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  1. For what it’s worth they never broke while fishing for me, only when hitting something or falling down. It can happen with surprisingly little force.
  2. They do break easier than other rods, especially near the tip. Try not to drop it or smack it into anything and they’ll be fine. I have some that are well over 20 years old. great rods!
  3. Understandable, I'll take the remaining for asking.
  4. This is horrible and unfortunately all too common in the NE surfcasting industry. I won't be purchasing from this site!
  5. Can you do 75 shipped for the remaining?
  6. Sounds good, thank you. Thanks also to everyone else that offered, I'm going to close this up for now.
  7. Hi Dave C, sorry but would you be able to clarify which 7 are left?
  8. Bumping this up ... one of you has to have a few!
  9. Bumping this up... I believe the color was actually black top, silver/translucent sides, white bottom.
  10. I'm in search of 6" jointed bombers, specifically in the black top, silver side color way. Thank you!
  11. Okay, Ive been told to lock them in the past? I'd rather close this up as I got the answer to my question
  12. That's it thank you! Any idea what yozuri called these?
  13. That's funny the eyes almost have a similar slant. This is a much older plug, probably 15 or so maybe more as I found it washed up on the beach. It has a slightly longer lip like a megabit, yellow eyes with the pupils in the front corner. Traditional lipped swimmer but sinking with a tight wiggle and nice roll flashing the sides.
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