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  1. I can’t believe I missed 5
  2. Not happening as far as the forecast shows. Looks like the post spawn season will be completely blown out.
  3. Until you’ve fished in every possible condition through the full tide throughout the year and several years over, don’t give up.
  4. I love nor'easters don t get me wrong, but in the spring out front several weeks of northeast is not what you want when hoping for big migrating fish. Two days of Northeast every once in a while - yes please
  5. I do in small bursts, but we need the bunker and fish to stay inshore. Best case right now is consistent west winds. Forecast is calling for NE wind into June. Since bunker tend to swim into the wind, im not feeling optimistic.
  6. thats exactly what we dont need. hope im wrong
  7. Keep looking and you might be surprised
  8. We need west to keep the bunker in tight. The fish will show up
  9. Feels really early for post spawn, especially considering how cold its been
  10. Your best bet right now is lures in the back and bait out front, but either could work in either areas
  11. I’ve checked it out a couple times waters still cold
  12. Closing this thread
  13. I think I'm set on Hahns for now, thank you though!
  14. I'll take it, thanks!
  15. Thanks for putting these together. I’m definitely interested in the second down (small blue). How much would you like for that?