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  1. Great, thanks! Going to officially lock this as soon as I send the tracking.
  2. Nice! I’d trade you for the wonder bread surface slim, if you’re interested.
  3. I really like the bottom two, especially the wonder bread. Are they slims or giants and surface or diving?
  4. I'd be interested in the top wonderbread surface, or the one directly below it depending on it's condition. It looks good from here, but I can't really tell. let me know if you're interested
  5. Baitfish half that size swim half the northeast every season
  6. There isn’t enough current or enough river length for a successful spawn according to the current understanding of striped bass. I don’t think that the bottom type is correct, either. Just because some stripers might’ve gone up there at some point doesn’t mean that they’re spawning.
  7. I would happily consider any. I’m mostly looking for ccw or CV, though
  8. I like the top 3, which styles are they?
  9. Really nice, but not the colors I’m hoping for so I’m going to pass thanks.
  10. No, I don’t think that a successful spawn is biologically possible there. Maybe if they removed some Dams!
  11. Do you have any other colors? If not, I'll have to pass.
  12. WTT Mike's "Big Ben", described as the 'Commander on steroids', for CCW Jetty Swimmers, Small Dannys, (Might need multiple of those for equal trade - depends on what you have) DP4, any Voorhies, any Hickey, Franktown metal lips, and possibly GRS. This plug is 9 3/4" and gasoline colored - the pictures don't do the paint full justice, it's great. This plug has never been fished or carried, but may have been test swam a while back. It has been in storage ever since. There are a few minor nicks in the epoxy, particularly on the top, as can be seen in the photos. Hooks can be added if that makes the difference. This plug was hard to get before Mike's was hard to get. Thanks!
  13. yes
  14. Thank you