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  1. I wouldn’t
  2. You can make money without lying to customers and upsetting locals. The shop causing problems used to be respected for not posting live reports vs the shop down the street. The tables have turned…
  3. Interesting, I was also at all 4 days last year. Day 1 (Friday) was fast moving but otherwise (sat through Monday) didn’t really have to move. Especially Monday - that day was insane.
  4. I’ve been using a saragosa 6k in place of a Zeebaas (which was a complete headache of issues), and absolutely love it. No issues, has been dunked and buried in sand. Many large bass on it. It’s light and so smooth - the drag is also refined and feels very intentional, which allows you to fight fish strategically. I also think that my casts are longer due to the proper line lay. it’s hard to go back to a VS now, and only do so when I have to (nor’easters, big surf, wading out).
  5. No need to touch the drag if set correctly to begin with, unless you think your terminal gear might be compromised. Take your time at the end of the fight, let the waves take the fish back out if need be. At the very end of the fight, I recommend walking backwards a little while keeping good tension and using the wave to push the fish up the beach. I’ve been seeing an odd amount of guys trying to use their rods and struggling in the wash for a while, even needing two guys. No need for this - stand at the top of where the waves reach and the walk backwards a few steps up the beach when the time is right. Again, don’t rush it and just do what you can to keep pressure (and relatively even) on the fish at all times.
  6. That is very cool! It’s always hard to beat that 1st day/couple hours when they show up. Especially with how early it all apparently happened - a lot of people weren’t ready. I’m still waiting for the run to begin!
  7. Only 3 days by you?
  8. Does the part that is broken off in the main gear shaft come out of the handle hub? or is it frozen in place being it was locked down once when the handle was screwed in place?

    Would ZB sell you the two gears Main and pinion?

    What state are you in? 

  9. Not sure where that it, but that’s a problem myself and many others have had, and it’s mentioned by others in this thread. The drag has a tendency to tighten on itself, supposedly this happens when the slightest bit of sand gets under the cap. This was not an issue at the time, and my reel was recently serviced and had not been used since. Regardless, having a tight drag would still not do this, especially not on a bunker. And my drag was not tight. Do you realize how ridiculous it is that you’re saying the reel broke because the drag was tight? Not sure why you’re so bent on disproving me but the facts are pretty clear. Experts seem to agree across the board that this was due to a defect. Lets stick to the facts, not the assumptions.
  10. Yeah, I’d say that’s a pretty bad assumption on your part. You’re deflecting, and clearly have a biased opinion.
  11. I do not recall if the shop or factory ended up repairing it. It’s definitely not wild to believe that, considering it happened in my hands. Again, there always a select few naysayers that will find any reason to support Z…. Not sure how you can read this and not see that Zeebaas is in the wrong. I’m not going to continue going back and forth with you on this - like I said before, the situation was extremely disappointing/shocking. This just brings all the stress and negativity back. I hope that others reading this will take an unbiased perspective and see how inappropriate this company’s conduct is. This has been my unfortunate experience, I’m happy for those who have had a positive. Most of us can’t even get a call back.
  12. No, I sweep the rod. I point the rod towards the snag, reel in the slack, and then sweep sideways without reeling just as most everybody else does. My drag slips too. Again, this was clearly some sort of defect from either manufacturing and assembly, and just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it hasn't happened. It's wild to me that anybody would try and justify that a nearly $1000 reel designed to allow fishermen to "fish harder" can not stand the pressure of a bunker.
  13. I'm not even sure what that means, I got the reel from servicing, it hung on the wall, I used it and it snapped. I appreciate you saying that you aren't suggesting that I did that, but "stress testing" a $1000 fishing reel does not sound like anything that I am interested in doing. Sounds pretty dumb. Again, I get the most ridiculous excuses supporting Zeebaas.
  14. Completely believe you - zeebaas is obviously hit or miss, leaning towards miss. They seem to spend a bit too much time going out of their way to help friends and VIPs, and not enough for their regular paying customers - Ive been told stories of them meeting people on the train to drop off repaired reels, and people just walking in and getting a repair on the spot. Normally that would be good, but meanwhile there are many people who can not even get a response from the company. Their lack of customer service is undeniable. Just keep in mind that just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean that it hasn't happened. I can start sharing accounts from others who have experienced the same, too - I was able to put together an entire list. I've got everything that happened kept in record.
  15. "He is not telling the truth that this issue was caused by setting the hook on a bunker" ... this is an example of you calling me a liar. Not going to argue on this point anymore, but I think people will be able to determine where you're going with this. This is not "smearing", this is how they treated me. Give customers something positive to share and they will do so.