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  1. where do yo get these pics ??? !!!!
  2. two nice fish and two different hair styles whoa
  3. i fished little egg inlet this afternoon. water temps finally at 55 degrees . as of last thursday the lowest i had seen was 60.5. maybe this will be the turn around, all though it wasnt for me today.
  4. bump for a great boat
  5. 1984 aluminum grumman with 1999 50hp evinrude with trailer. $2950 or best offer. i completly refurbished the boat in 2005. new floors,new wiring, new bilge and live bait well pumps, new steering cable. comes with cushioned igloo cooler,bimini top, anchor , fire ext.and winter cover . its is small enough to be launched off any style ramp but big enough for little egg inlet. top speed of 35mph trailer has new axle assembly and wiring . please call jeff 609-660-1886 i will email picture upon request.
  6. any opinions . i thinking of signing up because i starting to venture further out. my dad has boat us but never used it. boat us seams to have cleaner newer boats . any one wiith experience?? thanks jeff
  7. 1986 grummen aluminum with a 1999 50hp outboard with trailer. $2950 or b.o. i complete refurbished the boat in 2005,new floors, wiring, bilge pump, live bait well pump and hoses, steering cable. trailler has was rebuilt also. new axle, hubs, tires and new wiring and lights. it also has binini top and igloo cooler with cushion, 6 pole holders great bay boat. it can be lauched off of any ramp and does 35mph call jeff at 609-660-1886
  8. i forget the name of the movie 1977 maybe about losing innicents before summer camp got over. mcnichel won!!!
  9. christiy mcnichel and tatum oneil. tatem looks better ther than the drunk on rescue me
  10. i have listened to imus for many years. he only needs to apologise to the rutgers women basketball. it was an off the cuff remark that was common for his show. damon wayans ,snl's velvet jones(eddie murphey)and dave chapelle used that word constantly. this firing gives credit to sharpton who got rich off of poor black people . its a sorry dad for PC america that condems off the cuff remark by a white man and condons people who uses the word premediated constantly,.
  11. my wife removed my spine years ago and i do fine!!
  12. tony in manahawkin. you have to go down bay ave but info is usally hands on and bait fresh because he moves it fast. moles in waretown sold and is now L&h, john myers(former owner of L&H plumbing supply) neice. i beleive they have a bigger one in jackson. bruce and pats i surf city also sold and is now surf city b & t.
  13. seach it see if it shows up any place . also go to recently deleted files either way did you send it to recycle bin??
  14. NYG

    i hope they win next week but i dont think eli got the mental game down yet. i hope this weeks win was just to prolong my agony another week to lose to the birds.
  15. wow im going in 3 wks also. i hope the morriot has tackle i can borrow.