Was nice to get on the water on my yak in fresh water. Haven't done it since last year. So relaxing! Plus I got 10 large mouth, so I can't complain. All the people in boats that I talked to didn't catch a damn thing. The power of the senko shines I hear that I run gary yamamotos texas for everything and on the off chance that fails I just switch over to wacky and I'm hooked up first cast on the drop.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Dubbah Yeah, they pretty much die off except for a few bookies maybe that sit by the springs if you can find them. The heat plus lack of rain causes the water level to drop and the temperature to rise making it a warm water species fishery only. Look for bass or panfish. Oh yeah I kill on the bass run poppers all day and nymphs even work sometimes too, but I really want to get in to some trout.... do they die in the stocked ponds too?
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by saltyh2ofly For a minute the tern in the second picture looked like a tuna tail! Hey, if the food is there bass eat it! Nice pictures you got there. I see it haha sure does
  6. Where In the Ipswich river can I get into some trout I have been trying for a while but I just can't find the right spot. It's been hot lately and I think the water is warmer than normal I heard somewhere that trout can't handle that is this true or are they all dead?
  7. Is fishing at the mouth of a river good... what I mean is will I catch anything I guess I was thinking of a particular spot where the ipswich river empties out anyone else fish this spot?. On a different note does anyone know where in the ipswich river you can get into some trout? Thanks
  8. Thank You
  9. How might I go about contacting an admin or mod
  10. No offense but I don't know if I want to tell anyone my address on the public chat though if i can PM i'll do that.
  11. IS that for real?!?!??!?!?!?!
  12. depends what do they cost
  13. Thanks last thing, anyone know how to fish a sluggo i know you just rig it texas but how do you fish it?
  14. Thanks everyone you guys have been so helpful I'm gonna go out to a bait shop in a bit and ask the guy there what I should get for lures and stuff.