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  1. the pleasure was mine hobie in good hands closing
  2. Sounds good. Will PM to handle Springfield logistics.
  3. No leaks, no cracks, my son and his girlfriend had it out earlier this summer. Lot of scratches on the bottom. There is a bow in the bottom from where it was stored partially on a log or something. Cosmetic and not impacting the operation of the kayak. have some pictures of the bottom. you can see the deformation in one of the pictures. I’m going to get a picture from the side because it looks deeper than it is in these when were you thinking about meeting in Springfield?
  4. One drive is clearly more current. The other is older and one of the foot straps is broken. Let me know if you need more. Probably should add pic of bottom.
  5. Brad - will post pics later today.
  6. Marblehead MA north of Boston.
  7. Probably from before 2010, red, solid but ancient Hobie tandem kayak with two mirage drives that are newer and in pretty good shape. Maybe a cart and some other gear if needed but needs to be picked up in 01945. Has to go all together on account of separate is a hassle. There's always something left over. Plus I need the hull gone. Pictures if serious. Asking $500, OBRO - which is really just more about the drives than anything. Kayak itself is solid and sound, but very old. The rudder turning and dropping wires are all strung up but the rudder will need to be repaired as it broke being moved. Hatches are water tight. Seats are tired but work.
  8. No sooner do I express interest than my circumstances have changed. I have to pass. Thanks and sorry and GLWTS
  9. If mailing doesn’t come together I’d like to take it. In mass just north of Boston but I can figure out meeting wherever.
  10. The gear gods must wish me to keep them! many thanks thread closed
  11. Going to give them another day and then move them on. So please let me know.
  12. V reel and spool sold
  13. What about: V reel 9,10,11 wt. $235 $200 V spool. $110 $90 both. $325 $275 IV reel 7, 8, 9 wt. $210 $190/each or $400 $380 for both.
  14. Fell in love with these Orvis Hydros SL reels and as with most things over-indulged more than a little bit. Hoping to move some of them on. All are new, in boxes, with neoprene cases. Reels all include tool. V reel 9,10,11 wt. $235 V spool. $110 both. $325 IV reel 7, 8, 9 wt. $210/each or $400 for both. Need money for this other thing I absolutely have to have now. As always obro. prices include usps to continental US!
  15. $150 obro!